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Flame Master Axel
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I'm guessing he broke more than the future there.
Dun dun dun?

Charming fellow, Future Steve.
You know, he probably should have expected that. It's both fateful, and in order with the trope.

Silly Chaos.
Nah, it's just getting more dense.

Super Concentrated Drunkedness!
Halloween Filler!
So it took some time, but it's here.

Try and guess who's who.
Nice work with the bar name.

Don't leave! Is it my fault? Do I not love you enough? I'll give you foot massages and gifts. Oh god please don't leave me!!!!

The dating scene is horrible.
New comic!
I've had this comic in my head for a while. Now, it is here. All fear my Illustrator powers.

It's so much better than 8-bit sprites, because I can manipulate them better.
Heh. Irony.

Can Life die though. It seems kinda, not possible.

Nice, sorta devil.
Baaaaaaaaaaad Pun.
But hillarious non the less.
That's looks cool.

I wasn't cameoed, but it's still cool. Has it really been 400? Doesn't seem to long after the 300th.
That hat is now even more cool than it was before.
Dude, we can sumbit guest comics? Why did no one inform me of this?

If I make one, will you show it?
'Cause I have a cool idea.
Airplane! references, that's awesome!

I didn't think it was possible, but you've just made this comic even more betterer.
The look on the demon's face is priceless.
I'm as Scared as You Are
A new comic, this soon. Amazing, isn't it.

He's breaking out the cricket bat.

I almost feel sorry for the people in Hell. Almost.
Thanks, I didn't draw it though. I stole it. Off the Internet.

As for the whole white background, that only works for some colors. It does stand out more, but it's eye burning. The black stroke (or actually, using an opposite color would be even better) removes the text from the background. And makes it more readable then people would believe.

I took Applied Graphic Arts. I know what I'm talking about.

Also, I'm working on part 2. Expcet it soon.
Plot! Plot and Storylines!
You may be thinking, "what does this have to do with that thing you posted a while back?"

I'm here to let you know, I'm thinking the same question.