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Rhett and Wolf look so similar!!!! Cooool~
They need each other...... They *need* each other... *winks and smiles*
@Tenshi: I completely agree.
@Novae Comic: I wouldn't know. I've been single all my life and I don't really care for that stuff. I'm attracted to people, but I don't care if I get in a relationship. :|
@Novae Comic: Thank you!! <3
Preeeeeetyyyyyy~ *is drawn in/hypnotized*
...Bad things. Very bad things!
@Huntik13: What's the prequel?! I wanna knoooooow. *pouts*
*squeals really loud* SO FUCKING CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!
@portisHeart: XD Hahhaha wtf XD
I get the feeling that Ganet is gonna cum early with the rate that Bailey's going. XD
KISS!!!!!!!! XD Sorry
My mouth is watering XD Oh so hot. Please do put a shirt on him. Does Marcus have any scars?

@Baby in a Trenchcoat: XD Hahaha
August 15th, 2017
They're so cute. Hehe. I love it when this updates. I get so happy to see my babies.

I'm open to insane ideas if it comes to things that either "aren't real" or other worldly. I believe in a lot of things. Demons being one of them.
Please re-upload. Bad image source/image not available.
That's so cute XD *squeals*
Just looking at the bruising makes my back hurt. Sometimes I really hate Mirror-touch. (For me, I only feel what others feel when I can visibly see the pain. People that have it tend to have more of a variety. For example, they can feel a simple touch when they see it. Mirror-touch is feeling when you see another person touched, hurt, tickle, etc.)
@Novanto: XD Hahaha Omg