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Hey Jordanna here ,I'm just here for the comics :)
I enjoy art,animals,and caring for my menagerie of Diverse pets.

Find me & my art on Insta @/chasing_sereda
Also find me on musically @jordannaw & YouTube "
Whitewolfjordanna ".
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Always the deer with the herd fodder.. imagine she’d do more than succeed in her full strength
She’s lowkey jealous.. so she’s like morally offended XD
poor boy.. I gotta bad feeling
Poor girls probably on sensory overload
Rig does not understand this closeness or bonds these females probably share with each other in a good herd structure. Nor does socialization look like her strong suit after being shunned almost all her younger years & then some as “sick & destined to die.. by the other deer.”
Makes sense
Could this be the beast that gave deadwood a bad name? Or perhaps ate thinkers mother or just a general unfriendly neighborhood deer serial killer.
Both sound badass! I suspect that doe believes her perhaps knows of demons or has encountered one in the past. Also perhaps her and rig are from the same place the way she looks so sorrowful makes me wonder..
It’s always the genes and the belittling with these deer,why doe?
Let’s see this oh mighty leader
Lol age does not always mean wisdom
He seems skeptical lol ,he’s like fancy & correct grammar damn she scary?
He looks beyond exhausted,and as for rig she doesn’t look too well either ..perhaps her night sickness will return? But mainly I know deadwoods pissed ! And I fear more death soon..
“Doe no longer of deadwood”
Hope you both feel better and that today is better for you.
And yikes..I smell a hard truth pill coming in to hard to swallow.
Da*m rig
Did she just knock her out or kill her..?
Oh you know she’s used to being impaled.. coughs* deadwood
Damn someone gonna get a big ole can of demon booty kicking