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drawing manga (BL and normal things) reading manga, watching anime, eeeehmzzz and karaoke
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omg... fuka i cracked just now x'D!! both because of the page and your comment haha x'd!! oh god... and we haven't talked in ages... or so it feels like ;A; i miss your balbbering about everything haha x'D!! .... stupid internet cables which aren't present in my house... yet... arg...) anyway hope to talk to you soon dear <3
January 10th, 2013
the laughing i did reading aphrodite's last panel haha x'D oh god, she is so sneaky!! i LOVE her!!
woooow why is he a bad guy ;u; he is so handsome >u<!!
September 14th, 2012
why don't you print buttons =D? everyone loves buttons right <3? dunno if they'd sell well in the UK though ^^;; i don't know the market lolol!

anyway congrats on the job girl!! do your best >u<! and i am looking forward to the new pages =D like always i LOVE them <3 and i am beginning to really like sindri haha =D such a cute villian x'D
NIIIIICE MOVE ERICA!! lol x'D!! anyway marcus is being so cute >u< d'aaw so so cute with that blushing face of his <3 i'm loving him so much =D

(and how come you didn't show this to meeee ;A:? prolly because i wasn't online right =P?)
OH GAWD i never post anything here but THIS... oh that kratos is the most hilarious god ever x'D!! "That ugly old freak! is kidnapping little girls his hobby or something?!" i LAUGHED so hard x'D!! and yay comment virginity =D!
seriously fuka.... wtf x'D?! this makes me crack with luuuuuv
June 16th, 2012
OOOH KLIMMT INSPIRATIONS OuO!! i loooove this page >u<!! it is so pretty, and i can SEE you worked on it for quite some time =D!
it actually happened to me =u= sometimes we just used tissues or something... it is indeed very awkward and VERY ennoying =A=
February 10th, 2012
lol i knew i was missing something in mira's moms hair =D you forgot to draw the hairclip ^^

but anyway i have been lurking for a bit and i love the comic so far =D can't wait so see more ^^b!
October 5th, 2011
this... is just so familiar.... this happened to me SO. MANY. TIMES. it wasn't funny =u=
fuuuuu floooor i'm so proud of you >u<!! i'll be ordering after you got your new prints =D since i want to see them before i buy =D but if they look awsome i'll ttly buy all 3 of them <333
i'll post you love <333

it looks gorgeous <33 i really love the last panel <3 but you already know that =D!! i'm glad you could finish it today =D!! and seriously... dat face... the derpy one where he realises he's lost is so funny <3 that is why i love nem <3

and fff he looks so MALE on the first panel x'Db!!
i seriously LOLLED at the 'balls touching' panel haha x'D!!

and i wanted to say, till now it has been nice reading this >u< keep it all coming =D!
i mostly don't comment but ffff that last panel >u<!! ariel's so cute in that panel ;A;! (maybe because he looks like a girl for real there x'D?)

though it is really cute *3*
PLEASE upload soon again ;A; i want the next page so much *u* haru's reaction is so cute in the last panel, and he was strong to not punch shiratori this time around >u< i guess he is beginning to feel the same way hehe =D
omg i'm craving for the next page oAo the last 2 panels look so cute >u<!! are they older in those panels OnO? they do look a bit older there o3o
A PLEASE-RAPE-ME face instead of embarressed if you ask me >u<;;

i kinda really like this page >u<!!
hurrr if you publish it first at a publisher you give part of your copyright away ;n; then we won't be able to buy it since it's only german then ;3; i'd like to have it in english ;A;

anyway this page made me lol x'D like... lolzy plot twist indeed? x'D
hahah he's such a loser x'D he should try a different approach x'D