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I like to eat, sleep, draw, swim, and breathe. And the only other thing that occupies my time is school.
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Gaiz... Remember, way back when, when Shadow SNAPPED HER NECK??!!?!?!

*ahem* so, she's prolly gonna die. and if not, she's sure as hell not gonna be able to move.
Aha... I see watcha did thar....
What's NOT with the different colored eyes?!
@hyper ee: I think it sez register.

plus, is deoxys like brainwashing him or something? this is sorta creepy.
sweet jebus, i've been gone for a whole week and you've only updated once

but a good update it is.
Wait... so is he bursting out of a wall or something?
that's worse for tails than if sonic really died on the death egg, cuz he got to see his best friend all messed up and didn't even say anything profound.
DUN DUN DUN!!!... whatever it is!
the song walking disaster is awesome.

just needed to say something irrelevant. That and say something in general, cuz I've been gone for a week (again).
he stopped being glowy. does that mean anything?

no punching.
Now it's like back in that old pokemon movie... except it might turn out a little different.
as always, the big threat leaves when the even bigger threat comes to town.
holy $1-1!T this is a bloody page for comments.
@BlackCatz: well, it's true.

heh, sux for them. they get attacked by three aerodactyls, one of which has dreams to be a model.
aw, no more pretty colors.

I know that mewthree's giving good advice by firsthand experience. Don't ask how.
tips: make it a little bigger so it's easier to read and if you can, it might be a good idea to make the text boxes plain white and use an overall darker font.
if you take model x and mess with it a bit you can come up with a good x sprite... i'll work on it and send it 2 you if you want it
this is pimped out

it seems that he knows more than he lets on...