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So the ship is gonna sink, right?
@MasterComic: Weegee. Like Luigi without the Lu
@Prior Semblance: Actually they do. In Yellow, Crystal, HG/SS.
Yeah sorry if you thought I was hating lol

I prefer it when people use any Pokemon they want so long it makes sense.
Your design on him is great, it's the Pokemon itself I'm not a fan of. Keep up the great work.
Everything about this so far is awesome. I love the art.

I hate that ugly otter though.
End of a long, great chapter. Keep it up H0ly. When will we see the masked guy again??
Too many people failed to realize she wasn't the gym leader in the chapter cover page itself...
@qazox it's not the gym leader
Why are people asking for Brock? Boring. Original characters for an original comic. And this isn't the gym leader.
Finally read every page. Love it.
Fav'd. Keep up the great work!
Dude I live in Colorado!
These are all classic Disney movie outfits aren't they? I just don't recognize Jeff's.
You are an amazing artist. I'm jealous.

I understand completely, but I wish this was updated more often lol
I've been waiting for Atty to do that. XD
Why are you bringing everyone back?...

I loved this comic when it started, but it seems like you're just throwing random crap in it now. No offense.
I actually have had this fav'd for awhile, but last night I sat down and read up until this page. Great work so far, I wish I didn't catch up so soon because I want to read more.
Glow like a God damn rainbow?

XD XD XD I'm stealing.