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OH THANK GOD YOU'RE OKAY. ;w; I was worried 'bout you because of the sudden stop.
D: Nooo, Mr. Cop! He was only doing his job! ;_;

And now Tommy is completely screwed. Great.
I think you meant except, not expect...
August 26th, 2010
Clearly he needs to break out the Long Island iced tea. *shot*
August 26th, 2010
Happy Birthmeh :|
jk, ilu Shishi <3 ...You and my brother share a birthday. /irrelevant

Comic: Wow, dude. hiding behind the book? Really? That's almost as bad as slouching in a chair to avoid attention (hint: it doesn't work).
Mmm, covering up everything beneath a smile. I know how that goes.

hint: poorly.
August 13th, 2010
OMG NERD GUY I LAV YOU~! So, so adorable I WANT TO HUG HIM aaaaaaaa~ *<3s forever* /fangirling

I can totally understand his nervousness around people. DON'T BE NERVOUS, NERDY BOY JUST WANTS YOUR LOVE *shot*
SUDDENLY, PYROMANIA IS ADORABLE. c: how do you do this
i must know
I'm from the US. I haven't really commented before, but I've been following the comic for... a while now.
Yaaay, less straightforwardness! Now I have permission to make loony theories! \o/ *starts brainstorming*

Also: Nice burn, Tarian. *golf clap*
July 23rd, 2010
I love nerdy guy. 8D I don't know why, either; I just like him.
Maybe it's just me, but 3000 years doesn't sound that long when it comes to recovering from armageddon. But I also get the feeling that that amount of damage was intentional; I don't think civilization would do too well in a highly toxic environment.

TL;DR blah blah theories blah blah nerding blah blah Robbychu is a dork.
Oh man, get that shakiness checked out by a doctor pronto! Most of the things that I remember cause shakey hands are pretty serious if not treated. D: Get betteeeerrr. *e-hugs*
Must be part of the reason I've latched onto him; I love snark. :D

And they're completely recognizable; I actually had to look twice to realize they had changed. :B

EDIT: Your comment virginity is mine now. Hope you don't want it back.
Wow, Abel. Just... Wow. I'd have the same reaction as Maggie there on hearing that. Possibly with moar shaking.
"I'll be happy when I gut you like a fish": Best comeback ever or BEST COMEBACK EVER?
Man, I love Lucifer a little bit more every time he shows up. Clearly something's wrong with me.

I wonder if picking the twosome when they so clearly dislike each other was part of a test...?
I've just finished the (sadly brief :<) archive trawl, and I'd like to say that I love the comic. IT'S V. PRETTY~ and the character building here is endlessly fascinating to me. *_*

But we're supposed to torture the brats related to us! It's to make up for beating in the teeth of anyone who hurts them! :D /obvious older sibling
Pretty, tall, red-headed AND crazy? ...You have no idea how many happy buttons you just hit on me. <3

And oh god Tommy's face. BEST WTF FACE EVER seriously. :D