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I love the new cover art
She forgot that their was no bridge
Scratch that he is not a human.
I know right if he was human he would have freaked in the 1st few pages but he didn't cause he was already a Pikachu.
Why is everyone so surprised that Alex might not be human is it really that strange.
I also can't wait to see how the story turns out with all this mystery.
They're playing hide n seek that's so adorable.
Cause it's funny
4th wall breaking I love it
I think he dropped something
Perfect plan tell them the truth so that they don't believe you, works every time.
Anyone else terrified?
Oh really my mistake.
I'm a bit behind can someone bring up to speed with the story and answer this question, what's with bolt and the water?
Literally fighting with his inner demons
Question, what happened to him getting hit over the head?
Maybe just a bit thier kalvin
Any one else think that Jake's a bit chubby
Ooh a cult the plot thickens
This is actually really cool, I would never have noticed that the pkiachu is a hybrid. I only know just realised the difference