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this is a nice looking comic so far, love the art style.
fair question, what IS ketchup?
bad jokes? they are beautiful jokes
yaaaay battle time
angry Mist is angry
Naya is learning!
there is nothing that makes Naya smile like water does... i wonder how Naya would feel if all the water in the world froze over
i just wanna know if Echo is giving those memories or if Naya is remembering herself
Naya doesnt have a choice, she is just trapped on a roller coaster with no stop in sight
Naya then proceeds to get beaten up by Mist and the credits roll.
@Ulta: stuttering is the first sign of honesty... wait, did i remember that wrong?
well, it could always be worse
for some reason, even though there are no tyres all i can think is of that tyre screech sound
@Ulta: *Credits roll*
i see fear, confusion, hatred and panic all at once in that last pannel
its a trap!
the first thing i thought of reading this page
i love it when two characters do the same thing at the same time
mmm, yes.

bribes... always the bribes, but this time with a bit of insult too, i definitely dont like Purple.
i dont trust Purple, never trust people who make a speech before telling you what they want. they just want to feed your ego to gain your trust