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Xane Daniel spent 21+ years as a producer in the video game industry. In 2016 he was so inspired by an idea that he shifted gears to become a comic writer and producer instead. There's a very real possibility that all of the experiences in Xane's life were preparing him very specifically to create this comic. Leaving the game industry in 2018, he has dedicated himself to the story that must be told as well as a new career in speaking and teaching ways to help the world!

Joseba Morales (Primary), Gab Contreras (Colors), and Jaymes Reed (Lettering) are the talented beasts who bring you RIGHTEOUS!
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    Xane Daniel
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So did the Lion Pharmaceuticals cure work?
Well, she did get an injection....
:) You'll see why...
Oh wow! Yeah, when I tested this page with some non-corporate readers, they didn't know what the phrase meant. I'd heard it so much I just thought everyone knew...
Reduction in Force
For those not familiar, that's the phrase used in the corporate world for "layoff." (Needless to say, I've definitely been on both ends of RIFs...)
@UserofGames1233: He's wise to us! And by us I mean you and I, UserofGames1233! :P
@UserofGames1233: Foiled by a breath mint! :)
@LamentedShockTrooper: I haven't! What do you mean, LST?
@UserofGames1233: No kidding!! I certainly would... (Well, people who have a lot of FEAR, I suppose)
@UserofGames1233: Haha! Yes!! They decide to strike at our moment of weakness; convinced that we'd just roll over and not resist. But little did they know the disease would infect THEM as well! :D
@UserofGames1233: Thanks! I'm so glad you are enjoying it -- means a lot. :) I've written 16 chapters, we're starting production on chapter 11, and I have an outline that takes us to 40-50 chapters in total...
@UserofGames1233: :) If everyone had the disease, an incentive plan (capitalism, communism, etc...) would probably not even be necessary.
@DarkBlood_CSTID: Nice! I could see that. (or should I say hear that...)
@jeffersongorman: Yay! Let me know what you think! :D <3
Happy New Year!
@Zobazollia: I love receiving random brain thoughts! Keep em comin!
@wickedceltics: It is hidden elsewhere on the Internet. It's like a treasure hunt. :P