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I had to make up a word using two other words and the first thing that came to my head was sydney and melbourne's relationship. Feuding about Culture or "feudture" as i called it. Needless to say it worked pretty well
Meru's face is so adorable in the last panel. Syd-kun also looks great
Omg Sydney's face >=<
Also how come his eyes green? is it to do with the bay/hills/fauna?
Im just wondering, how did you settle on Adelaide's appearance? her hair looks like it might be to do with Barossa valley (and all the wine). Her eyes could be to do with the mining industry too.
Lol, im Darwin and my best friend was Sydney in that shot.
My favorite episode was when Meru and Syd-sensei had to de-rail a train filled with explosives. Then Adelaide waifu scolded them for being such baka idiots
This makes the eventual merging of the eastern cities into one huge megalopolis even more hilarious.
No i didnt make an account just for this stupid kawaii comic that makes me proud to be Australian, its not like i want to make this comic more known stupid author baka
I love these comics, not only does it make Australia seem so much funnier and the rivalry between Melbourne and Sydney WAY more interesting. This needs to be more well known.