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Hi, im just a regular nerd who likes drawing but isnt good at it(T-T). I like D&D, Pokemon, Vidyagames, and other stuff.
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    *insert fake neme here*
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@HonorBoundFate: maybe the artist didn't get a chance to destroy these
The use of past tense worries me...
But, it was mentioned earlier that Vagus was in Chiron's clinic, with Chiron's apprentice, so at least if Chiron is dead, it was recent.
Spooooooky icon
Rocky is so tired of Tovio's shit and I love it.
Symptoms off this mysterious condition may include:
Being edgy as heck
Turning into liquid for brief periods of time
Breaking the fourth wall
Existing in the negative zone
depending on what happens next, goblin man might turn into my favorite character
Are those... pokeballs!?
very interesting
this will be interesting
That's pretty neat.
@ShrubSparrow: Im scared that this could lead to a death scene, either for Opal or Chloe's dad.
I like Artemis. I hope they're not dead.
September 11th, 2018
Something tells me that heartbreak will be somewhere down the line.
@NyphlyNonsense: I like that the kenku actually has dialogue besides random noises. The limiting factor o the kenku's voice is really weird. I dont know why it exists.
Look at this wall of text
This is so accurate
Insta-follow cuz dnd stories are great
"I take the kitty with me."
"You mean the skeletal cat made from dark magic?"
*scribbles something down* "alright."
@Deathxael: can't understand why. You two have taken completely different directions in terms of story. Albeit, the start is similar, but lots of pmd comics start the same.
@Excalibeon: looks to be silver
That stuff sure looks a lot more ragged than when we saw it here