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Enjoys drawing and writing.
Currently enrolled at Rutgers University majoring in English and minoring in Art and the Digital Humanities.
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I should also mention that I've purchased my own domain to host the comic on so if you'd rather follow the website instead, you'll find it here:
Happy reading! ^w^
Back again with another early update! If you can name all of the different styles that are about to pop up....

you don't actually get a prize, but I will congratulate you on knowing all of them!
Next round of updates is under way. Last time I was a week late. Now I'm a week early. But, to be fair, on one hand, both consistency and time are man-made concepts and, on the other, I'm pretty good at making excuses for why I'm late. Please enjoy!
Hello! Welcome to Chapter 2, where the very meta topic is style style style! Thank you for reading so far and I hope you enjoyed this update!
Hello! I just worked for 9 hours straight to pump out the last part of the first chapter! I'm going to try for a more regular schedule, say every 2-3 weeks an update of 12+ pages? Yeah, that sounds good.

I think that since I've got the first chapter done, it's time I give a little background information on this comic:
I came up with these characters and a story for them while I was in high school. I would doodle them in my notebooks during class and come up with bits and pieces of the comic to show my friends, but I had never really gotten around to making it into a linear, coherent narrative. Now that I'm a senior in college and this is one of my capstones, I plan to do a lot of fun meta things with BT4thW. There's so many more characters to introduce and the rest of Tag's World to explore, but, for right now, Ant, Sound Effect, Plot Device, and Tag are the main focus.

Hmm... What else? Oh right!

I have a tumblr for the comic here:

and if you are interested in looking at any of my other projects I have them organized in my wordpress here:
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
I'm gonna try and get a better updating schedule. I'll try for 12 panels every 2 weeks but usually I can scrape that up in a month.
"HEATED"... cause they live in HELL.
Talk to me about the homoerotic subtext in Dr. Faustus and I'll propose to you.
Characters that have appeared thus far:
Tag: The protagonist.
Soundeffect: Tag's sidekick.
Mystery Boy that lives in Hell: Has a problem with my main character's design and is trying to pick a fight???
Plotdevice: Obviously a chaotic neutral who only craves perpetuation of the story by any means necessary.
Hello! Hello! Another comic dump underway.
Hover over for alternate text and enjoy!
There he goes! Fulfilling his dreams! Being the best he can be!
I'm sorry.
That was an awful pun.
Also please imagine this song playing while he performs this daring stunt:
*Jillian Holtzmann voice*
This is a project for a college class on digital storytelling. Please enjoy.