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Gregory Williams
I am a writer. I am here doing webcomics as a part of a friendly rivalry. I am rude.
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    Gregory Williams
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Fun colors!
Hmmm... that redheaded vampiric fellow is wearing a uniform that makes him look distinctly like an officer of the CSA military. Intentional? Anyway, great page. I love the ones portraying all the different kinds of solofidians.
Yeah, I was kinda thinking along the lines of Doom Bubbles about the Joan picture. I would say its the dark hair and the unusually sharp jaw line that gave the impression.

I love this pane though. The car is a nice touch.
Drake can be so insensitive... that acorn probably caused a lot of childhood trauma. What with the seeing creatures of another world every now and then and such...
Hmm... I really like the new costume you have ready for Theo. Is that fur on the boots?
Drake said a naughty bad word. :O
I am convinced he is going to eat that horse...
Number 100! Yaaaaay! *streamers*
Love that fella's eye. It looks nifty, just like a really nifty thing.
Hehe...I just now noticed Fitz Sr.'s little man-necklace. He is certainly confident of his own masculinity to go wearing that. Gotta' give a man like that some props.

That panel is impressive...
Oh, yes, the blood. I forget where else I read something to that effect, with some kind of pseudo-human reacting violently to the scent of blood.
Ahaha, Carpe Jugulum was a great book. Buffy, on the other hand, makes me ill.
Wow. I actually knew what language you were using for once. No one speaks Irish anymore =(. Not even the Irish XD.

Btw, it WOULD be Irish. Gaelic is a very broad term that encompasses several languages, most of which are ancient and dead.
Green Spring sounds like a brand of soap. Beau Beau doesn't sound very warhors-ish ><

...But it sounds cute ^_^
What's this! A nostril! Two of them, in fact!
This one amused me. Drake has such odd and wonderful facial expressions. Also, I love when he looks at the sky and you're just like, "Where are his nostrils?"
Wha? Feminine hair? That's *my* hair >< Great picture though. Are we to be expecting Mediterranean dragons now?
Awh, don't talk about "the future of the comic plot". It makes people remember it is going to end eventualy =(
Anyway, I love this page. Sheep make me smile.
What kind of sound would sword creation/ restorage make? A hiss? A *shloop*?
No one pushed the horse over yet. Which is good, PETA would have a fit.