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I really like anime and video games. I was raised on Disney and rock and roll. Imagine Donald Duck ripping off Goofy's head. Yeah, kinda like that.... >.>; Anyways, more about me.... Hmm.... I'm not the greatest artist out there, and will probably never be. I don't have the internet or any of those nice programs like Photoshop or whatever. I try to get as much of my art on the web as possible, which ISN'T easy! Anywho, there's more that I can't really think of right now. Interested in me? Try e-mailing me or somethin'.... :/
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Oh, hai
I haven't been on SJ for God knows HOW long, Azure. And a lot HAS happened. Your art style has changed and the art in general has improved vastly, you kill me all the time in TF2 (lolz), and you have grown as a person. I think I've been a fan of the comic since very well near the beginning of it, and I thank God that I looked around on SJ and found it. I found two very wonderful fans from a place I thought was in the US with a language I thought was a cake. So to see this comic have a possibility of ending, it breaks my heart. It really does, Azure. But if you're ready to move on to something else and want to stop making this comic, I can't stop you. I just really hope you continue it.
Yay! More people! :'D
Tummy Tums, your icon is epic win. Can I marry you? <3 lolz

But seriously. D:<

More beautiful art. Murr! :'D *glomps the screen* Oh my Precursors, how did you draw Watari so well? OAO TELLMEYOURSECRETS!!!
I still hate him. ):<
Light needs to die for being such a douche bag. lolz But still, beautiful art. OAO

You need more things in the background to make your art even more beautiful *if that's possible* xD
Ah, Minoo-chan! :'D
My, how lovely your art is. OAO I love how you draw the faces. They're so beautiful! ;^; And L looks so purtyful. xD

I can't draw anybody's hair in DN. D: It's a tragedy, really. But I must read more now. D:< lolz
Epic two hour long boss fight, por favor... -w- Yes, I do love how you drew Yuffie in that panel
He makes me think of Light, Mansex, and Kadaj.... IT'S EPIC!! OAO
Those Dusks are so amazing. And your positioning of the things on the page look very nice! :3
Despite being dead, his body is still in quite good condition. :3 lolz I do like this page though, seriously
KHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANN!! But in all seriousness, I love how you drew him
Oh noes! D: The thickening plot!! D:
You figured out how to change the pages. Whoot! O3O A sprite comic are half of those cheap comics you see on SJ that include the GBA versions of KH characters.

I try to spread the word. Now where's my cookie that you promised? OAO
Kairi looks so beautiful. ;A;
Whoot! O3O I love this comic!
Yes. Yes he is. :3
lolz to your icon. It's epic. OAO lolz
Jinkies! OAO
Looks like another mystery, guys! xD
Grah! Last comment is mine! D:<
Gotta comment here too. xD
Everybody's commenting on the boobies. xD
I'm on your page...
Bumpin it up in some weird way. xD