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I'm a super tired caffeine lover. I love drawing, writing stories, reading, surfin' the net, rping, staring at nature and generally being a dork. :3 I'm a Jamaican high school student, who dislikes skirts, wears jeans 3/4 of the time. I guess I'm pretty open-minded, and I don't necessarily like to judge people. My mind isn't all that clean either.I wouldn't call myself a Christian, I love and follow God, but I'm against what the people have let Christianity become.I love dark colors, especially the dark versions of pink, purple and fuschia, I also like black, red, any color resembling aqua green and silver. Yes, I'd love to become your friend. I'm not very social in reality buttttt on the internet, Yeah, you can talk to me about almost everything. I'm a good listener even if I don't always choose the right things to say. Yeah, I'm socially awkward like that, yo.
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January 16th, 2019
this is hilarious
Have mercy on his cute troubled soul...
those beautiful eyes look a bit creepy now
January 15th, 2019
@TotallyHitler: I think his face looks kinda thinner.
The second panel bothers me so much my hand started twitching. It's... so wrong. Out of place! The paint doesn't belong there you monkeys! Good job on the rest of it though. I hope they're feeding the monkeys. They might be seeing double or something.
They show some emotion, finally! Also, please don't be impaled.
They're cute but they're giving off that creepy twin vibe. Like they have such a strong psychic connection they're basically just one mind in two bodies.
I know I'm unobservant at times, but I seriously just realized that everyone in their household has hair the colour of a primary colour. It'd be funny if Max's hair came out green.
This is an accurate representation of my 2 yr old sister and I.

Does Emilio's dad know he goes around stabbing people? From the childish joy on his face at seeing his little 'soybean' I'm guessing not. Emilio and his dad reminds me of an adoring pet owner and his surly cat.

Hopefully Emilio doesn't scratch.
Emilio is both harsh and soft in this page.
Why is everyone so cute! Ah! His dad is so adorable
between his neon eyes and the light reflecting off his glasses it looked like there were hearts in his eyes. Love the third panel.
tol bby. smol bby. Cute
December 31st, 2018
Poor bird
That's one way to get rid of a persistent one.
Ho,ho oh my god. This guy is hilarious. Connoiseur of cuteness, he says.
I think its best that no one introduce Kes to the 'white stuff'. *subtly hides popcorn in jacket*

What white stuff? *chewing discreetly*
@Hope : second this haha
Harold is the sweetest party pooper to ever grace the earth