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Hey Jordanna here ,I'm just here for the comics :)
I enjoy art,animals,and caring for my menagerie of Diverse pets.

Find me & my art on Insta @/chasing_sereda
Also find me on musically @jordannaw & YouTube "
Whitewolfjordanna ".
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When the filly got your back. Before your father has the chance to smack.
My heart..
Darutha is salty..
Loving this comic thus far.
The strongest stallion”is so much smaller than them,also He looks so sad ever since the death of siatra ,You can just tell.. hoping these boys stand strong &United when dawn comes
This comic was phenomenal I enjoyed it thoroughly ,enjoy a good rest after a job well done!
Or she’s just starving out deadwood XD
Recognize one ,and rigs become the guardian/savior the little and curious deer don’t know they need , eh?
I wonder if the deer of the other woods would possibly accept her as she is now? The ones she saved and lived with for awhile or if they’d shun her now
She looks like second like a Doe with the cloak of a crow.
Wonder is she will still be aware or if like the widower “hate” or rage will take over
Oof did it knock him out or mortally wound him with its tusks in that hit?
Then I stated I knew real life herd structure,but it was still sad in this comic how the other does had little reguards of their doe herd mates/friends. Hence the comment “these does aren’t loyal.” They could care less it seems
I was referring to the Doe’s relationship with other does in the herd and her answer when he asked her about asha and why wasn’t she more saddened at her loss of her “friend”.
Referring to the one doe’s comment in regards to him losing his Doe,she is more concerned for the buck and grieved little ,a day for the doe.
But that’s how most herd animals are most do not mate for life and will have different fathers to their young. Still sad though
These does ain’t loyal..
This is such a tragedy all around but choices make ones fate..