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@A-K-TheLittleFairy: Ahhh thank you again! I really appreciate it
I really love Maxie, and being able to draw him finally was a lot of fun for me. This page is actually the first I finished from 40 because I was so keen to draw this red boi.

Sky Rail
I think that the first panel on this page really shows how far my backgrounds have come. I still think it's the weakest part of my comic at the moment but I'm glad that they are coming along with the other art.

More Running
Seriously... Why did I do this to myself...

When I got to sketching out this page I really cursed my past self for adding in a running sequence. It's one of the reasons why 40 took me so long, that and Archie's chains.

Here he is
I'm doing this all in A4 books and the start of the current book I'm in is Archie's first appearance. It's insane to see how far my art has come working on this comic and I'm excited to see how far it goes in the future!

We're back!
This is my first time being able to comment on my pages when I upload them all at once so this is exciting. I had a lot of fun with the team Magma designs and updated Astley's design a little because it wasn't sitting well with me but I'm much happier with how he looks now

Food Fight
@Kagura-chan: Yesssss a battle! This is such a heartwarming update well done <3
This comic is so lovely! I look forward to future pages
@Starmanfan: He's a Ditto, the colour didn't come out perfectly hehe
@ytyyg: Bubble is an Azumarill
@Starmanfan: The poor guy, he only just evolved and he's still copping it for being a magikarp
This is incredible to say the least. The fact that my silly little comic has made it this far and actually been running for a whole year. We still have a very long way to go, only 28/100 pages have been completed but that just makes me more excited for the years to come.

I want to thank everyone, from the bottom of my heart, for all of the support you have offered this comic, with a special thanks to those who commented and favourited as well. It is so special to have people enjoy something that you have worked so hard on and I am so unbelievably happy that I could have made it this far with all of you along for the ride.

Over the year my art improved so much which makes me hopeful for the years to come,

Thank you all again so much

xx Naither
@Starmanfan: How did you know? They will paddle him all the way to dewford :P
@Starmanfan: Imma start by saying that this was my first time playing a Hoenn game so I had never faced whismurr before. The whismurr used echoed voice which I didn't know increased in damage every turn. Fi was down a third health from the first hit so I thought he could survive for that mad exp but the power doubled and he died.
@Starmanfan: In their defense they didn't actually know that Briney was the only way to get to Dewford lol
@Starmanfan: I'm glad it lived up to your expectations ;P
@MR Paint: The basics of it are that I'm bad at nuzlockes lol but she got an unlucky crit when Les was still weak from the previous battle. I was planning on switching him out to heal the next turn and just wanted to do some damage before then
@MR Paint: I'm glad you still like it :D
@MR Paint: I'm actually heaps further ahead than this and already have posted the content until January so it won't be a problem keeping up (especially since I pump out about eight pages every ten days)

Eventually I'll probably slow down but while I am several months ahead I'm happy to keep the content as regular as possible