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i love to draw yaoi or yuri and love to read comics 2 so yeah

I am a girl and i love both guy and girl as you can tell sorry.....

name: ??? The world may never know
Age: 19
Height: 5'4" yes i'm sort
Weight: 160
I'm Uke!!!!!!!

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Hello :)

Name: Taz (dont have a lastname)
Age: 19
Gender: female
Race: mountain goat
sexuality: She doesnt know really she has been in the mountains all her life
Pet or Owner: pet
History: She desided to come down to the she can see if she can have fun...
Like: calimg....eating....
Dislike: being wet...
lol thx. it will be awesme to be here
species:moutain goat
orentation: does not know :/
who?:free like a bird :)
eyes:light blue
likes for fun: climbing mountains. She eats plants :)
Hi peeps :) This is my homie! and ALSO JOIN!!!!!

Name: Abigail Jewell (abby for short)
Age: 25
Height: 4'7"
Weight: 100lbs
SHE IS HUMAN!!!!!!!!!!!
@xx3OH3xx: it is okay i think he looks like a ghost to lol

@Airse: HAha thanks! i am almost done...but might or might not be done today cause i am sick....

@arghsdemeter: YAY Group pic! thanks!

i tried my hardest to get them the way they acted!
lol don't worry i only saw this cause i am drawing a pic of all the characters on golden life.

lol maybe!
GO Mike GO!!! -in cheering him on-
i was working on this for a few days. It was hard to make with all the different heights.

lol hope you like will finish soon
yay fanservice!!! lol!


le gasp! lol that is funny he has a scar!
so sorry for the late reply...i'm blond!!! okay! and i got homework lol!

lol that is funny who knows Terry really likes nerds secretly.! lol!

terry is kinda nice her self..she feeds the birds at the park undercover! so her friends don't see her.
January 30th, 2010
sorry it is all sketch like

terry sees Jonah and she is going to beat him this time. He won last time by getting the most people out and he didn't get out last time. So she wants to do that. but she hears someone around the corner.

I am lazy so it is late.
January 30th, 2010
haha that would be so cool if they were rivals

nice picture
i do!!! well i will try to help if you want but i want well can my person be in it?
that is funny! lol!
lol he is taller then TERRY!! lol

love the glasses lol
i will draw you something yes!
makein a page
well i hav enot been able to do anything for a while so i'm sorry i have not been on.
sorry i have not been on but i have some pages and i am almost done with them and here is a sorry pic so i am almost done with it
December 18th, 2009
Name: JT
Age: 20
Likes: ice cream, soda, and books
Dislikes: wearing his glasses but he has to when he reads
Personality: calm, quite
Sexual sway: both
Position: don't really care