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Hey, there! I go by 'skitty' on the mysterious force known as the 'Internet,' and I also do a nuzlocke comic which you'll find here!
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@Nuzlocke Lover: Thank you! And I have no plans of stopping so far! :D
How dare you.
@malektorche: ...and hope that Giovanni never catches you. :D
@Adara: As long as they don't destroy him first. >:)
@Oleander: He's in bit of a pickle. ; - ;
@WaxingGibbous1256: Ooo, that's a nice saying! I like it!
@ZHODY the delfinator: As long as they don't kill anyone..............................
@That Awkward Water Master: That team Built For Hugs would be Very helpful right now ;w;
That's the end of the chapter! Happy Holidays, everybody! :D

See early updates and sneak peeks of Chapter 10!
@WiispNightmare: He's very talented like that
@Guest: Unfortunately he already has a name and MORE unfortunately it's not as good as 'The Ice Cream'
@alphabacon3441: kick his ass.......... in SMASH

(if only)