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Don't risk your mental health for us, take a break when you need it.
I know what a base is

It's the thing you run to in baseball, duh!
I love this! Keep up the good work!
They look like they only have two legs...
This. Is. Perfect

Edit:Am I the first one here?
Oh wow, you're right 0-0
Well they do have a good point, but they could have told the principle or someone instead of dealing with it themselves.
Maybe his dad was his other half?
This is really good
I don't know how to internet so I'm putting the screenshots on my smackjeeves doodle dump
Although it's probably just my I-pad acting up if the pages look fine on your device
The character sheets are cut off a bit, I think you'd like to know that
And I thought I was the only one who barely got enough sleep tonight!

Who am I kidding, I got no sleep.
I'm late, sorry about that, happy (late) birthday!
July 4th, 2017
The Empress speaks in the language Tsk, a very complex launguage that only a certain type of idiot can master
What song was it?
@MoogleSam: ... never trust children
June 19th, 2017
It looks like she's constantly crying.... was that intentional?
@Guest: Sam and Max aren't twins, Max's twin and Sam have different fur coulor
@Guest: Laughter, according to various researchers, can lead to syncope (fainting), arrhythmia, and cardiac rupture. In asthmatics, laughing can trigger an attack. Laughing can even cause pneumothorax, a collapsed lung. People with cataplexy, a rare condition tied to narcolepsy, may suddenly lose all their muscle strength and collapse during a fit of laughter. An especially good laugh can make a person's hernia protrude, or dislocate someone's jaw