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Sadly, I don't remember any names. BUT the guy with purple hair reminds me of Markiplier. XD
I tried to keep myself quiet when I squealed... I ended up sounding like I was dying quietly. I'm sick. XD
Princy is jealous. He's a jelly-bean.
I sense a bit of magic in the air around Raion and Christian.
He's so gay for Rudolph.
Perfect 😂❤
I love the uncle. 😂
I was just messing around 'cause I didn't know what to draw, so this happened. i'm not done with it yet. I still need to color them.

Yin 'died' and was later reborn. Yang is still grieving Yin's death and doesn't yet fully see the reborn Yin. Yin will remain in a stasis sleep until Yang is done grieving and is ready to be with the reborn.

I'm still working on everything else. You guys will know when Tekan, or Taken (I don't remember how I spelled his name), is done. :P
@Rema: That's what I was just thinking. XD Along with many other people. :D
February 26th, 2018
@Poppy: There are a lot of things you don't see when it comes to phones. :P
February 25th, 2018
@Poppy: There is a link to the Smackjeeves Throne in the author's comment.
It's fine. :)
Personal Information:
Name: Leon Branks
Age: 12-13
Gender: Male
Birthday: June 13
Height: 4'6"
Eye Color: Left eye: Orange Right eye: Blue
Hair Color: Red; Red Violet in areas

Leon, at the beginning, when he's found, is two-years-old. He is tested and trained. The tests change his human-self into a cat/fox/human mix. The changes hurt him, but he endured through, wanting to make the scientist that found him proud.
@HM2000: Yeah. Having read so much stuff like this. When you do, you tend to notice the smallest of details. Even natural censors.
February 24th, 2018
Don't you just love those natural censors? Keep up the great work. If you are okay and comfortable with explicit scenes, then draw them. If you're not, don't force yourself to draw them just to please the readers.
February 22nd, 2018
I just realized something. Everyone is fussing over what Desrick's eyes look like and there is an image of him up top without his mask on. XD
February 19th, 2018
The hand placement XD I see you touching his butt!! (I already forgot their names. I'm terrible and so sorry!!!!!!!)
@EnkaRG: So much love and concern and trust. Probably many more, but that's what I could gather from just their eyes. Being the way I am, it's quite easy for me to pick up on emotions. It's like second nature to have an inkling of what someone is feeling and immediately going to their aid. :)
Aw~ He's so cute~ <3 Sergio is my favorite so far. :D