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my prediction is: Indigo walked in on one of them naked
and they say romance is dead.
if she dose hit him she should turn off her yellow magic first lol
so this just leaves the question,
why is the magic of Assistant, Purple and presumably the other color people linked to this mancers memories
so I decided to reread this chapter and I just noticed something
On the 3rd page Assistant used her yellow power without saying "yellow" and just now switched to her blue power without saying "blue", but during the fight with Cakegirl It seemed that she needed to say a color in order to use its respective power witch leads me to two possible theories.
1. her powers are working differently because she's in a dream.
or my favored theory
2. she has learned to use her powers without verbal commands through practice. (maybe just saying the word in her head?)
If the second theory is true it raises several questions.
Has she attempted to use her blue power?
if so what happened?
did a boot only appear on one leg or did it just not work?
has she tried out other colors?
if so what do they do?
how many colors can she use?
just red, blue and yellow or all the colors of the rainbow?
can she use more colors than just the colors of the rainbow, like pink, white. black and gray?
I'm sorry I have a lot of questions
so, a wand breaking is like a sword falling in K-project?
good to know.
I dont feel bad for Cakegirl, not in the slightest,
I DO however, feel bad for Blue.
3rd panel: some
4th panel: BODY ONCE TOLD ME
Mama Gloom lookin' so pure in that third panel
They don't know about Wallis do they?
Scrolling through the comments I've seen a lot of people saying that women with the yellow hair might be Yellow and other people saying that she can't be Yellow because her skin and clothes aren't yellow but in Purple's flashback his clothes, skin and hair weren't all purple and look at the cloth swaddling the baby it's turning yellow under her touch and remember Red's glove tured indigo when Indigo put it on, and while we're talking about the baby I think that the baby is assistant's ancestor who will receive the “rainbow powers” as a result of whatever is about to happen. These people may also be the ancient civilization that Nim was studying way back in Clouds and Cathedrals
I think assistant fell asleep on the way to steamverse and is visiting dreamland again.
My opinion of Indigo so far
First impression: aww he has a lisp how cute
When he attacked Evets: I hate him so much!
Now: Shit I like him again.
Stop with the emotional whiplash!
I just noticed cake girl is left handed.
I just had a thought, what would happen if she used her blue power now that she's lost a foot?
my heart
Queen Virga looks pissed. we gon' see some lightning soon!