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I would personally love to see a colored version of this.
Woah awesome
without color I didn't realize that she was a flareon.
Nicholas looks like he's tearing a bit.
I love how they look so fluffy
I just can't wait till the next page is posted
okay don't fuck with him
I just noticed that the Pokémon "Natalie" in this page looks a lot like if not the exact same as the one in the final panel of the last page. Interesting
stuffs about to go down.
I think I want to be a green paw now.
It's okay im just used to seeing it.
I forgot about the dark back story of this comic.
Your art is amazing. It so vibrant and colourful.
Oh my gawd that umbreon is son cute.
Sorry to critique but it should be "Oh My Arceus" not god because they don't technically have a god but Arceus made the world but he is just a Pokemon.Sorry for that it just bugged me you don't need to change it if you don't want to.
That's cool and creepy.
Someone just remembered