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I'm a super tired caffeine lover. I love drawing, writing stories, reading, surfin' the net, rping, staring at nature and generally being a dork. :3 I'm a Jamaican high school student, who dislikes skirts, wears jeans 3/4 of the time. I guess I'm pretty open-minded, and I don't necessarily like to judge people. My mind isn't all that clean either.I wouldn't call myself a Christian, I love and follow God, but I'm against what the people have let Christianity become.I love dark colors, especially the dark versions of pink, purple and fuschia, I also like black, red, any color resembling aqua green and silver. Yes, I'd love to become your friend. I'm not very social in reality buttttt on the internet, Yeah, you can talk to me about almost everything. I'm a good listener even if I don't always choose the right things to say. Yeah, I'm socially awkward like that, yo.
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Woo! Excited for chapter 8!
I was right! Heehee.
Is it his mum I wonder? She's been calling often when he was on vacation.

I finally caught up! This comic is a gem. The colour scheme, the characters and their personalities, the plot, the emotion, the love, the conflict! I love it all <3
@Doctor Fagface: This isn't the first time teenage Darcy has made an appearance though. The comic has already shown that Darcy had braces, and a pimple she could pop at will.
I have a bad habit of rushing when I'm reading both books and comics so can I ask if the other friends left, or do they not care? I'm not complaining about the steamy parts but I miss Dwayne friends already lol
Blueberry/Carmelo and Skunk/ Dwayne are at two different sides of the spectrum, Francis. XD
The first panel reminds me of sassy Pikachu. He's so adorable.
@respeanut: If your comments continues to make me laugh like this I'll have to stop reading your comic in public. There goes my rep of being quiet and studious. *farewell*

Clearly his ego was compensating for something.
Boy howdy. I almost felt sorry for him.

BUT WHO threatens someone THAT BIG and thinks he'll get away with it? Who does he think he is? The protagonist? Sorry boyo, you're expendable and you're expended.


This is a great page by the way! It's probably inappropriate to say that on a page with character death but it doesn't make it any less true! XD
I got so caught up in this I finished reading it in 30 minutes; no breaks. This comic is a piece of art and absolutely captivating and stunning! Your characters are deep and realistic (as realistic as talking bunnies in a cult can be) and ADORABLE!

Thank you for creating this. It's a rollercoaster of emotion and I love it!
Ah, it was worth the wait. Yay for updates! ^u^
Cafe au late. Oh how I love puns.

Caramel, that's not how you run a business! x)
I love this group.

Will there be a humiliating initiation ceremony for Francis? Lol
@Mr Static: Exactly how I feel.
Hellhound? Spooky!
I'm literally crying right now. Miscarriages are the worst. A potential life, just gone.

Kane looks absolutely shell shocked
Emilio's eyes are a beautiful result of his mom and dad's. His eyes are more on the reddish/pinkish side than his dad's but all three colours are beautiful!

His mom's eyes scare me sometimes though. how can red eyes be so cold looking lol


I really love his colour scheme omg
PLEASE FRANCIS R E F R A I N from being an asshole PLEASEx10

He's so precious omg. I wanna call him squishy and he will be mine.

I have a feeling that if Francis is rude that girl will put him in his place deliciously. She seems like the protective sassy type (from that one sentence i know)