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Im currently a college student who has too many animals and too many video games left unfinished.I love volunteering at my local cat shelter, and hope to foster someday in the future.

i have other sites i'm on, such as dA ( and my tumblr for this webcomic (
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    Dorothy Webb
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SO....This is the last comic page before I take a hiatus for school. Hopefully i'll have time to keep working on the script so that when i get back to drawing, i'll have plenty more to go on. I hope you guys had a good time reading this while i was able to upkeep it, i'll see ya'll soon again im sure!
@DKWIdoin: Yes, it's shelmet.

I might have overlooked that little uh....detail, haha.
its the fever dream that never ends!
is there any other place you post images of your comic? smackjeeves is being a butt and won't let me view this one page, no matter how many times i hit refresh
@WiispNightmare: hey hey, no need for sayin' stuff like that. people like what they like, and if they don't like this comic? that's perfectly ok. different strokes for different folks, ya know
@NaoFaria: he's not so scary when he's not lecturing you :p
@WiispNightmare: hahaha, well, we try to update on Saturdays and Wednesdays, so you won't have to wait too long! (and so happy to hear that you're loving the comic! )
@DKWIdoin: Several of my other friends have told me this as well. I find it a a bit hilarious, and now I see it too, haha
Hey guys! We have a new person named OJ helping me out with this comic (they made this page)! While i'm still using it to practice my comic making skills, i also still want to try to see how far i can take this story, so now hopefully uploads will be more frequent with my new friend OJ helping me out!
@AgentNein: well, if you've played the game then you'll already know where they're going...(cause this is just practice in my comic making skills using the main psmd story line)...but i hope to still give some nice twists and surprises here and there!
@DKWIdoin: Dandy has enough youthful energy to push a boulder, probably
@Koal: best part is that, unlike the old man, dandy is there forever, hehe!
eeeeeyy....guess who's back in college and who will be slowing down in updates?
*pssst - it's me*
just wanna say thanks
thanks to all of you guys who left such nice comments so far!
hey, hey! finals are over and i can finally come back to working on this :D sorry for the inconsistency, i'll try to be better about it...until spring semester starts, heh.
Ok, so you liek mudkips, but do you LIEK-liek mudkips?!?! Asking for a mudkip friend