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Hey Jordanna here ,I'm just here for the comics :)
I enjoy art,animals,and caring for my menagerie of Diverse pets.

Find me & my art on Insta @/chasing_sereda
Also find me on musically @jordannaw & YouTube "
Whitewolfjordanna ".
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After all aren’t there already many HEALTHY deer?..
I smell trouble.. from a silent deadwood tree. Or perhaps itd enjoy that many a food for here ,”not to go.”
Deadwood” -provide me your child in exchange for salvation/shelter.. “

Your kids looking a little sickly.. roots tremble .. snack!”
Deadwood as overlord of a herd would indeed probably not fair too well,he’d sample the weak.. and pick and choose in exchange for shelter most likely like a farmer tending his own cattle herd..
I see his point in this wisdom,but also I do dispute that by the character we’ve seen from him thus far he is rather biased,self inclined and a bit of a hippcrite as well.
He tried and deadwood was like “CATCH THESE ROOTS!”
Oh snap!
Oye I smell a heaping load of the truth hurts.. and we are both hipocrites in a way coming in on the wind.

But both parties are neither right or fully wrong either..ah life
Indeed and a temper fiery enough to match
I thought this would be the case.. he’s not gonna hand it over so easily heck by how his antlers are lowered in the last panel he may be crazed/maddened enough to just come into the woods after her resulting in another tragedy
Why you gotta be like dis Krosis?..
Finally another page! I wish my schedule allowed for more frequent updates.
Let me guess esiendahl is standing watch.. a tedious task indeed
Finally got around to posting this here!
Apologies for taking so long! To see more art and info check out my Instagram @chasing__sereda
Intense battle music plays*
Insert major *eyes emoji *here
Or if eisendal steps up and kills him too.
Bet.. if she kills him ima legit be shook
He may not get violent but the widower is in his company and he sure might..
Sorry I killed your friend card.” Signed deadwood ,p.s she was delicious.
I honestly love the dynamics and interactions between these two characters,the contrast but also similarities that each share,makes them really seem real. Keep up the good work