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Hmm his reaction to what Rhett said, he knows something
@VadanDrumist: you sound like someone who has experience
I'm guessing their bounties q
Green eyes huh. Hmm
Wow that escalated quickly
What oh
The facial expressions in this page are awesome
Someone's a little Hot headed.

Anyonee? No okay.
Ah kalvin you crack me up. Also I wondered if William knew he seems like he knows things.
Hey how you feel comes first okay, we can wait on pages.
I love the way you do expressions.
The shading looks really well, I like the once in awhile pages in color.
I love how adorable he looks in the 7th panel
Move out of the way Badass coming through.
Hmm interesting *strokes goatee while thinking*
I thought you already stated this? Oh well it'll help those who didn't see it before. I still respect your decision and will support you. No matter what.
I love the new cover art
She forgot that their was no bridge
Scratch that he is not a human.