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Hello, Im bloodypepper,
I enjoy anything that is fashioned like 1700, 1800, 1900, 1960, etc.

I work with: watercolors,pen & inks, goauche, sculpey, Sharpies, Copic markers,Chartpacks, mechanical pencil, medium paper and charcoal pencil.

I like:
aristocrats,artbooks,art, BL, brocade fabrics, candies,cherry juice, children's books, chocolate,design, ephemera, victorian era, erotism, extranormal, fashion, feelings, filigree,ghosts, gore, gothic & lolita,handcraft, horror, llustration, josei, melancholy, memorabilia, murder,panties, paranormal, polka dots, ribbons, rococco, rol, rootbeer, shota, stripes, terror, vintage,wonderland,zombies

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Gracias Pia <333333 ; v ;
shhh, not dead just partying hard.
Siggi looks older, was it 2009... i wonder...last time I drew him, it feels like a long time, I have some pages I sketched ahead but I didnt shaded. 8'D I will stop making promises about uploading more often, and just start uploading more often. no is not a promise. -slams head on desk-

Also, undies flashing!
Having a good autumn season everyone? ( 8 v 8) its sad that students we never get to enjoy it fully because its when we have our finals. And I am an art school student and I have tons of studio projects, and a ton of 3 pages paper and I am terrible writing those.

C8 Thanks for checking the updates and being around, specially for your kind comments. TY TY <333
I made this sketch listening to Tchaikovsky's music for the nutcracker. I found the sketchbook where I was making the comic so I can start updating again since my scanner is working and I have more time to work on it. I apologize if this comic seemed to be dead. ( ; n ; ) see you around.
oh god how much I love panel 3 and 5 ( 8 v 8) you make me so happy, your style is delicious.
I's sorry for the Hiatus, my scanner died, I've been doodling this on classes and I have a lot of stuff to do )8'D but here.. have a very dark page? well relatively dark because the comic is very light...

Oh Otto, he's so cute but I was very tempted to make him look evil just for the fun of it. 8DDD.... OTL this comic is not as serious at it seems, lol where's the comedy?! *draws more* I wish I could skip to the happy part yet. lol? D8

ETA: fffffffffff I keep forgetting the circles on his cheeks
( 8 3 8) Afro Makensie is such a cool dude... sajksdasjdsad <3333 I love that panel he looks daring and confident and sexy <3
I AM SO SORRY, another crappy fast page I made, I wanted to try something more organic shaped... ANYWAY, since my scanner broke I couldn't scan any of the pages I had but I have access to my school's computer lab ( ^3^)b I'll be posting more often. OTL better content I hope
xD awwwwn this page makes me giggle in a very awwn kind of way ( * D *) this comic is soooo cute, I love your color choice and the eyes and topics ( T 3 T) I wish there was a place like that in my town <3333

Keep uploading pleaseee <3
I like the idea of Quadrille as the name for this comic.
Quadrille is a type of dance popular on 19th century, was also a popular cards game between 18th and 19th century, is a term related in the army too, etc.
And this comic is pretty much that, is a game is a dance and is a war between the characters.

Quadrille is danced by 8, it means square or four. and I am considering the love triangle plus one idea lol who knows, I am amused for the first time not knowing what I want to make with one story and all the possibilities. I usually melt my brain working on detailed plots.
LOL never make bloodypepper design your show poster or anything... you can see how much it sucks... LOLOLOL... I feel the need to draw faster as I see the stuff in my head and write the story... UNG thats why I rush some parts I have no patience right now for backgrounds, especially because I work on this at night and Im all tired and sleepy *shoots* excusesssss *rolls away*
OTL I had to make this page fast because... OTL horrible faces lol Klaud looking kinda cool~ and those hands and and KJASHDKSF HURRY PRESS "NEXT" BUTTON!!!
( ° - °) Siggi tends to be sentimental and I die... ( 8 ^ 8)
uuuuhnggg~ Horrible backgrounds lol I know, I was sleepy doodling lazy crap... Ill start working with more complex perspectives and backgrounds... soon
( 8 3 8) Otto... one of my favorite boys in the story <333
Lol I know there will be a lot of engrish mistakes and weird expressions but as long as you get the idea... 8DDDD *drop*
lolololol I was going to call this comic "A pedo comic" because I couldnt come up with anything creative of course.
I started this little comic as a christmas present for my friends, at winter I have this nutcracker mania and I wished so hard to make something related, so I made this. But I couldnt finish it on time and decided to take it by another path, practice my comic skills, since the other story have a very complex plot and I really want to make it when I accomplish a better level.

Thank you for the visit <3
God... is this you?! *bows*
OTL how can it be that you fell for such an old pickup line D'8 oh awesomeness
OTL that sounds like a date to me >DDDD