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A 20-year game industry veteran and reiki certified, Kevin Sheller (writer, producer) was struck by the vision for RIGHTEOUS in late 2016. It didn't take long to realize he absolutely *had* to get the story out there, so he immediately assembled a team of creative people to help him put it together.

Joseba Morales (Pencils/Inks/lettering), Gab Contreras (Colors), Greg Holkenbrink (Editing), and Sparkles* (Spanish translation) are the talented beasts who bring you RIGHTEOUS!
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And now we see where Chapter Zero fits in... :)
Chapter 7 already! Whoa. (I have finished writing chapter 12, and Chapter 13 has a rough draft. Not sure when it ends, but we're going past 20, I'm quite sure of it!)
Origin story complete! Thanks for being a reader and follower. This has been quite the journey, and it's really JUST getting started!
A day early for New Year's...
Happy Double Upload Day!
Happy Thanksgiving!
Please enjoy this installment of Righteous one day early! And during this holiday, remember to be thankful for what you have. If you wish for what you don't have, then you'll spend your entire life wanting instead of living.
Been waiting for this sequence for a long time! Here we go! :)
A normal day at work for Diane...
Now we get to see where Diane works...
All ready for Chapter 5? My favorite of the series so far! :D
Well, *we* know it's possible, but *they* don't know it's possible...
What a pathetic bunch! They're sleeping on the floor of their retail space!
Greg still sleepin' away! So precious...
So wait. Did they want financial aid, or are they here to donate? Hmm...
And you don't like STUFF anymore. I like stuff. You don't.
Daniel, you don't understand. We could live the American dream. But YOU just want to help people. What a waste of time! Seriously. We could live in the lap of luxury. WHY would you want to waste your life helping OTHER people?!? It makes no sense. Only a crazy person would want to do that. We're on the cusp of being the perfect capitalists. You disgust me!
It's amazing how much can be said with no words...
Chapter 4 BEGINS
Welcome to Chapter 4! I'm super excited about this chapter because you might consider it one of those "boring transition chapters" as we lead up to some BIG STUFF in Chapter 5 -- But it's not boring at all! Still lots more to do here! Reconnections, major events, character development and emotional moments! Woot! On we go with Chapter 4!!
Only 5 days left!! :) -- So many cool tiers. Read ahead in the story, get 10 copies for yourself and your friends! Thank you for considering!