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the kitty cat king
Just someone who likes Kirby web comics and thought "hey why not make a account!" so, if you want to cameo me tac with crown. also say i'm a girl because my avatar i will scratch your face off. So, why are you still reading this?
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What's that one villain from kirby's name?
That cat is evil. I want him.
@Kirbyfan27: there's no such thing as embaresing smash favorites.
Suprise we still can't see metaknights face. Also save him first. Or else.
i have no idea what just happened, but zap.
did you just call meta knight a gnome? I KILL YOU!!!!!!!!!!!
awww i like drugs
lets just hope none of these so called "traps" are Chuck Norris. Chuck Norris is super efective AND critical hit
i like that plan too
who shall win this staring contest of all staring contests
hey! my stupid thing!!!
@Nashew: i say fight back!!!
bad kirby you're supposed to eat him whole!!!
eh, the weird doo probably isn't related
@UmiKit: i definitely didn't notice
one person is all you need. unless it's a foursome, in which case good luck.