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then they all died and lived happily ever after
this could only end well
10/10 love it
@Nashew: the twins ARE Neko, didnt you learn?
February 28th, 2018
oh boy, battle in the comments
Neko, you are an evil mastermind
yay another finished chapter
what ISNT it? :P
@Nekomata-chan: yea, that's fair. the twins are like an Apocalypse. who wouldn't run from them?
sneaky sneaky run away
@Zirilon: lets just hope that Talon's house doesnt burn down too
when stubborn meets stubborn... sometimes it doesnt go badly
oh nooooooooooo! dont leave!
@AgentNein: note that i did not tell anyone to react to littlegamer, they did so of their own initiative.
@Guest: that comment was a low blow to my self pride for my art. it makes me want to draw less then i actually do already. i spent weeks on the page and then its simply dismissed as lower quality instead of just accepting the art for what it is
someone is maaaaaaaaaaad~!
@Littlegamer34: please note that each page is done by different people. so the quality of each page will be different. not everyone is an amazing artist
I am really sorry for how long it took to get this page done. However it is finally here and i hope you people like it.