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meh, just burn everything. it will fix it. just like with the ash
wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo indeed
flaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaash baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack
too much fog indeed
@WildfireK: so im not the one? that makes me feel so much better
@WildfireK: is it bad that i enjoy the taste of my blood? like, i get an injury and i just lick the blood coming from the cut
kiss and taste blood
please! anything but the crazy NPCs!
@Sun_da_Flareon: so many jokes, so little time... oh wait... i have all day
@WildfireK: got a like, how about a subscribe?
@bluefiredragon but is there ever a wrong idea? or just an unaccepted one?
and i understand what way you mean
you earned it
how does any life exist when the sun is that close!?
confused doggo
mad doggo
nervous doggo
the three doggos
who will win?
find out next time!
shipping and receiving
one pair
one way trip
no stops
what parts are they around from then?