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Hey Jordanna here ,I'm just here for the comics :)
I enjoy art,animals,and caring for my menagerie of Diverse pets.

Find me & my art on Insta @/chasing_sereda
Also find me on musically @jordannaw & YouTube "
Whitewolfjordanna ".
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I have that feeling ,She’s gonna get the crows to clean her sister’s bones,so her soul can move on.”
Rip smol bean
Shits about to get real emotional and real. I mildly fear what some of the ekharts will do to her and also how she’s gonna explain rhikers death
I sadly knew this would probably happen sooner than later,poor rhiker but also poor rig her friend and now she feels this is truly all her fault.
This poor girl the things that must run through her mind. I also both kinda like and detest deadwood.
Poor gal,but hey at least he didn’t go heading for the hills . Brownie points for that fen.
He looks ready to bolt,or like he’s embracing the furry maraca life
Deadwood always has to mini rage and demo on poor doe
These meadow dwellers are a bunch of pansies,sigh. But poor vonne she knows
Or if she’s trapped a lot of souls to be condemned herself.
Perhaps she is wondering if she even has her own soul anymore.
Might be her..but might not be I’m hoping it’s not.
-100 chill ..heck
Oh sh*t
I wonder low key if deadwood would ever let fen or her live in his woods with the Doe or if he’d make fertilizer of them in time
Lol I feel I accidentally uploaded two identical pages twice into mine
The tree cares for her more so than I think he cares to let on. But also he uses her,what a beautiful ,tragic circle.
I’m curious as to how she died the first time ,but yes also of her name .
Literally from Texas

Currently hakxyona is my life ship