@Nocta: yeah. lets go back in the woods and do sex rounds
dat look. Priceless
bagging for a kiss. poor thing
what that girl trying to get from him?
here we go again... Ave gogogo
call Ambulance now
Ave is to soft on fighting. Got the answer and got upset. It was good chance to get answers. He blew it.
rrrrr its sooo fucking awesome
@Quadrant: everyone already tried the "calm talking" with Cal and got no answer. Its time to kick it from him
battle time!
yes! update
*died in the chair*
yaaaay, its a fucking progress!
oh... so no talking about it ha
i smell big fight : why the fk u called my moom?????
surprise motherfucker
aaaaaw. catch him!
the 2nd one arrrrr
aaaammmm....uuuuuumm. idk. wtf?
i like all pages with purple theme ^^