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I'm a super tired caffeine lover. I love drawing, writing stories, reading, surfin' the net, rping, staring at nature and generally being a dork. :3 I'm a Jamaican high school student, who dislikes skirts, wears jeans 3/4 of the time. I guess I'm pretty open-minded, and I don't necessarily like to judge people. My mind isn't all that clean either.I wouldn't call myself a Christian, I love and follow God, but I'm against what the people have let Christianity become.I love dark colors, especially the dark versions of pink, purple and fuschia, I also like black, red, any color resembling aqua green and silver. Yes, I'd love to become your friend. I'm not very social in reality buttttt on the internet, Yeah, you can talk to me about almost everything. I'm a good listener even if I don't always choose the right things to say. Yeah, I'm socially awkward like that, yo.
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Dude!! Don't turn your back on a conscious enemy! :C
I'm not really a spongebob fan, but this makes me fondly remember sandy (??can't remember her name???) squirrel who likes in a grassy plain in a dome. Heh.
@Guest: Sad. In this way, they remind me of the Uchihas.

Suppressing emotions aren't going to be healthy in the long run. Their stoic masks are probably gonna crack and it would be explosive.

Then again, maybe they just don't have many emotions. It's not impossible.. Just as how you have bright and expressive people of a culture you can also have a group of people being the opposite, right?
She doesn't seem fine at all. But that could be because she's mourning. I just met her but I don't want her to be sad.

Are all fluffy cloud people so... stilted? cold, monotonous to the point of seeming emotionless? Nim is obviously an exception if this is true but I'm just crossing my fingers that they're only like this because someone just died. But no tears?
Despite being an anime fan, I'm not quite familiar with the 'dere' types, but is Emilio a sort of obsessive dandere? Or a cross between yandere and dandere. lol

Either way it's cute but concerning
Emilio oh my god stop being so likeable. Despite him stabbing Tobi I'm starting to like him!

How is this possible??? He should die for hurting Tobi and making him stressed and making him cry, but he's also a helpful dorky bab??? HELP??
My heart??? Tobi your father's thoughts on you are invalid. You are observant. AND aDoRaBLe! Adorkable actually.

Ignoring their past for a second, they're so cuuutee!
Is it no wonder he blushed? Tobi's so cute!
This made my night.
November 10th, 2018
Izzy's blushing! c': So cute!
I wince in sympathy but she kinda deserves it, accidental as it is. Have some decorum woman.
Congrats on reaching this milestone! :D

Orca found peace.

Darcy found Orca.
I did not expect that last panel. I'll say its due to surprise that I laughed for five minutes straight. Totally.
His eyes are so pretty. WHY IS MELANCHOLY SO BEAUTIFUL.

Blueberry is going to chicken out in the end, I'm sure.

Their backgrounds are so different. Chilling, if you look at the difference as a metaphor.

These action scenes are amazing.
@respeanut: Plausible. Sweets are good for the soul. Just not for the teeth.
November 1st, 2018
Not exactly what I had in mind, but I knew something unexpected and weird was going to happen. Called it!

Almost at the 1000th page! Awesome. Early congrats to you Doc!
Being this cute IS A CRIME. DANGEROUS.

This has the potential to cause fainting, heart stutters and anime nosebleeds. Rudy staph.

-I'm not sure if someone asked you this before, but where do you get your outfit ideas?

Still don't trust him, but I wanna smoosh his cheeks now.