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Jackson Corbett
A bi bio student. I'm learning how to draw so I can eventually create my own comic. I like poetry & yaoi (I'm a bit of a fudanshi LOL)
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    Jackson Corbett
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I 've only just noticed it now,but she's so stout! Adorable!
Jackson Corbett
September 25th, 2019
Boiiiiiii Datzah Big Nipple!
Welcome back from hiatus sweethearts
Ahhhhh My fuming heart is exploding!!!!
So Florida man is aqua man or is aqua man a Florida man?
Well shut then...
Apparently Florida man has led fueled Aqua man powers.
This comic was brought to you by...
Female feline tail erections. "When your boys be lovin your tails gonna stiffin"
Reminds me of a poem I read in an anthology of gay and lesbian poetry. It was about a guy dressing his crush's wound while realating the red blood to his pashion.
Awwww, so fuckin adorable!
The comments are like: "Oh no! Crazy smack mom's got the kid in a death-mobile! I Know! Florida man and the meth gang will save us!"
@Blurth: I See We Have A Lovecraft Fan In The Audience
Aaaa shieeeet!
I gotta cut down on the lsd
Heyyy Caru. Just became a $5 patron. Keep up the good work!!!
Yah know what? Hmmmmmmm...
Paperback!?!?! I'd buy that for a dollar!!!!! (But seriously I might just pick it up after I get my tax refund)
Magestic (lol)