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Currently a sophomore in highschool, I enjoy playing Destiny and other video games...not really much else there.
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Flashback Romance!
And remembering this in the future, Watermelon's gonna be a little disappointed.
I think his reaction of "Oh," is very appropriate, it's just like the reaction to someone pointing a gun at you, then giving it to you and screaming "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!" Or to the guy on the far right of the Green Day picture on their Spotify profile.
Magic Vex Rextaurant
This Vex restaurant looks amazing, but my Titan has sworn to kill every Vex that stands in his way. Be on the lookout for him, he's dangerous.
I can't see anything that would make this weirder. Wait... done. A giant spider walks in and recites "Nevermore," by Edgar Allen Poe.
And we all know he needs that vacation. Maybe I should offer to take his place for a week or two, I like snow.
Also, props on that captain drawing, it's very epic.
I'm turning 16 this Wednesday!? This is awesome!
@SergeantSuicide: Maybe he's going back to the Shimmering Isles, in which case, give my regards to Sheograth, tell him I've almost mastered the fishstick (a very delicate state of mind).
Title Characters
All right, that's all of the title page characters except for the normal deer, unless that turns out to be a severed head or something. I can't speak normally when I', tired.
Why are my comments so long compared to everyone else's?
I found the dreg too, and I'm also playing a ton of TitanFall 2, but I'll probably play Destiny until Festval of the Lost is over. Sad my Titan didn't get used, I'll probably have another chance though.
Great Idea
I fully support this idea, just don't start confusing things from the two comics!
@XenoSynthetic: I LOVE BIONICLE AND HAVE BOUGHT SETS MY ENTIRE LIFE! This makes me like both Bionicle and Destiny even more. I actually tried to make a Fallen Dreg out of Bionicle and Hero Factory pieces. I still thinks it's funny that they shut down Bionicle, tried to replace it with Hero Factory, then Rebooted Bionicle...Wow, I'm 15 and still love this comment is long...wait, is this still on? CRAP!
I agree
@.The_Sof.: I agree...wait who's "Ness?"
I live in Georgia so I never get snow... :[ Sad EXO.
That's fine, it's amazing Ness makes up for its slowness.
I love the ghost, he's one of my favorite characters, and this is one of my favorite ghost moments of this comic. Another one is "There's no reason I can't just start over."
"I am the one who speaks for the traveler, until it finds its voice." "We'll I'm the Lorax, and I speak for the trees."
Best Part
The best part is how he says he is a "newborn, ten minutes old," implying it took him ten minutes to get to the gun part.
Rise of Iron
@typicalbeanie: I love Rise of Iron so much, it's like they took Destiny, and made it snow like Skyrim...oh yeah it's pretty fun to play it guess, but come on, snow!