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To anyone asking she fell out of bed onto speed
Aww my poor boy's
Going to what? Hmm
You have peeked my interest with this comic, congratulations. Well the comics has eevees and they're my favorite mon so it wasnt that hard but still, that also makes you one of my favorites cause you are an eevee. So if you would exuse me silver i shall now procede to read the entire comic. (Well it's late so I'll start tomorrow, see you soon. Also love the art style.)
What the hell is going on in the comments right now.
Sooo I have read this in awhile and I regret it, even more so now that I have learned that this is getting dubbed. For give me for my insolence.
Hmm interesting.
I find this amusing
Looks like the one inch punch
Man I love this comic, Also take care of that shoulder.
Hey I'm okay with it.
December 26th, 2018
Am I the only one who hopes she's fine.
Ahh Adi is awesome
Hmm his reaction to what Rhett said, he knows something
@VadanDrumist: you sound like someone who has experience
I'm guessing their bounties q
Green eyes huh. Hmm
Wow that escalated quickly
What oh