i liked long hair !_!
why you feel like this babe? U have a new bf now
oh my god are we finally find out wtf is going on?
@Biscuit: 3 pages and we will know whats going on? I can wait that
*Im gonna kick u right now*
OH...MY...GOOOOOD. How long his gonna "sniff" more
May 29th, 2017
just do it!
You can have 30
U know. ur style perfectly Displays ppl like u wanna show them. I totally see that old guy is a shithole and the sister is drunky girl.
kind of... fast
Owen is like: wtf for i came here?
May 8th, 2017
what whaaat. now what?
Owen, that prick needs some kicks
i'm up i'm up. I need a shower
why is this wrong >< i thought we mooving in right direction
Joey sims kinda white on last panel
that went well i guess
color pages means more time for page. Idk which i like for now. I just need your pages ><
dat church. Is it zombie movie now?))