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@zenat: I'm not entirely sure XD
It was the first or second time my Warden talked to him, around when he is willing to tell you about his past a little bit and about Antiva.
Somehow they ended up having a conversation about how nice a city and country it was and such. There wasn't even any flirting (or it was so low key it flew past my very sensitive radar)
Oh God I swear my Mage Warden had this conversation word for word XD almost.
It was doubly bad >>; because I had modded my game at the beginning to see what would happen and then promptly forgot about it because he turned out to be the most non-flirting bookish wallflower ever. (I swear, he managed to get through a conversation with Zevran WITHOUT innuendo. I didn't know that was possible.)
So there he is, already skittish around the ex-not-quite-templar and then BAM. The look on my face. Musta been good.