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How to accidentally turn your main character gay: throw in a sea lion that’s too good for this world
Arceus and King Crimson give off the same energy and it's great.
aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand Kingdom Hearts
Bodes well for the reader understanding of the plot
Looking interesting though
Celebi is a mood.
Quality work as always. The expressions are amazing!
I need to know where Jerome got those headphones.
Why does Theo seem to get upset in all his asks?
Theo, do you need a hug or something?
January 31st, 2019
Congrats Stroops! You deserve every fan you've gotten.
Your facial expressions are too good.
And they said eating junk food was bad for you.
That Onix looks badass.
this is why you never leave the crust
Is Rhett's skull face perspiring too?
I cant tell if the nuzlocke is still going or if the stakes have just risen that high, but this comic has definitely become much more story-driven than how it started out, and I'm loving it.
This comic does a VERY good job at making feel suspense and excitement when the main character is just trying to talk. Props to Umi and Lux for creating such a compelling story
69 years old?
Thank you for this
I guess we'll gloss over that hammer to the fourth wall.
One of these days it's gonna break, and things wont be pretty.
(Cedar dies run ends immediately)
Hey Theo, how often does your size complicate certain tasks, around the Inn or otherwise?
The string of insults are great, but the fourth wall is a delicate creature, do not dare disturb it!
Regardless, here's to a year of
good comics and edgy boys!