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Hi. My name is Landen, and you're visiting my profile! ✨✨

But be careful not to go alone... danger lies in reading a bio without info about me!
I'm 15, and my current hobbies include Drawing, (Obviously. You're on a comic site!) Hiking, and maybe Working Out... Maybe.
I identify as Bisexual, and yes I am a guy! (Cisgender though... spooky.) I do have a male preference when it comes to that though, so careful approaching me females! Just kidding, I don't bite.

Something that does bite are DOGS... sometimes. Very rarely. Which is why I love those soft little boiyos! I also like biting pastries.
I'm interested in soft colors and loose linework... Unique styles of art & animation are AWESOME!

Contact me at DisasterPrince#2201 on Discord! I'm always happy to make new friends. <3
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    Landen Taylor
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I LOVE THIS!! Emily is best girl
Wow I've been with this comic/community for a long ass time now. About half my life! <3 and i'll continue to be the winner of the future war.
Updates every day at 11PM EST!

Katari never thought she would see a scaler in her lifetime. When Esirev Oscura scales the wall, however, all of that changes. Katari drags herself, the scaler, and her boyfriend into a dangerous rebellion spanning across the only city left in the world, which just so happens to be at the top of a canyon above the desolated wasteland that is now Earth.

Read to find out what happens next!
omg i love his backpack!!! <333333

(and also this page)
Woah that's awesome! lmao Sneak sneak
(Sorry I accidentally uploaded this twice, my Internet was being strange! It's been fixed now.)
One day, in a cold sweat, a man wakes up in the middle of the desert. He remembers nothing about himself or anything he's in relation to - when he drops his wallet, he sees that everything has been carefully smudged out except for the letter J next to a photo. With that, he decides to call himself J and comes across a mysterious motel in the middle of this mysterious desert. Everything around him seems to be changing and the strange creatures he encounters are no exception. Thrown into a whirlwind of danger and mystery, join J in his pursuit of answers about himself and the world he's suddenly found himself tossed into.
Hop into the mystery of a lifetime with J's adventure in The Motel.

Updates Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.
Stick Figure Story, the comic inspired by Homestuck/all stick-figure related websites and animations/stories. With epic action fights and a beautiful story as well as complex characters, this is the story of war, destiny, and somehow, humanity despite this being a cast of humanoid dogs and sticks. Enjoy!

The first few pages are a little sloppy, I know, but please just read through them because after the first two I got a hang of the program. Thanks so much and I really hope you enjoy ^_^
September 25th, 2016
I love your work! This is funny and simple, and a good way to tell a simple, casual, story. Great jokes. ^___^ Keep it up!