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I'm back
Hopefully to stay
Cut me some slack
What else can I say
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The camera lens can squint.

Technology must've gone crazy before the event
Hello, my name is Inigo Montoya. You killed common decency. Prepare to die...

If you get re-elected.
@ultrawandit: We uncovered another visual gem
The Oshawotts...
Just goes to show that no great saga is complete without a cantina band
I remember reading somewhere
Mangoes are the most consumed fruits in the world
UwU is a thing is my classcraft guild now

so good
I can feel its fluff from here
The nyoomy boy
@WiispNightmare: I would love to see/hear more but no pressure okay

Oof earworms are little devils
Wiisp that thing was amazing

Oh yes I'm an Android person too
Castle Cats recently ran a fanart contest involving which in-game cat you'd ship your guild leader with
When I saw that tweet I just knew I HAD to enter it

I didn't win anything, but I had a lot of fun making my entry
@HollyTheFluffyCat: well crap I forgot I have to taKE ANOTHER FRICKEN TEST TOMORROW
-President Trump, Today 2019
@WiispNightmare: Well okay yes I would like to see that
Well now I'm curious to see/you're guilt-tripping me into wondering what I'd look like in that style
I think that after the mom was gone, that old man's mental health declined sharply
Anyone who's seen Sleepless in Seattle knows this

But that was a FAST decline in mental health
OR MAYBE he blames the kids
@Midnight-fox18: Seriously, do I not get credit for knowing all six of the Originals?

Those were the days when the booty was our ruler
Blufirefox. Doomeon. Bowsky. Silverio. Zorren. Esparky. The six originals.
A lot of people thought they needed a partner on here.

I may have been one of those people.