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Chimamire no Ichigo
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Baima x Tenmin ♥
Don't go :<
I'm not sure if this is a good idea.
This is because the man who's now kissing Mikah is not Gawain but Felix.
Yes, do it Kylee.
Please, tell me he's gonna kiss Kimrick.
He sits closest to Kylee.
Their names remind me of characters from Teen Wolf.
It's so sexy ^w^
@Lynxiechan You can ship whoever you want.
Itt's your choice ^^
Felix, leave Micah alone.
Don't do anything to him
I'm really, really, REALLY sorry but I don't like Andrea. I'm not sure why, but she just annoys me.
It's so cute when Gannet calls Bailey "B"
Gannet is so honest ^^
Ganett's face in the second panel is so cute ♥
I love those little ribbons on Gannet's pantyhose.
Oh God, YES!!!
What I see?
Is it jealousy?
It's so sad :<
Felix, you shit