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I'm a super tired caffeine lover. I love drawing, writing stories, reading, surfin' the net, rping, staring at nature and generally being a dork. :3 I'm a Jamaican high school student, who dislikes skirts, wears jeans 3/4 of the time. I guess I'm pretty open-minded, and I don't necessarily like to judge people. My mind isn't all that clean either.I wouldn't call myself a Christian, I love and follow God, but I'm against what the people have let Christianity become.I love dark colors, especially the dark versions of pink, purple and fuschia, I also like black, red, any color resembling aqua green and silver. Yes, I'd love to become your friend. I'm not very social in reality buttttt on the internet, Yeah, you can talk to me about almost everything. I'm a good listener even if I don't always choose the right things to say. Yeah, I'm socially awkward like that, yo.
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Says the dude sneaking off to meet his new beau.

Lol, poor Francis.

I'd be shaken (shook) by that look as well, his eyes are gorgeous but really icy. You'd feel that look down your spine.

Francis is forever traumatized by what Tobi did when he was literally not himself.
She's so adorable it hurts. X)
@MrCircusPapa: I do. Usually I only feel that in regards to school work, but it's completely understandable. Patting yourself too many times on the back can equal complacency or something similar. For what it's worth I apologize. It sounds awful (for lack of a better term) and I can only hope it gets better for you. <3
@respeanut: That made me laugh way too hard.
@MrCircusPapa: I'm sorry you find it insignificant, but to me every achievement matters, especially when creating art and/or writing. Being an author/ artist myself and always being bombarded with art blocks at every corner every piece is a milestone XD Whether its part of a series or standalone.
Page 100! Whoop! What a milestone, congrats! :D
Yes! Beat that coward! I demand his BLOOD.

Such a big bully. Preying on the sweet, defenseless or short like that. >:c
Is Len sneezing because he said 'not in a good way' referring to her good sucking of ass (judging from Noah's reaction), you know, when persons speak of you, you sneeze?

That reference though
I won't say the glasses on him are an improvement, but he does look nice...
Also, Blueberrry lad, that was a serious asshole move. Pick on someone your own size.

Actually don't. Bullying is bad. Leave Rudy alone.
Either Adam is going to go all white knight on his ass or Tammy's gonna be a surprise berserker on him because he touched her candy (and messed up her adorable outfit)

I really want the second option because someone that cute MUST have some defense mechanism. A hidden temper, a streak of viciousness... SOMETHING.
"No fair" Says the leader of a million rats that gang two dogs.
Bring in the funeral party


Their faces. Adam's face. He's like an angry little mochi. He's like a (only a little bit) shorter BTS Jimin. Why can't I stop laughing. This isn't healthy. Oh my GOD


I feel bad for laughing so hard omg
Tough crowd