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Sir Kitsune
Hi! I use to use the user account Sir Monkey_girl but I decided to change it to Sir Kitsune >w<

Best way to reach me is through discord: WrathGoddessofSexCalyxo#5661

Make sure you tell me who you are so I don't ignore you by mistake.
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It's been a real long time my friends hasn't it? I think it maybe time to come out of hiding. A lot has happened in ten years for many of us. And yet my heart continued to come back to this one simple comic. A comic I never thought would be anything more than a passing hobby. So with time on my hands now I have decided to give this another chance. Before I accept new applications I'm going to ask some old faces if they want to return. I promise you one thing, fun is right past the gates and into that manor so full of memories.
Her mother is a call girl.
Her father is unknown by her however he does keep in contact via child support and only signing letters with “Dad”.
She does not realize she has 2 half siblings at the school with her nor that she has an older half siblings in college in the city she lives in.
She thinks that love is unnecessary for a relationship.
She laughs when people ask her out.
The hair clip in her hair is her favorite gift from her Dad.
She’s secretly envious of people with a functional/complete family.
She’s typically mistake as a boy or a foreigner because of her appearance however she's typically figured out later on.
When asked about her dreams she honestly doesn’t have any, though she does have a talent handling animals.
She likes to change her hair streaks depending on her mood though typically she’ll have it either black or red.
Yay its CR!
Ah man I really hope Gail doesn't lose. I mean I know Price has had training from Max but Gail has been in fights and brawls for practically her whole life.
I'm in! I had the same nostalgia and I'm trying to resurrect another comic but I'm down for this.
If they hook up I'm going to squee with joy cause I would be totally ok with this.
We're not dead we're actually hiding in Gathering Place. But these are two characters. Calyx and Atsi. Atsi is Calyxs' daughter.
Taiki you miss heard her she asked "Do you want to hangout at my house and kiss?" lol I love this comic~
It's good to have you back. I was pretty excited when I saw this on my faves!
Lol oh the poor closet lesbians. They have no clue what to do with themselves. XD
Under her more fishnet.
I just hope she means girlfriend as in the serious relationship wise and not "best friends that cuddle and kiss each other on the cheek"
I squealed on the inside when I saw the N7 shirt. I can't wait to see what kind of costume the gamer girl comes up with.
Ok Kiels' comment is full of win XD But omg Kimi! I can't wait for the next page!
Oooo look at little Hitomi getting some sugar on her own~ I love when this comic updates. And HitomixErimi are so cute.
I have 3 pets but they don't listen to me.
We all have those days. Though once I spent like 3 days on one drawing and the end result was so bad I put it through the yelled at for "playing with the shredder"
Geirr Wolfslayer
Age: 23
Occupation: Pet Shop worker
Species: Werewolf Viking!

Bio: When feral werewolves attacked his father and killed 7/8 dogs that drove his fathers sled. Geirr took up training in the viking way in secret. At 15 he began practicing with dual hand axes. When he was 20 he walked in on a meeting between the council and the wolf pack wearing viking garb.

He fought 5 ferals that were rouge within the group killing them all but getting cursed himself. The shock of the treaty being broken on both sides caused the villagers and wolf pack to come up with a new one. However Geirr had to be banished from the village. He was given his viking name as both reward and punishment.
I love Tooru from A-Channel!~ I think she has a developing crush on Yuuko