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Hello! I'm Tokay and all I do is just lurk and comment sometimes. xD

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October 2nd, 2011
Agh, I just love your coloring! >_<

And Toni is so cute! ;w;
Ahhh! ;3; I will definitely be ordering these in the future! I'm so excited!! >w<
Awwww, I can't believe this is over!!!! ;______;

I remember starting to read Cloe when it was just the beginning of the second chapter, and I instantly fell in love with the characters and the storyline! Cloe quickly became my all-time favorite webcomic on smackjeeves, and its updates are what I continued to look forward to the most all these years. ^^ I adore many webcomics on here, but Cloe is my favorite hands down. I have re-read it many, many times, it's just so great! :3 I enjoyed watching you improve with your art as time went on, you're an awesome artist! :D

Even though I love all of the characters, my favorites character would have to be Liam and Henry, they're just so sweet. :3 And I hope that Melody's plan goes into action and that everyone lives happily ever after, of course! xD

Anyway, congratulations on finally finishing Cloe, it's been a long road, but you've done a wonderful job! Thank you so much for sharing this story with smackjeeves, I will always treasure it. ^^ I look forward to your future stories! :D
O/////O Oh, my!

I like this page a lot... not just becuase we get to see Edward and Liam intimate with each other, but that you can see how much they came to feel for each other... it's so sweet!! ;A;

*eagerly awaits next page*
Uwaahh!!!! Uwaaaaahhh!!! OwO!!
They're older! ;A; Both of them look so cute!!

I cannot wait to see this chapter! It looks like it's going to be very sweet~ ^^
D'awwwwww!! >A< So... so cute!!
I was hoping there wouldn't be an interupption, and there wasn't! How sweet!!!

As always, Richard and Henry are both as cute as can be on this page! <33333
I am also maybe seeing an interupption afoot... but hopefully not? xD These two are soooo cute!! ;0;

I love that Henry is still a little tsundere... xD He's adorable!
Ah, geez, they're just too cute!! >V<
Dawwww! So cute!!! >/////< Richard is so sweet!!

I'm worried about Henry's reaction again...
Little Richard always makes me d'awww...he's so dedicated! ;A;
But Henry was such a CUTE little tsundere~ xD

I can't help but adore little Richard, he's so sweet! ;w;
Aw, Richard... His face in the 2nd panel broke my heart! ;_; He just doesn't understand...

And I'm very glad to see that your back, Heldrad! :)
What cute horses! x3 But Richard and Henry are cuter!! >A<

Chibi!Richard is so, so, so cute! Dawwww.... ;0;
Chibi Richard and Chibi Henry... both on this page....

I just died from the cuteness!!! omgggggggfdhfjdhgdj ;A;
Hard choice! >3<; But if I had to choose... it would probably be this one, than Goldie Locks, Beau and The Beast, Lil' Red, Rapunzel, etc.

A-actually, I love them all!! D':
FHFSDGDJGDGJDSIF!!!! Chibi Henry!!! *dies from cuteness*
fdkjgfhfsdghdf then why does he have to be so cute?! ;_; Aw, well, I guess it's inevitable.

But on a lighter note, I can't wait to see little Henry! >_<
February 16th, 2009

My god Keith, I love you. xDDD
oh my goodness! oh no, Henry. xD

Heehee, this is gonna be interesting. o3o


And also, love the new banner! Very cute.
September 13th, 2008
OMG, I would so buy it! ;A; I'm so serious.

The story is just so sweet and sad, I feel