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Oooh the plot thickens.
Oooh Cactus is back
Wow I've been gone for awhile, I really hope lunas brother is okay
Oh shit that glare means something
Can't wait for all the lovey dovey parts of the comic, I'm a sucker for that shit
I didn't see this on devaintart I should check tbi more often, and man this "Stupid" comic has such a darker story going on behind the scenes and I really want to know the full story.
Oh god Kiln no
Man throwbacks
Love the oshawatts band with glasses
Also does the art look different to anyone?
It looks like the quality got better, not trying to dis.
Wait soo did he actually died!? Wtf no! Also man to live with that kind of ability must be awful.(Ps not that charmander, the Persian from the last page.)
Wow haven't seen her in awhile, was her eyes always that glowy?
Better hope it's a rope net so Kiln can burn it.
To anyone asking she fell out of bed onto speed
Aww my poor boy's
Going to what? Hmm
You have peeked my interest with this comic, congratulations. Well the comics has eevees and they're my favorite mon so it wasnt that hard but still, that also makes you one of my favorites cause you are an eevee. So if you would exuse me silver i shall now procede to read the entire comic. (Well it's late so I'll start tomorrow, see you soon. Also love the art style.)