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There's no excerpt for this page because, well, this section of the story is literally just dialogue, and you guys have all of that on the page anyways!

In other news, anyone else out there getting their butts whooped by school? 'Cause I know I am D:l I feel like the semester literally just started and my mental exhaustion is already fraying my edges.

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Hope everyone has a great weekend! Thanks for reading!

@Ledgerina: Thanks for the well-wishes! I'm sure everything will be fine, I'm just a person who gets easily stressed lol. It's really nice to hear from you, I'm happy you're enjoying!

@LADYKAZUMI: uh-oh lol

@deee45: He may end up surprising himself ;D
Harvey's eyes land on Kenneth's hand, squeezing himself through his jeans, the shape of him obvious through the layer of denim. Shit. If only he weren't still wearing those pants--

"Wanna touch?" Kenneth says, as though he can read Harvey's mind.

"God, yes. Can I?"

"Well, that depends."


"On whether or not you can earn it."

Another day, another page.

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Thanks for reading!

@SaasantheSassy, @deee45: I'm so glad you guys are enjoying!

@Ellie Davies: Haha yeah, D/s can be pretty great! This scene is honestly pretty tame, but it's a theme that comes up multiple times ;D Thanks so much!

@R.O.-bot: Haha I know the feeling! Sometimes I wish I were rich so I could just throw money at the artists who inspire me and have shaped me as a creator ;_; It's so cool to hear that you make comics, too!

@Jaygirl, @Guest: Oh man, these are some intense reactions. Thanks so much for reading!

@portisHeart: haha thanks. The amount of times I had to google image search "guy grabs his junk" for this page was honestly a little embarrassing lol
"Open your pants," Kenneth commands. "Touch yourself."

Heat shoots down Harvey's spine. Nodding frantically, he scrambles to undo his zipper and pushes the hem of his boxers down until his cock springs free, the motel room's air-conditioned air a bight shock against his skin. No lube, shit, but the tip is leaking, he can use that--

"Wait, here." Smiling, Kenneth grabs Harvey's hand and pulls it up to his mouth, and drags his tongue over Harvey's palm. Harvey stifles a groan.

Probably only the scheduled Friday update this week guys. I've got a lot going on!

In other news, I've hit my first Patreon goal! So exciting! This means that by the end of the month, I will have saved enough through my Patreon to purchase a tablet that I can use to create Wham, Bam! pages! I'm currently using a mouse, and having a tablet will mean I'll be able to complete pages faster and more easily--and that means more pages!

Thank you so, so much to everyone who has pledged through Patreon. You guys are the real rockstars. Seriously, you don't even know. Thank you.

I'll create a public post on Patreon talking about the reward that hitting the goal has unlocked, and post a link to it HERE when it's ready. (There's also a poll!)

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Here's my lame sketch tumblr

See you on Friday guys! Love you!

@Ledgerina: Thank you!! Yeah hitting my goal really made my day, I was so incredibly happy. (And grateful!) And thank you so much for the lovely compliment as well! You're always so nice to me I could cry hahaha

@Spoilergirl, @Kwildshine, @Oboro: So glad you guys are liking it!

@portisHeart: Hahaha, more whackin' less yakkin'. And thanks for the congrats, I really appreciate it! I fully understand that Patreon is not practical for everyone, and that's totally okay!

@plush2069: Yes yes he's a small, bossy man, lol
"Like what you see?" Kenneth laughs.

It's a fight for Harvey rip his eyes away from Kenneth's hipbones. "How--how are you even real?" he whispers scratchily. "You can't be a real person. Just. You can't."

Kenneth laughs again, a little harder this time. "Uh-oh. And we haven't even fucked yet. Is your head gonna explode?"

I think it's literally impossible for Kenneth to be anymore full of himself than he already is.

Phew! Managed a second update. I've got a lot going on this week so probably only going to have our single scheduled update on Friday.

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Here's my lame sketch tumblr

See you on Friday guys! Thanks for reading!

@coloradogirl86 & @Ellie Davies: Wow! The fact that you guys have actually stuck around since Suits is actually kind of daunting to me. Thank you! Back then I didn't draw Kenneth with quite so many scars, but, as is the case with almost every character in this series, he has changed over time. Kenneth may be a cocky adult but he was a reckless teenager/young adult. He got a lot of those scars then. (And many of them are all from the same incident. It was a bad day for him!)

@Spoilergirl: Trust me, you'd get sick of him pretty quickly lol

@AutumnWolf20: Wah! I'm glad you like! (I like them, too...if that wasn't obvious lol) Thanks so much for reading!

@portisHeart: Yeah Kenneth has had a few rough days here and there haha

@Insanely Dead: Mine too! I mean, if you couldn't tell, lol

@Ledgerina: Wah! Thank you! I struggled with this page but I'm glad that people seem to like it so far!

@SaasantheSassy: Hahaha, thank you! I'm so glad you're enjoying it!

@deee45: Hah--ahahaha. Aha. Um. Kenneth will, uh, mention it a couple times, lol. (And right about now Harvey is wondering what the hell he did to earn this stroke of luck!)

@Jaygirl: I just bought a six-pack of man n' chz boxes yesterday, so it sounds like we're both living right xD Who needs a six-pack when you can have carbs, I mean honestly

@nox-ambulare: Haha yeah, Kenneth has had a life. My dude's seen some shit

@R.O.-bot: xD No worries, I'm a fan of corny humor
"No." Kenneth grabs his ankles and yanks Harvey back towards the edge of the bed. Half of the duvet comes with him. His feet land on the floor again.

"I want you like this," Kenneth says, voice low and gritty.

"O-okay," Harvey stutters.

So bossy, yeesh.

I'm gonna try for another update on Monday again, but we'll see. School has started back up and the homework is already flowing in! (I think I might be able to pull it off, though.)

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Here's my lame sketch tumblr

Thanks for reading! Love you guys!

@Ellie Davies: Thank you so much! Reading comments like this make me excited because all I can think about is how the story is only just getting started. I'm so glad you're enjoying it! (And Harvey is most definitely in for a bumpy ride, lol)

@portisHeart: Being assertive is definitely something Harvey isn't very good at, and Kenneth, on the other hand--well. He's very demanding lol

@Insanely Dead: Hahaha. Harvey is speechless, and Kenneth is totally thriving off his reactions!

@deee45: Oh, he's for sure nervous. And as for whether or not he's enjoying the dominance--lets just say it's a theme that comes up several times.

@guest24: You bet ;D
August 28th, 2017
Such a cute story! Both characters are so lovable. Really enjoying it so far!
Kenneth grabs Harvey and hauls him away from the door with ease, swinging him towards the bed. With a hard shove he sends Harvey reeling backwards, grinning smugly when Harvey stumbles and falls. Harvey lands on the bed with a soft whump, the duvet puffing up around him, his heart stuttering in his chest.

Surprise update! Remember when I said I would try to upload multiple pages a week when I could? I managed to finish an extra page last week, so boom. Second update. (This scene is pretty long, and I'd rather push through it as quickly as I can rather than linger here for a long time.)

I can't promise I'll be able to do this every week, but I will when I can!

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Here's my lame sketch tumblr

Thanks so much for reading!

@silvsevie: Wah, thanks for the lovely comment! I'm so glad you're enjoying it!

@ZenPanda: Kenneth always finds a way to get what he wants

@MyInternetAlias: Oh gosh, that's so nice to hear, thank you! I'm just really glad that people are liking it haha. Thank you so much for reading!

@guest24: Ahg, thank you! I've always been a little self-conscious of my drawing style--so encouraging to hear when folks enjoy it!

@portisHeart: Kenneth's ego literally could not be any larger than it already is.

@Insanely Dead: Thank you!! And thanks so much for reading!

@Guest: Hahaha thanks! I make these pages with a USB mouse, which is a factor that slows things down a bit, but I'm trying to save up for a tablet! (My old one broke, like, three years ago, and I haven't been able to get a new one since :/ ) I need all the good vibes I can get!

@M-24: Very much so!

@R.O.-bot: Haha no need to panic! Kenneth's got this under control. (It's kinda his thing.)
"Not yet, though."

Harvey groans.

Kenneth grins and sits up to lift the hem of Harvey's tee shirt, nosing at the skin there. "Let's get you out of this first, shall we?" he says, dropping a kiss onto Harvey's belly. His tongue flicks over the skin, bright and wet.

Yeah, Harvey, what are you talking about? Kenneth's having none of that.

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Here's my lame sketch tumblr

Happy Friday guys! Thanks for reading!

@R.O.-bot: Apparently he's never seen a mirror! lol

@Rosendrachl: He doesn't know it, though! He's just a shy, anxious boy~

@Ledgerina: Oh my gosh thank you!! Wah! You don't even understand, any support is so appreciated and I'm so, so grateful, no matter the amount! Thank you so much for supporting me! I hope I can continue to deliver enjoyable content <3

@portisHeart: I totally had that thought while I was drawing this, lol. I was like "oh yikes Harvey's nipple is gonna be right there...oh well." it's like a staring contest xD

@Insanely Dead: Try telling him that! He'll never be able to accept a compliment lol

@SimpleGeek451: Thank you! Yeah he's not about to tolerate Harvey being all whiney

@deee45: haha thanks! "shy and awkward" is basically his default mood lol

@CarlitoChico3: he is very relatable haha

@Jaygirl: xD Kenneth's internal dialogue is probably something like, "is this guy drunk?" lol
August 24th, 2017
I'm loving this so much! To see the blue spirit step out of its role of passive observer--so intimidating!
Humid breath warms his painfully hard cock, raising goose pimples on his belly. Harvey risks a downwards glance and finds that Kenneth is looking at him, grinning as he mouths Harvey through his jeans, and that greedy smile is so fucking hot that it's almost too much. A small wave of panic punches through Harvey at the thought that he might actually blow his load before they even get their clothes off.

"H-hold on, shit, that's--mm--!" Harvey gasps, sinking his teeth into the back of his hand.

Harvey: equal parts sensitivity and anxiety.

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Here's my lame sketch tumblr

Thanks so much for reading guys!

@BertinDoutnik: Hahaha thank you!

@Insanely Dead: Indeed it is!

@Kwildshine: I'm glad you're enjoying it!

@Travelingpooch: Hahaha I'm happy you're liking it :D

@Jaygirl: lol, Nelly never gets old xD

@SimpleGeek451: Oh yeah, truly the hight of romance over here! haha. I'm so glad you're enjoying them!

@Anxiety: Aaahahaha, thank you! I love you to! Thanks for reading!

@portisHeart: You scream, I scream, we all scream for--

@deee45: Oh yeah, a very good boy. A good, shy boy~

@R.O.-bot: Aaa I know, the torture of reading webcomics. I'm glad you're enjoying it though! I honestly wish I could update more, but, yeah. Life!

@CarlitoChico3: Hahaha glad to hear it! Thanks for reading!
The art is beautiful, and the characters seem really interesting so far!
Kenneth pulls back and looks up at Harvey, his hazel eyes dark. "So you follow directions. That's good to know." With a smile he gives Harvey a soft pat on the cheek. "Good boy. I've got some neat tricks lined up for you."

wyd Kenneth

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Here's my lame sketch tumblr

Hope everyone has a good Friday! Love you guys!

@BertinDoutnik: I was gonna make a Nelly joke, and then Kwildshine beat me to it! lol

@portisHeart: Wah, thank you! (And that's a pretty accurate prediction!)

@SimpleGeek451: I'll have to get an air conditioner xD

@Insanely Dead: Knows what he wants, and he wants it now!

@Kwildshine: Oh man it just got so 2001 in here! (Or...2002? Somewhere around there lol)

@Spoilergirl: Hopefully lol

@deee45: That's for sure!

@Ledgerina: Harvey is def a little uncomfortable, (at least at first,) but it's not for lack of interest! I don't think it's much of a spoiler to say that Harvey has some anxiety issues lol. And thanks about the tumblr! I only describe it as "lame" cause I update it so infrequently haha
@Ledgerina: Wow, oh wow, many complimentary words! (I'm a little shocked, honestly. This is the most anyone has had to say about my comic!) And no worries, your English is fantastic!

As a creator, it's really thrilling to hear someone express so specifically what they're enjoying about your work, and it's not just that the compliments are flattering. (Which, I mean, yeah, they totally are!) It's also really validating to hear someone noticing the things that you work so hard to convey. Things like expression, body language, backgrounds to make the world feel grounded, etc., they're all things that I work really hard on and I honestly don't always feel like I get them right. But to hear that you notice them, that those are exactly the things you're enjoying about the story so far--just, guh, it makes me so amazingly happy.

Honestly I've always felt self conscious about my drawing style, especially on this site where a more manga/anime style seems to be the norm. (And I agree with you--I'm not saying that that style is any less valid than any other, but it's never been my niche.) So to hear you call my drawing "refreshing" is just, wah!

I'm so grateful for all the comments I get here. Sometimes posting work on the internet can feel like blowing a trumpet to an empty concert hall. Feedback certainly isn't something I expect from any of my readers. I choose to do this and I'm not owed anything for it. So for you to leave this generous comment and share with me what you're liking about the comic--really, thank you so much. I glad to have the chance to make something for people to enjoy!
Kenneth's fingers suddenly snap closed into a tight fist. Harvey hisses as Kenneth yanks his hair, jerking his head down so that Harvey can feel wet lips pressed against his ear. The pain leaves a tingling echo behind on his scalp and makes Harvey's heart beat a little faster.

"Grab my ass," Kenneth whispers.

Kenneth is, like, so pushy lol

This upcoming scene is…really long. So I might try to post more than one page every now and then (if I can? No guarantees :| ) just so that we're not stuck here for months.

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Here's my lame sketch tumblr

Thanks for reading guys! Love ya

@Kwildshine: I'm glad there's some anticipation!

@animeangelindark: xD fucking burned

@deee45: Oh yes, he's a take-charge kind of fellow!

@M-24: Aaahaha, I like that 'forward' is basically a nicer word for 'demanding' xD

@Insanely Dead: Kenneth has a lot of character traits--and subtly isn't one of them lol

@Ledgerina: Omg, this was so fantastic to read, thank you so much! You've totally nailed it with your interpretations! As a comic artist I know I've still got a lot to learn and improve upon, but reading something like this is just... ahg, so rewarding and inspiring, it makes me want to work harder and do even better for you guys. Really, just, thanks for the lovely words. They mean so much!

@portisHeart: No comment on Kenneth prospective preferences yet >:3
Kenneth is done with all this waiting around.

Sorry that today's page is just a boring transitional page, but remember that there will be another update on Friday! After that the comic's update schedule will continue as normal on Fridays.

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Here's my lame sketch tumblr

See you guys on Friday! Thank you so much for reading!

@portisHeart: Oh yeah! He's in for a good old-fashioned shake up ;D

@Ledgerina: Yay! Your comments are so lovely to read, thank you!

@Insanely Dead: This made me laugh, lol. I might have to sketch that--it's such a funny image

@deee45: Yay! Thank you!
@portisHeart: No I knew you mean him! Lol. Answer still stands--a little bit of both!
No caption for this week's page. Also! I'm going to move the comic's update schedule to Fridays, so please look forward to a double update next week! I'll be updating the comic on Monday as usual, and again on Friday!

Also very exciting: You can now read up to eight pages ahead on my Patreon! You can also get access to things like Pat-exclusive sketch dumps (I'll be posting one on tuesday/wednesday,) and progress images of pages that I'm currently working on! Please take a look!

My sketch tumblr

Love you guys!

@nox-ambulare: Oh yeah, absolutely nothing bad will come of this. Nothing at all--

@Insanely Dead: Yep! It's loosely based on an early-90's Dodge model, so no worries, Harvey isn't like...breaking Kenneth's car or anything lol

@portisHeart: Um...a little bit of both? xD

@Spoilergirl: Kenneth asks him basically the same question at the end of the upcoming scene, and then we'll get a little insight about Harvey's poor mood :D

@SimpleGeek451: He is, a bit, for reasons that will be touched upon/discussed later on!

@Ledgerina: That's sort of true. He's definitely worried--those worries will be talked about in the next scene! I'm so glad you're enjoying it, thank you for reading!
It's only after they've slammed their doors closed and the engine is turning over that the stranger speaks again. He looks at Harvey from the passenger seat, eyes bright and dancing even in the dark, and grins.

"The name's Kenneth, by the way."

Harvey pauses. The words slide down his spine like honey. Warily, he meets those dancing eyes. "Harvey," he mumbles, and throws the car into drive.

Oh look I changed the font.. again

And now we've got a name for our "stranger!" I mean, not that it was really a secret or anything. I'm pretty sure I've mentioned it a few times before, and anyone who's still here from Suits will have remembered Kenneth anyways lol

Want to know what happens next? The next page is already up over at my Patreon. Please take a look! (Also posting WIP pages for the $5 tier.)

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@jovialMagician: The Suits was the original comic I had posted here on SJ, back in 2010, that told the story of Kenneth and another fellow named Alex. I never finished it because it was terrible. (It's no longer posted anywhere. I still have a copy, but trust don't want to read it lol) I've since re-worked Suits, and I'll probably re-post it someday under a different title. This story, Wham, Bam!, is actually a prequel to Suits. It takes place once year prior to the beginning of that story!

@Spoilergirl: no, it's honestly pretty awful. Like, embarrassingly awful. Just cringeworthy!

@portisHeart: Kenneth is honestly so creepy, lol. And as for Harvey...well, he'll be perking up soon enough :D
July 13th, 2017
I love reading this! Keep up the great work!
Clutching the keyring tightly, Harvey steps away from the stranger and crosses the lot towards the shitty gold car. He listens as the guy's light footsteps follow behind him, that smug presence tickling the back of his neck like a sunburn.

He's been drawn in!

Want to know what happens next? The next page is already up over at my Patreon. Please take a look! (Also posting WIP pages for the $5 tier.)

My sketch tumblr

@portisHeart: I know right? Haha poor dude's got a lot of Complicated Feelings happening in his head right now. (We'll hear more about them later on!)

@Insanely Dead: Go with the flow, Harvey!