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The art is beautiful, and the characters seem really interesting so far!
Kenneth pulls back and looks up at Harvey, his hazel eyes dark. "So you follow directions. That's good to know." With a smile he gives Harvey a soft pat on the cheek. "Good boy. I've got some neat tricks lined up for you."

wyd Kenneth

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Hope everyone has a good Friday! Love you guys!

@BertinDoutnik: I was gonna make a Nelly joke, and then Kwildshine beat me to it! lol

@portisHeart: Wah, thank you! (And that's a pretty accurate prediction!)

@SimpleGeek451: I'll have to get an air conditioner xD

@Insanely Dead: Knows what he wants, and he wants it now!

@Kwildshine: Oh man it just got so 2001 in here! (Or...2002? Somewhere around there lol)

@Spoilergirl: Hopefully lol

@deee45: That's for sure!

@Ledgerina: Harvey is def a little uncomfortable, (at least at first,) but it's not for lack of interest! I don't think it's much of a spoiler to say that Harvey has some anxiety issues lol. And thanks about the tumblr! I only describe it as "lame" cause I update it so infrequently haha
@Ledgerina: Wow, oh wow, just...so many complimentary words! (I'm a little shocked, honestly. This is the most anyone has had to say about my comic!) And no worries, your English is fantastic!

As a creator, it's really thrilling to hear someone express so specifically what they're enjoying about your work, and it's not just that the compliments are flattering. (Which, I mean, yeah, they totally are!) It's also really validating to hear someone noticing the things that you work so hard to convey. Things like expression, body language, backgrounds to make the world feel grounded, etc., they're all things that I work really hard on and I honestly don't always feel like I get them right. But to hear that you notice them, that those are exactly the things you're enjoying about the story so far--just, guh, it makes me so amazingly happy.

Honestly I've always felt self conscious about my drawing style, especially on this site where a more manga/anime style seems to be the norm. (And I agree with you--I'm not saying that that style is any less valid than any other, but it's never been my niche.) So to hear you call my drawing "refreshing" is just, wah!

I'm so grateful for all the comments I get here. Sometimes posting work on the internet can feel like blowing a trumpet to an empty concert hall. Feedback certainly isn't something I expect from any of my readers. I choose to do this and I'm not owed anything for it. So for you to leave this generous comment and share with me what you're liking about the comic--really, thank you so much. I glad to have the chance to make something for people to enjoy!
Kenneth's fingers suddenly snap closed into a tight fist. Harvey hisses as Kenneth yanks his hair, jerking his head down so that Harvey can feel wet lips pressed against his ear. The pain leaves a tingling echo behind on his scalp and makes Harvey's heart beat a little faster.

"Grab my ass," Kenneth whispers.

Kenneth is, like, so pushy lol

This upcoming scene is…really long. So I might try to post more than one page every now and then (if I can? No guarantees :| ) just so that we're not stuck here for months.

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Here's my lame sketch tumblr

Thanks for reading guys! Love ya

@Kwildshine: I'm glad there's some anticipation!

@animeangelindark: xD fucking burned

@deee45: Oh yes, he's a take-charge kind of fellow!

@M-24: Aaahaha, I like that 'forward' is basically a nicer word for 'demanding' xD

@Insanely Dead: Kenneth has a lot of character traits--and subtly isn't one of them lol

@Ledgerina: Omg, this was so fantastic to read, thank you so much! You've totally nailed it with your interpretations! As a comic artist I know I've still got a lot to learn and improve upon, but reading something like this is just... ahg, so rewarding and inspiring, it makes me want to work harder and do even better for you guys. Really, just, thanks for the lovely words. They mean so much!

@portisHeart: No comment on Kenneth prospective preferences yet >:3
Kenneth is done with all this waiting around.

Sorry that today's page is just a boring transitional page, but remember that there will be another update on Friday! After that the comic's update schedule will continue as normal on Fridays.

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Here's my lame sketch tumblr

See you guys on Friday! Thank you so much for reading!

@portisHeart: Oh yeah! He's in for a good old-fashioned shake up ;D

@Ledgerina: Yay! Your comments are so lovely to read, thank you!

@Insanely Dead: This made me laugh, lol. I might have to sketch that--it's such a funny image

@deee45: Yay! Thank you!
@portisHeart: No I knew you mean him! Lol. Answer still stands--a little bit of both!
No caption for this week's page. Also! I'm going to move the comic's update schedule to Fridays, so please look forward to a double update next week! I'll be updating the comic on Monday as usual, and again on Friday!

Also very exciting: You can now read up to eight pages ahead on my Patreon! You can also get access to things like Pat-exclusive sketch dumps (I'll be posting one on tuesday/wednesday,) and progress images of pages that I'm currently working on! Please take a look!

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Love you guys!

@nox-ambulare: Oh yeah, absolutely nothing bad will come of this. Nothing at all--

@Insanely Dead: Yep! It's loosely based on an early-90's Dodge model, so no worries, Harvey isn't like...breaking Kenneth's car or anything lol

@portisHeart: Um...a little bit of both? xD

@Spoilergirl: Kenneth asks him basically the same question at the end of the upcoming scene, and then we'll get a little insight about Harvey's poor mood :D

@SimpleGeek451: He is, a bit, for reasons that will be touched upon/discussed later on!

@Ledgerina: That's sort of true. He's definitely worried--those worries will be talked about in the next scene! I'm so glad you're enjoying it, thank you for reading!
It's only after they've slammed their doors closed and the engine is turning over that the stranger speaks again. He looks at Harvey from the passenger seat, eyes bright and dancing even in the dark, and grins.

"The name's Kenneth, by the way."

Harvey pauses. The words slide down his spine like honey. Warily, he meets those dancing eyes. "Harvey," he mumbles, and throws the car into drive.

Oh look I changed the font.. again

And now we've got a name for our "stranger!" I mean, not that it was really a secret or anything. I'm pretty sure I've mentioned it a few times before, and anyone who's still here from Suits will have remembered Kenneth anyways lol

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@jovialMagician: The Suits was the original comic I had posted here on SJ, back in 2010, that told the story of Kenneth and another fellow named Alex. I never finished it because it was terrible. (It's no longer posted anywhere. I still have a copy, but trust me...you don't want to read it lol) I've since re-worked Suits, and I'll probably re-post it someday under a different title. This story, Wham, Bam!, is actually a prequel to Suits. It takes place once year prior to the beginning of that story!

@Spoilergirl: Aaaahahaha...no no, it's honestly pretty awful. Like, embarrassingly awful. Just cringeworthy!

@portisHeart: Kenneth is honestly so creepy, lol. And as for Harvey...well, he'll be perking up soon enough :D
July 13th, 2017
I love reading this! Keep up the great work!
Clutching the keyring tightly, Harvey steps away from the stranger and crosses the lot towards the shitty gold car. He listens as the guy's light footsteps follow behind him, that smug presence tickling the back of his neck like a sunburn.

He's been drawn in!

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@portisHeart: I know right? Haha poor dude's got a lot of Complicated Feelings happening in his head right now. (We'll hear more about them later on!)

@Insanely Dead: Go with the flow, Harvey!
"Because. I'm going to be..." the stranger's other hand drifts downwards, falling until his fingers ghost over the front of Harvey's jeans, catching on the seam of his fly and making Harvey gasp. "Well. I'll be distracted."

I'm sure you guys can imagine any number of things that he'll be up to!

Want to know what happens next? The next page is already up over at my Patreon. Please take a look! (Also posting WIP pages for the $5 tier.)

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@MHawtho: Yay! I'm so glad you're enjoying it!

@portisHeart: You can't see me, but I'm nodding my head in frantic agreement.

@Jaygirl: Oh, this ship is drawing in its anchor, getting ready to set sail

@Insanely Dead: Shorty here doesn't so much seduce folks as he does bombarde them with demands in the hopes of achieving the reactions he desires.

@Puppet-Mother: This made me laugh lol

@deee45: He's got Harvey weak in the knees, for sure!
"Only requisite is that you drive there."

Harvey's glad that they're alone in the parking lot, because otherwise he'd be having palpitations from the stranger's straightforwardness--it's ridiculous, possibly bordering on reckless. He's never met someone so--so--

A rush of heat blooms in Harvey's belly as the stranger smiles up at him. The guy's lips catch his eye, full and arched, the slightest hint of a smirk lurking in the quirked corner of that smile. Harvey swallows to wet his throat. "W-why do I drive?"

So I've finally gotten around to adding print! I'd been putting it off because I couldn't find a font that I liked, and this one still isn't my favorite, but it'll do. Sadly, the speech bubbles now seem a bit awkwardly large? Oh well. It's gonna be that way for a while--I'm currently working about 10-12 pages ahead and all those pages are already done and can't be edited--so please bare with it.

I'm figuring this stuff out as I go, guys. lol

Want to know what happens next? The next page is already up over at my Patreon. Please take a look! (Also posting WIP pages for the $5 tier.)

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@nox-ambulare: Tiny man, big attitude, amiright? (He's actually so obnoxious)

@Jaygirl: Thank you! I think the height difference makes things more interesting... plus it's fun to draw haha

@deee45: Aaaah thank you so much! I love adding little wrinkles and imperfections to faces, but sometimes I worry that I go over the top, lol. I'm happy you're enjoying it!

@ZenPanda: Something like that! He'll certainly be keeping himself busy. I'm so glad you're enjoying it--thanks for reading!

@SimpleGeek451: He's got no time for dawdling. Knows what he wants, and he he wants it now.

@Ellie Davies: His driving skills will be thoroughly tested, no doubt!

@portisHeart: Aaah, such kind words! Thank you so much, I'm so glad you're enjoying it! And thank you for bringing the confusion about the front page to my attention-I've added an edit to clear things up. No, this comic will not be taken down. The old one has already been removed, and this is the current story that will continue to update!

@Insanely Dead: He's right down to business!
The stranger smiles. "Tell you what." He digs a hand into his back pocket and pulls something out that makes a jingling sound, holding it up in front of Harvey's face. A keyring dangles from his finger, its two brassy keys glinting deep gold in the sodium lights. "Take mine instead."

Harvey stares at the keys. "W…what?"

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@Puppet-Mother: Yay! I'm so glad you're enjoying it! Thanks for reading :D

@Jaygirl: Honestly, I really do wish I could update more than once a week. But pesky things like paying my rent get in the way lol

@Ledgerina: Wah! Thank you so much!
The wheels in Harvey's head grind to a halt as he stares at the stranger slack-jawed, his words blown from his mind like tumbleweeds.

The silence stretches thin between them. When the stranger realizes no response is coming, he shakes his head and gives a gentle laugh. Then he rolls up onto his toes and whispers into Harvey's ear, "Got anything else coming up?"

The next page is already up over at my Patreon. Please take a look! (Also posting WIP pages for the $5 tier, and, spoiler alert, they're NSFW. Lol.)

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@Lina Hime: He's a small man with a big personality lol

@deee45: Oh yeah, for sure. This is just the first of many times 'the stranger' will push at Harvey to see where his boarders are, and not always in the most pleasant/morally responsible of ways.

@Upsetapplecart: He isn't exactly being subtle, is he? lol
June 5th, 2017
This comic has a wonderful story. Why aren't more people reading this?!
The stranger grabs his wrist with one hand and wrenches the car keys out of Harvey's grip with the other. Harvey jumps, jittery with nerves. "Hey--!" he says, spinning to face the stranger.

That's all he gets out because the guy crowds him. Harvey retreats, leaning back until his shoulders are pressed against his truck, and gawks down at the stranger, now only a mere inch or two away.

Woo. What a week. I moved to a new apartment, (always so much fun,) and also, today is my birthday! Lots of big feelings happening right now. Wah

The next page is already up over at my Patreon. Please take a look! (Also posting WIP pages for the $5 tier, and, spoiler alert, they're NSFW. Lol.)

I'd like to take a moment to send out a big thanks to the few folks who have been generous enough to support me over at Patreon! It might not seem like much, but literally every dollar helps me, and really, the gesture of support is so much bigger than that. So thank you. Really. Thank you for giving me the chance to make even a little bit of cash doing the thing that I love most in the world.

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@jovialMagician: Thanks! They're actually excerpts. Wham, Bam! started life as a written story that I first drafted back in 2012, and this comic is an adaption! I'm really glad you like them!

@deee45: Guess we'll have to wait and find out, eh? Hahaaa

@M-24: He definitely manscapes, amiright? Thank you!!

@BedMonster801: Thank you! It went about as well as one can hope, haha. Aaahhh I'm so glad you're enjoying the story! Gives me all kinds of warm fuzzy feelings!
He freezes when he sees the shitty gold car. It's parked silently at the edge of the lot, close to the edge of the road. Leaning against it, pale and quiet as a ghost in the moonlight, is the stranger. His arms are crossed over his chest and he waves at Harvey, his tiny smile obvious even in the dark.

All right! Back a little earlier than expected, so page goes up tonight! Wedding was wonderful, and Chicago was such a great city! Downtown looks so new and modern.

Any readers out there from the Chicago area? I'd love to hear about your city! I might go back sometime, and I'd love to hear about what the locals like to do there!

The next page is already up over at my Patreon. Please take a look! (Also posting WIP pages for the $5 tier, and, spoiler alert, they're NSFW. Lol.)

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@phosphorene: Aaah, thank you! Backgrounds are hands down the thing I struggle with the most, so this is really encouraging to hear!

@deee45: Oooh, this is one very determined stranger! He's gonna hit Harvey with his best shot. Thanks for the comment!

@M-24: Poor Harvey is trying to escape~ lol
By the time he gets around to half-assedly cleaning the shop, Harvey's in a daze. It's an old, familiar routine that he could limp through with his eyes closed.

Count the register. Mop the floors. Wipe the windows, turn out the lights.

His thoughts drift as he moves through the motions, and eventually they get caught up on the stranger from earlier. Again. Harvey huffs, smearing Windex around the window a little more frantically. That's been happening all evening. The memory of that low tenor is like a mosquito that won't quit buzzing in his ear, and the green plaid shirt and knowing little smirk keep sneaking into his thoughts uninvited. Harvey swats the images away--it's best not to think about it. He shouldn't even consider it. The guy was clearly nuts.

Hey guys! Couple quick things about the update schedule. From now on the comic will be updating only once a week on Mondays. However, next week's update is going to go up on Tuesday, May 30th. (Or possibly very late on Monday the 29th.) I'm attending a wedding next weekend, and I'm going to be on a plane back from Chicago on Monday. But after that we'll be back to our regularly scheduled updates!

The next page is already up over at my Patreon! I've updated the reward tiers a little bit over there. Go check it out if you like! All my stuff is pretty cheap cause, you know, the comic is still pretty new. I'll probably talk more in depth about it next update.

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@nox-ambulare: Thanks! I've never been to Chicago, so I think it's gonna be a blast!

@upsetapplecart: Thank you! I had a ball drawing Harvey's tortured face in that panel. And the wedding was so, so great!
Outside, the stranger pumps his gas and climbs back into his shitty old gold-colored Dodge. Harvey watches miserably as the car rumbles to life and pulls away, its engine growling as it swings a left out of the dusty lot.

Okay, so this is (sadly) the last page of double updates. From now on the comic is going to update once a week--I may play around a bit to figure out what day works best for me, but for now I'm going to stick to Monday updates. So there will be a new page posted on Monday!

That page is already up over at my Patreon!

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He turns and heads off towards the door. Right before he leaves he stops and spins on his heels, pinning Harvey with a thoughtful gaze. "Say, just out of curiosity, what time do you get off tonight?"

Harvey swallows. He can't move while that smile is directed at him. "Uh, ten o'clock?" It comes out sounding more like a question, weak at the end.

Next page is already up over at my Patreon!

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@SimpleGeek451: They are most certainly on fleek

@phoenixgem: Oh, he'll be back alright!

@upsetapplecart: Uuuuh, you kind of nailed it with both of these comments. Harvey's general state through the whole story is completely blown away. Also, "he's in and out, a cyclone wearing sunglasses" is probably the most pefectly accurate description ever. Just. Yeah. That's him! hahaha