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@Guest: Hyperbeam means no mercy, my mercy...
R.I.P Dusk, cactus and 4th wall ;(
@Eeveelope: Hyperbeam :)
Well...Dusk can break the 4th wall the heck does the cactus do that?! D:

And congratulation on 1000 fans! Keep it up :3
Lol, that moment xD
What in the name of God did I see there...? .__.

But a really nice effect you did there! Its horrific!
OMG!!! Finally my favorite Eeveelution has arrived in SSEC :D
Miku, huh? Nice name and nice hat, also...probably female? Is it a trap? Who knows...?

But more important: who is she/he? Cant wait for the background story :3
Damn! Poor must be really hard for his heart :I
Wow...poor Lem :(
It is one of this moments where you wish a wall between you and...THEM!!! .___.
Just visited the new Warhammer page and looked at the Community page and the Shop page...
No...really? I can't believe this! That's just awesome! :D
This one of those moments when you wish to have a really, really big gun on your boat...
@simple_watcher: Ah! I understand xD
@Guest: Oh...sry xD
I mean cannon, not canon...its not my mother tongue xD
I hope this ship has canons...lots and lots of canons...
A Dark Type that is afraid of darkness...well played...well played...! xP
Ok...this is a little bit scary .___.
And somewhere between time and space...there is Arceus...looking down on the earth...facepalming .___.
@Pastaplayer: I mean that there are Pokemon like Lopunny, Conkeldurr and others in the comic which are not eeveelutions.