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I'm 16, doing my AS Levels, I like manga, video games etc.

Yeah, haven't got a whole lot to say on the topic of myself...
@Feniks: For now but I've been thinking of continuing it for a while. I've been redesigning the characters a little and I might go for it once exams have cooled down. It's funny you should comment now. It's been ages :)
Um, is that a good thing? I've never played any of those
lol, awesome
Thanks :)
Lol, heck yeah, Ike was my favourite character :P
I'm really please with this page :P
I added this earlier this week but for some reason it didn't register as an update. Anyway, here it is!
Bad News...
Seems that my Wacom tablet just up and died meaning that this will be the last page until I can get it fixed :(
Aaaah, tis true! The heat is everywhere! At least it rained today, much nicer ^^
Probably my favorite page so far, I really like how it turned out :P
Yep, big fights, not for a bit though :P

It wont make sense how they got here for a while :P
lol, sorry :P the next page is a double so hopefully that makes up for it :P
lol, I guess not :P
End of Chapter 6!!!
lol, random school kids ftw :P
I can't help but feel that the last panel's picture doesn't really match what is the tone of what Ryou says...oh well...
That pic in the 3rd panel, possibly my favorite of Ryou out of everything I've done :)
Ah, yeah, thanks. I'll leave it this way for the rest of the chapter so it doesn't look weird and change it for the next one.
It's night but there's the light from the castle shining onto the characters...yeah, that sounded believable :P