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Hi guys! I'm just a random smackjeever with an idea for a comic or two, but am so bad at drawing that I prefer tracing more than anything. If any of you want to help, I'd really appreciate that. So, yea.
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Special fan-art delivery from *checks tag* ShadowStalker!
Whats the link for the comic?
This is a great comic! Sure hope it resumes soon 😄
@ShadowStalker1128: KEEP IT CLEAN, FIR TEN MINUTES! Please...
Her personality is fine, I'm just glad my character's in a comic!?
*admires Moltres's hair*
If this order keeps up, my character is next :3
@F*** u: *stands between the fighting* break it up guys
Remember, this was said before shiny hunting
"I'm surrounded by idiots"
@Fuck u: Pls stahp. No one likes an internet troll
Half dragon
"Since when does the naive one who doesn't live with her decision permanently get to make the rules?"
And not just any scream, I mean a Kevin from Home Alone scream
Lo-*starts screaming*
Hey look, it's Sparkles!
Hey Vexx, you know where Silverlunawing went and is she can bring back STLE? I know it's over but what if someone wanted to bidge read it again or *cough* finish it?