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Shi Tenshi
I like too many things to really list them, I hate very few things because I like so many things. One thing I can't stand is when someone won't stand up for what they believe in because they are too busy ass-kissing to really say what is on their mind. I love reading, whether it be manga or an actual book.
I am also a writer myself and my fanfiction is on, just for fun though, not manga level XD Although if I learn then we will see

Love sports and the sports I watch is Baseball, Football & Hockey. The teams I like are LA Dodgers, LA Kings, Mets, Ravens, Seahawks & 49r's. I watch a lot of anime with my brothers so I am basically one of the resident Otaku's of my family

That's pretty much all I am willing to share for now.
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Outside: Smiling a bit and calm. *Inside: Mini me's running around having a fucking party and screaming at the top of their lungs*

Bruhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, First World Problems
@ShadowThorn: 😂😂 the ending to your commit had me dying. And that is really true, but I just think something or someone is going to come along in the morning and throw everything to shit. Lol, we all know what a jealous Kim does, and then Kylee might just say something to make it worse....🤔🤔🤔
Watch them get into an argument over this just because Kylee throws a fit. Questions on if they'll remember next morning I mean,it's not like they walked out the bar sober... Would be hilarious if they get all awkward about this later on
@ShadowThorn: Haha, I'd rage harder than Naraku trying to get the shikon in all honesty
1. Southern California
2. Viewfinder TakabaxAsami, Victuuri,& Inuyasha Sesskag
3. Scarlet Johansson, Julia Roberts, & Anne Hathaway
Hope you update soon!!
This is awesome and so awaited!😄😄 Can't wait for another page!
Shit just got real!!
Aww, you think he knows that karma is a bitch right? Shit always hits the fan after shady shit like this goes down... Nilla! Whyyyyy?! Why would you do that to yourself???
"That I love you?"
Lol, anyone thought of that?
I really love this & I hope you'll post a new page soon!
I couldn't read the what was written on the new update, so I am very confused on what was actually said during this page.... Love the story, just make sure the writing is at least big enough so that it can be read read and understood clearly... X3