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Your art is amazing. It so vibrant and colourful.
Oh my gawd that umbreon is son cute.
Sorry to critique but it should be "Oh My Arceus" not god because they don't technically have a god but Arceus made the world but he is just a Pokemon.Sorry for that it just bugged me you don't need to change it if you don't want to.
That's cool and creepy.
Someone just remembered
He really is a speed fanboy
That was easy
I can't tell if that smile is sadistic or not.
was he talking out loud there too?
It looks pretty good in color
He looks cute in this page.
Someone's jealous.
That would certainly catch me if guard.
Yes Silvia knew who Jolteon was ever since they met her brother gai she even said that in a Q&A so did speed they just never said anything.
Wow people are so confused on this website and not deviantart. If you got there thier will be Q&A's that would explain a bit more so you got question go there.
Also not to be a Grammer Nazi but it's not "alot" it's spelled "a lot"
They totally jinxed it.
That's actually really cool.