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I'm a super tired caffeine lover. I love drawing, writing stories, reading, surfin' the net, rping, staring at nature and generally being a dork. :3 I'm a Jamaican high school student, who dislikes skirts, wears jeans 3/4 of the time. I guess I'm pretty open-minded, and I don't necessarily like to judge people. My mind isn't all that clean either.I wouldn't call myself a Christian, I love and follow God, but I'm against what the people have let Christianity become.I love dark colors, especially the dark versions of pink, purple and fuschia, I also like black, red, any color resembling aqua green and silver. Yes, I'd love to become your friend. I'm not very social in reality buttttt on the internet, Yeah, you can talk to me about almost everything. I'm a good listener even if I don't always choose the right things to say. Yeah, I'm socially awkward like that, yo.
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Best villain. He's creepy as heck.
Yeah! No cursing, filthy rat! XD
First of all, dude, what did the street ever do to you?
Second of all, thanks for making me appreciate spandex costumes even more. That's like, a great design. It's not overly showy and doesn't look like it was just painted on. Though if it did look like that, no complaints from this corner.
@Tnick1: My thoughts exactly.

I, guiltily, find him hot (Bill, not scarecrow guy). Depends on the artist, and he's usually not so noodle-y as scarecrow guy.
Eat that! This fight is so unfair.
The bunny turns into a tiger when it comes to morality.
@respeanut: As much as they'd like to think otherwise, yes. :'D
He's out of his mind and needs serious help but he's seriously adorable.
STOP CHARMING US WITH YOUR STUPID CUTE FACE YOU PSYCHO. Oh god I'm so confused. This is why people get murdered and abducted so easily. Because EVIL PEOPLE'S FACES DON'T REFLECT THEIR COLD BLACK HEARTS.

lookwhathe didto Rudyomg Rudy's getting off of TORTURE OF ALL THINGS. That slipped off the island of Kink and got shipped straight into NOPELAND.

I'm putting off any ships involving Rudy for a while. The poor thing's messed up far worse than we thought. He needs deep healing. DEEP SERIOUS HEALING.
Did she...

Here's where the music takes an ominous turn in an anime.

I don't want anything to upset George, but she must see the light!... which is that he rarely has good intentions
He gets prettier with evey panel...
Yes! Defend ur woman!

This is gold <3
@Smiffy SMF <3: Your profile pic goes well with that comment.
Whatchu talking about. It makes perfect sense, tan boy. Her charm is massive under all that...that.
Is that baby Stains? Soooo cute?

*completely ignoring ominous bloodstains and cracks*
Isn't he precious? Asking nicely and all.

Please run. This guy's nuts.
I love this kid. Can I just... have him?

"You got it, gorgeous." LOL silver tongue.
He's gonna match with his lil' sis! c:

Don't be like that Emilio! It's all in good fun (and fan service)!
I don't know of their whole relationship, but I think Emilio should treat his dad better, cuz he awesome.
I'm actually ashamed because I actually don't remember. Most of this comic was read during summer while I was frantically trying to write an essay that was worth a good chunk of my grade and basically my ticket to doing very important exams.

This comic was the only thing keeping me sane (and God. and chocolate) at the time so the earlier pages are lost in the midst of depressed typing, laughs and lotsa eating lol.