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@Ulta: *Credits roll*
i see fear, confusion, hatred and panic all at once in that last pannel
its a trap!
the first thing i thought of reading this page
i love it when two characters do the same thing at the same time
mmm, yes.

bribes... always the bribes, but this time with a bit of insult too, i definitely dont like Purple.
i dont trust Purple, never trust people who make a speech before telling you what they want. they just want to feed your ego to gain your trust
this can only end well

and by well, i mean terribly

and by end, i mean begin
is that... foreshadowing is see???
dont you just love the death stare?
looks like it keeps people floating now
@Ulta: my mom grew up with 4 brothers, so just from that its easy to tell things are chaotic.
odd family? they sound pretty normal to me
69, ah yes, very optimal
@Ulta: sounds like my mom honestly
@Ulta: ah, good to see that comedy works :P

i just re looked over the page... but
it says "racers only beyond this point"
there are two points!
which point are only racers allowed beyond?
or are only racers allowed in that Central area between the two points?
woohoo! back in business!

... and that looks like a fat cop, too many doughnuts?
nooooo, its all gone, how dare they
Thats all folks
just that look of pained annoyance