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Miriette Le Fay
Like: Animals, fantasy, write and read poetry (mostly dark),tarot, art, villains, mangas, animes, rock music, culture goth, horror,fiction scientific , vampires, demons and fallen angels, see insects, etc

Hate: Intorelant people, racists, sexists, homophobic, people that don't like animals, people that don������´t are filosofic, materialism, fanatic religion, Prejudices, war, etc ...
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Thank you so much! *hug* I don't know if it was frustrating or funny for you to work on animation but I think it actually worked out really well. There is alot of Jacob/Val drawings for fans, seems (or do I dare to hope) this pairing is pretty popular. *grin*
Val and Jacob sex because they really need it. <3333
Jacob is being really mature. It's a good think. It must be very bad knowing you will go to hell cuz the person you love doesn't love you back...
Where is Val? We need him. ;)
I love Abel's eyes *grin*
Obviouly he isn't on sexual abstinence. That would be very uncommon and I imagine abstinence is more an Angel thing.
Aromantics? That does some sense since Angels seem they are made for helping humans... At least I think so but maybe not...
Anyway, Abel needs to love Zadel. Poor thing, how many years is he waiting for him? I'm even afraid to know...
Jacob is so cute when he is sad.
I do need more JacobxVal and AbelxZadel in order to be completely happy.
Poor Jacob I also feel sorry for him. What he needs is Val to cheer him up. ;)
Zadel almost seems like a dog. *grin*
I think Jacob would like more if he hasn't to go to hell. Well, we can'r have everything! XD
This two are really cute.
I hope you have a good travel and sleepe alot of time on the car. ;) You sure will need it...
Oh, well... There is always another change. Demons and Angels live so much time that on the next centurys he will have to find a way to kiss him... Hope it doesn't take that long... *grin*
Poor Jacob, I wonder if he is a little better... Val should go and make him company. XD
OOHHHH... How cute of him.... *laugh*
It good to know thay is not taking advantage of him. He must really like him... Being that much patience and all...
ZZadel wouldn't kiss him... He probablly would feel guilty.
Nice new style of art.
Ohhh.... Are they gonna kiss?
Has he promised that he would never love/kiss another person and he is feeling guilty to have break it ??? Even tought it's not his fault...
A promise? Are they gonna marry? XD Obviously not... Then what???