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are you proud of me mom
@EeveeEon: hhhh that means so much coming from you lysm<33
considering that like every one of tfm’s pages are GORG
trying a new thing to make it look more dynamic?
anyway fanart for ultrawandit’s comic bc it’s aMAZING
you managed to make prototype raikou look,, good,,
teach me pls
also some criticism? i scrolled through your dump and noticed your art is really nice but you mostly make really small drawings, so i’d recommend practicing doodling bigger pictures? it can really help since if you get into the habit, your drawing quality could improve a lottt and you’ll have more space to notice and fix errors anywhere. buut anyway your art is cute as hell <33
this improvement makes me want to cry omg
your digital art is really nice!!
holy crap i’m speechless
i love how you did the shading on the tree, the lighting and shadows maks it look really realistic gj!!
@ultrawandit: more reasons to love him
@WiispNightmare: honestly i don’t even know how i ohko’d him I wasted sO much time stocking up on reviver seeds that all just went to waste right after
i guess i was just really lucky??
@WiispNightmare: yess I can’t wait

you’re on mobile rn? what happened to your computer?
@WiispNightmare: how many have you done art for in here :o
@WiispNightmare: i think these two were my best run cause like weak enemies usually fainted with covet and if they didn’t I spammed sing+dig
i had a riolu shinx team at one point and i threw a stun seed and used focus punch once and dialga just d i e d
just read through the last two chapters in like 10 mins and i’m loving everything smmm
asdgfkljj this page is hilarious i’m dYING
so rhett is basically bakugo
replayed pmd eot and i really don’t know why people say skitty is hard to use?? i lost like 1-2 boss fights/dungeons throughout the entire game
@WiispNightmare: oh

ok d a m n did you hand draw every single one of those sprites??