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Hey Jordanna here ,I'm just here for the comics :)
I enjoy art,animals,and caring for my menagerie of Diverse pets.

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The tree cares for her more so than I think he cares to let on. But also he uses her,what a beautiful ,tragic circle.
I’m curious as to how she died the first time ,but yes also of her name .
Literally from Texas

Currently hakxyona is my life ship
October 4th, 2017
@BugFolk: I also kinda see this as a metaphor maybe not tying to the nightbeast rogio but the mountain tribe rogio who perhaps deep down just wanted to grow wings and "fly" away from all the wrongs and tortures he's led and witnessed.

Or even now per say regarding to him and roamer who just may want to flyaway from the pain they are in and the terrible things that've happened to them both.
September 23rd, 2017
Deaths role?
Ok ,I've been wanting to say this for awhile. With all this talk of zilas being "ressurected" it's really beginning to worry me . I feel like it undermines the plot and takes away from the" Aedra is unforgiving ",and life does happen with death we cannot control nor take back.. Feel. It'd be like the warrior cat series,nightshade and a few other stories for me that we liked but were ruined eventually for my friends and I because of some of the contradicting content,unrealistic feel,and the yes some characters die but they don't just need to be brought back to life" deal death happens and builds a story and characters ,.I do not like when a character is killed ,to build a storyline then brought back as if nothing happened just because they can be or that there's some in the fan base that want it. And this plot line is worrying myself and some of my other friends that read this comic and enjoy it.maybe it's just a few of us but I honestly don't think he should be brought back to life,but instead be a part of this from the dead,as in a nightbeast or such. Because the latter wouldn't make sense,nor be realistic to the plot line,plus I feel it'd take from the story and the feel of death happens to loved ones but it's how you take it after ,that defines you and helps you build from the sorrow to stand taller than you were before.

(I'm not in any way trying to tell you how to write your story,but I thought you may want to hear some other viewpoint on this.)
September 16th, 2017
@TylerDrawsSomeStuff: they can't bring back animals from the dead,the alien dog even told them this in a chapter where raimo confronted him about why they saved ranulf but not zilas,they could only remake the shield wolves because they were their own invention and we're not sure they are normal. So I highly doubt it's zilas I'm almost certain it's feaf or a knod at the matriarch
September 10th, 2017
I agree
@BluerayDevin: I agree I am almost certain..he's gonna sacrifice them now that he has no place in meteor and is without rogio. He's gonna want allies and his love back. And him and ulfr are probably gonna find each other and try to cause some sort of havoc more lives are probably gonna be changed or lost..
Pg.19is up and chapter two is officially upon us! Enjoy!! All comic characters,ocs and species ©jordannaw2017.
Pg.18 enjoy! Thanks for reading ! All comic characters,content,ocs/species and art ©jordannaw2017z
Sorry for the delay I post more pages on my Instagram @chasing__sereda & my deviantart -WhiteWolfJordanna
Anyways enjoy! All comic pages and species,ocs ©Jordannaw2017.
Here we go.. Again
Why is it that as soon as a male and female ,or even a female/female or male/male character even show the slightest of gestures or share a friendly hug or exchange of words that the ship cannon goes off and in come the instant ships. Smh ..smh hard.
Battle royale
Lol these two seem to be pretty closely matched,also the guild is literally gonna waltz in soon and I'm curious to see what will happen will they recognize rhovs scent and question about the asmundyr pack disappearance ? Will ronja be mentioned ? Also Keirr and aira are so close to the meteor tribe I think that's what she's talking about if so what will go down there,because ranarch is also just about to stroll back into the camp!
Enjoy pg.16, the next page after this will be up soon hope.
Pg.14 :) oooooo getting intense.
Sorry it's late,I have some pages to post but my phone is out of commission atm.
Threats and promises
Remember though there is still that heavy threat hanging over the pups wether just Ronjas litter or of if the spirit meant vandi as well seeing as he could possibly be the father of her litter also(it is unsure.) who's to say he won't sacrifice them,he is a narc and a twisted dog ..he changes his mind on a we could not have many pups at all,one due to inbred animals don't have as big or healthy litters and ,two he could end up caving and wanting rogio back more,and three something drastic could happen to Ronja from the two males they could agree to kill her in a plot much like the old jarl or just by ambush and force..
Oh my
@Marielechen: so she is also ranarchs mother??.. O_o lol this tribe does have issues
The commander at this point is honestly very selfish ,and concerned for only his vile old way of life by now.. I'm very worried for what this could mean for rinks and what's left of the shaken mountain tribe..all they need is another plot or war.

Also is the herbalist javo and vandi possibly related in any way? I've wondered awhile they look so much alike and I know meteor has the inbreeding issues,so they may very much be siblings? (I haven't seen any ref if there's an answer to it pls let me know)
For real tho !!
@Jonnaisgood: honestly though,it's been nagging me for awhile! And I wonder if they are actually his!