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@Biscuit: well depends on how did u come with this dude.
okay... now u scare me
yeah i wanna know too
the power of sexyness
another suspicious mystic shit
and no one bothered by Richey?
@Biscuit: two bros chatting about dead gf in one's head
did i miss something? How did we come to this ><
toooo toooo
big boss on the screen
DAT FACE!!!!!!
i dont wnant them to be friends. I want them to be loveydovey
@Biscuit: 3rd, 4th. yeah)
@Nocta: yeah. lets go back in the woods and do sex rounds
dat look. Priceless
bagging for a kiss. poor thing
what that girl trying to get from him?
here we go again... Ave gogogo
call Ambulance now