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Well...I'm a lesbian and I'm positiely messed up;3. I like manga&anime, also almost every kind of music(except hip-hop and rap). I'm practicing Kyudo...but I'm a noobie so I'm still horrible at this/)~p^. I love Undertale and I'm deeep in the Undertale fandom I write my own fanfic but I'm to shy(and my english is to horrible) to post it anywere online.....oh shoot it suppose to be short oopsie xD.
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Such unamused old fart....xD
January 28th, 2019
Oh ears just heard sound of shattering heart....Peri you dope...whyyyQΔQ?! Steven you always destroy everything too)3(
He could leave the puppy Q~Q
Petunia ain buyin any of "hobo's" sh@$ I'm so proud of how strong and independent she is^^
I have a vibe....Petunia is mommy and "Hobo" is long lost Daddy of Wallis and Harold and also Petunia knows about dark overlorld stuff since they well at least were togheter in the padt
I don't get why Papy is mad...well maybe except of dificulty level of the sudoku but Frisk is a kid sooo....that's fine?
God damn it Paps really? Really? XD quite a shocker there to basic knowlage xD
Yup...Pap's expression....PRICELESS XD
Sooo I recently read Gloomverse from the very begining.....welp...Asisstant seems to be the Mancer that what it looks like got "consumed" with their power....ofcourse it's only what I think...but yeah...still some $hi¥ is going to happend...I have a hunch