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Congrats on finishing the chapter! I'm excited to see where WOE goes!

(oh hey! the comment worked)
Ixis stop! It's Valentine's Day!!
well, I waited a day and I guess it's working now!

(I'm glad you like my comments, but I hope you know that even though all I post is jokes, I do like the comic. I'm just bad at coming up with nice things to say about the stuff I like.)
(cut to training montage in the middle of the fight)
that's a real cool-looking purpleman.

I mentally read that "Rumble" as like, the kinda sound effect they use for "Menacing" in the JJBA anime
don't worry, Ixis has a cool new outfit. that basically makes him unstoppable, right?
it helps if you go "pshoooooooo" when you take off
hey, I finally read Crisis of The Ancients from the start! I'm a big fan of these coolguy fights. I must've missed this chapter when I was re-reading a while ago. I should probably go through the Lore page, too...

This is why rabbits and elephants are often powerful wizards.
I'm expecting "NANOMACHINES, SON" any minute now
ah, the old use-your-shoulder-as-a-mouse technique.
@Seven Rain: Oh, well the only songs from jojo I know, apart from the openings and stuff, are the pillar men themes.
Also "Knights of Terror" from phantom blood because it sounds like PS1 Final Fantasy boss music.
Time for your training, Ixis. Put on this pink tracksuit and run after me while I ride this bike.

...the new song reminds me of the music from the little mac smash bros trailer. that's what i meant
time for training
I hope there's gonna be good montage music in the playlist
Just so you know I ended up hearing the blue guy's lines in Reyn's voice.
I hope he buys, like, a gun or something.
All the enemies will be so charmed by his "howdy" that they won't fight. It'll be perfect!
Happy new year! Good luck fighting that guy, Ixis!
and boy are my arms tired
Reina's the true hero.
Just punch bad dudes in the face and you'll win.