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The hand placement XD I see you touching his butt!! (I already forgot their names. I'm terrible and so sorry!!!!!!!)
@EnkaRG: So much love and concern and trust. Probably many more, but that's what I could gather from just their eyes. Being the way I am, it's quite easy for me to pick up on emotions. It's like second nature to have an inkling of what someone is feeling and immediately going to their aid. :)
Aw~ He's so cute~ <3 Sergio is my favorite so far. :D
Heishe is really hot. :) <3
Don't ship anyone yet because I don't have much information.
His thoughts: Senpai noticed me!!!!!!
@sstogner1: I know that. I have similar kinks. I just didn't know that people enjoyed being chocked. So it's weird for me.
@sstogner1: ...THat's a... weird...kink... *is very unsettled*
I finally gave him a name. This is a closer look at his face.
@Awriter: It's fine. Thank you. :)
Here's a character. I have yet to figure out a name for him. Here are a couple things about him, though: He loves nature and traditional Japanese culture. Yes, they may be in another universe, but they are still aware of Earth. And before you ask, he does come from Earth.
I drew this personally. I finally decided on a hairstyle for Leon. Yes, I am horrible at drawing bodies. I like the outcome though.

I know there are next to no updates for this comic, but I'm still designing the characters, as you can see. I've only just finished Leon and I haven't gotten started on Tekan. Please continue being patient. I thank those that have and I will try to finish the character designs and get back in touch with the artist as soon as possible. Thank you.
Perfect attempt. I know 'cause I have anxiety. Although, people are there for me whenever I have them 'cause I have social anxiety.
:D I was laughing at something else, clicked to read this page; still laughing; and when the page loads, I realize that 'Grey Eyes' is back. <3 Yay!!! :D
@AllThatsLeftIsUs: *in a robot voice* Image. Not. Available. Please try. Again.
January 28th, 2018
I see the slight change in art style. I've been reading your stuff and other people's comics long enough to notice even the slightest change in art style. I like it. And I LOVE this comic. Keep it up. :D
@Belgische Aardappel: I was thinking that his vocal cords were messed up. That could be possible, though. Unless whoever revived him made sure that he had everything and it was all intact, then his vocal cords being messed up would come in. When reviving someone that was originally supposed to be dead, there are consequences. These consequences may have gone on to Sulvain when he was resurrected (if that is what happened), not just the person that resurrected him.

Look at us, being theorists.
@Belgische Aardappel: When it comes to being revived, you cannot be revived when you don't have all of the necessary organs. If the person reviving you wants you to be more human, then you need more things that are human; eyes, tongue, ears, etc. So essentially, yes, Sulvain had a heart when he was resurrected, it just never beat. Does that answer your question?
@OtherworldsComics: Ah... Sadly I don't have money to do most things involving Patreon. I have my own, I just don't know how to use it and I'm not very active on it.
God, I love your art style. It looks like an old map while also looking like it's made with only color pencil. I also really like the old paper look to everything. Do you actually make this stuff on paper? Or do you use digital stuff to make your comic?