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go away!
aaaaw. Can i be rheir puppy?
Read it, love it. Now waiting)
wtf??? So it was him but i can't see the reason of all this shit and why Cal going to him all the time
I wanna see the plant. That plant can fill pages with some love
do i see a bruise on 1 panel? I think its that new guy afterall...
"I dunno, man. He fell on a fork??"

fuck! I couldn't think any better
@Hawkflame: I sense Reece gonna get smacked again
@sstogner1: well she has no other way to do it
Owen u make me happy when u say something with that face
fuck i think it's time for crying
@Biscuit: are we gonna be in more pain than him after?
@Biscuit: well depends on how did u come with this dude.
okay... now u scare me
yeah i wanna know too
the power of sexyness
another suspicious mystic shit
and no one bothered by Richey?