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In the first panel the 3 Pokemon to the right are cameos from other people. who IDK
Is that Umbreon?
I was joking. Don't take it the wrong way
@robbiegameing1: What gave it away the fact that Silveon has the same brother or that she makes any boy fall in love with her
@RealBoxTheEevee: On hes deviant art he has a Q&A comic and he well the eeveelutions answered why.
Finally someone noticed of you go back you can see a bunch more references. And it is based of Nisekoi.
A few pages back
Seriously does no-one see the Nisekoi reference here?
Does no-one else see the Nisekou reference here?
More like nisekoi cause that's what it is based on.
was this good or bad?
I'm glad this updated i was looking forward for so long to this so thank you.
Woah why didn't anyone tell me this was updating I was keeping tabs in this for a while.
This is just amazing.
@Pinkeevee222: First off love the video your making. Second I never knew Pkm-150 was posting his comic on smackjeeves.
I'm getting a Yandere feel from Miku here.
Yes Shaun you are "very busy" with that interesting magazine.
Sandy FTW
Also does anyone know where the rest of the crew is?
I wonder how this is gonna end.