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Yeah an update\(^0^)/
April 13th, 2017
I demand more .__.
It's nice to know that there are people out there that can help pay a psychogist house morgage off??
Glad it's not me l(-.-) I'll castrate him already
**grabs the popcorn and camera*** (^0^) go for it
Such a shame it's really good
That's not where u splash the cold water on ^_^
Fan girls everywhere faint from blood lose
Such a shame it's a really good comic too
(-.-)that's sweet(~_~) not.. Anyway please continue with the comic it's good>_<
Come on I demand more!!!(*^*)
I like the fact that she's blind to the glaring issue of bullying
^0^ hey author you are going to continue this RIGHT???!!!! It's getting real good. I hope Mars ships with Hayden!!!!
Yeah your done for kiddo
Wow what a stare off
Gotta love the stupid clumsy ones.. They need it
Missed the point on how one should not strip a unconscious person
WOW what a dream to have
I do like the colors of this. Very eye catching
Why a cliff hanger T^T