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Jackson Corbett
A lonely bi biochem student. I'm learning how to draw so I can eventually create my own comic. I like poetry & yaoi (I guess that makes me a fudanshi, lol).
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    Jackson Corbett
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So Adorable <3
Thank for the adorable fluff. Its the only good thing in this shitty day ive been having
Jackson Corbett
September 22nd, 2018
Oh my
Yes the big one. BTW Welcome back from your haiatus
Oh sweety,Howies just lookin out for you
Like brother, like sister (if you get my drift lol)
HA! I love Davids face when mom hugs him. So cute
Howie: Sooch wake up!

Sooch: no

Howie: Sooch wake up! The house is on fire!

Sooch: no

Howie: Sooch wake up! YOUR on fire!

Sooch: nooo, warm n cozy...

Howie: Sooch wake up! Your ruining you assignment


Howie: We'll do that later, but finish you assignment first.
Hey Kimmikala. Was recommended your comic from the lisowski cross over and I gota say... I LOVE IT!!!!!! Get me to the hospital cause Ive just OD'ed on some cute precious cinnamon roll concentrate!
My God, this is relatable to me in all the worse ways
Know how ya feel Niki
AHHHHHHH!!!!! So,Cute!!
Sweet pad
AHHHHH!!! So adorable!
Sorry. My heart just exploded from cutess overload
THANK YOU !!!!!!!!!! I loved every bit!
Cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute
"She" Riiiiiight
What a caring brother, heartwarming
Good work as always. BTW I kinda couldn't find a summer job, so I don't have the funds for those commissions. So we'll have to do that buisness another time. But when I do get those funds I'll contact you. Take it easy.
Im getting a nosebleed from all this cuteness!