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uh...there probably is something interesting about me but idk
ooooohhhh kay then, this ain't good...
now this is just DAMN CUTE!
and finaly something awfull isn't happening
my God, this page is so beautifull, and right after such a tense moment...
I'm screaming over this comic, I LOVE IT AND ITS NOW MY FAVOURIT!!
damn I'm really intrested in where all of this is going, I wish there where more pages but I guess I'll have to wait...
WOW holy hell that is a beautiful background!
I wish I could draw like that :D
I can't tell you how much I love this comic
everypage is awsome
I love your art and this comic but I feel like you can improve on your facial expressions, its a bit hard to tell the emotions apart and the mouth shapes all almost look the same, and you could also improve on drawing dragon heads from the front.
I love this comic and I want to see it improve :)
Well I dont think I'm going to upload in bulks because I work to slow, it took me one month to make one page. So pages will just come when they come
beter version here 788137?ga_submit_new=10%253A1475874449
Bulk uploads
so there is a smal re desighn with the hair and shoes because I was a bit stressed makeing the first page because I feelt like I had to uplead something so I dident make it as good as I could so I'm going to upload in bulks from now on so I dont get to stressed
ok it doesn't but we will see where this goes