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    bitch ass
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hes Gay for the twink, im calling it
they all look so good n pure
and if my goldfish memory remembers Riley then I’m sure normal people will be able to recognise a few friends too sksjjd
how. do you make this?? hhhh Pretty,,,,
honestly it looks like a higher angled view of that point in the atmosphere where the clouds and space border each other??
idk if that goes for normal skies tho bc im taking that entirely off of minecraft skies
@hade: did you mean: you
ngl this made me smile so hard sjjdksjsjsjs bitch tysm <33
@WiispNightmare: u dont like. tea. off my site rn
correction it isnt TRASH and it has evolved into this, I’m eternally grateful!!
@ultrawandit: I’m sobbing thx
also damn bitch u too!!
god fucking damn it why is your shading always on point
ive said this so many time ahdjskdjdkkd but im weak,, it’s always So Good
also that is a CUTE boy!! love,,, him
wasn’t even referring to the concept. some of the pages are EXTREMELY similar youd think the original artist were responsible for them, id say more but youd probably drag on justifying it and i dont feel like doing that rn
ok patch this is actually so good shhdjsjdjjsjd im awe little more than 2 years ago year ago
im boutta kms the first ref has me wheezing
wait why is it not coming as a png :,0
summ for a b on discord🤠👌 also not mine😔👌
this dump is now officially the place I throw my art into before I lose it in the void
same energy different aesthetic
this comics trying way too hard to be like ghost eyes lmao
hi are u ok
u can feel it,,, in ur jellies,,,,,;;;