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I can go by many names, and I keep my real name secret. Words hold power, and that’s something I believe strongly. I was born on 1997, but Mexico’s nostalgic ambient made me grow among things older than me. I’m a major in Animation and Digital Art.
My goal is to create videogames with great stories, art and music, to share my ideals and beliefs in a way you can live them.
But THIS doesn’t define me.
My birthname is my father’s and his before him. People can have my skills. Fandoms aren’t built over one person. None of this defines me. ALL OF THIS DEFINES ME, and more. Dancing after beating a game, chatting with my friends, even spinning on a swivel chair. It’s all me and more. But in a few words…
I am I.
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    Viridi Harmonia
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you really don't need to name a return date, or hurry up. If time is what you need, and the result are better pages and a happy you, it's beter for all.
I mean, we waited 18 years for a good american Godzilla movie, and damn did we get it, no?
Well, take into account that most Zelda games have like, a century between them. Evolution is bound to happen, even in monsters of evil
Wait...Ana has heterochromia?
Uh, apparently, the smackjeeves site is immediately showing and going to the latest pages, which are considered the extras in your case. Also, I've been reading for a while, and this is great!
It was always almost drawn anyways(dose faces), so, a drawn one is welcome
Woot! Survived the drought, now come the Rain!
Well, that was anticlimatic. Oh well, all good things come to an end, but new things begin then