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Hello I am Party the hedgehog some of you may know me from Neopets or Ice Cap (which are both pretty much dead now...) my avatar is one of my many jewel based characters i have like 12 of them (dymand,gold,emerald,topaz((avatar)),turquise,ruby,safire,and many more)
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    party the hedgehog
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wow has been almost a whole year with no update on this comic
back finally and staying (I hope)
guess who is back? me that is and with a new computer and new program(photoshop-though I will need to figure out how to use it first) though I will need to get all my sprites back before I can even think of continuing this comic so just know I am still alive and kicking and ready to make more pages!!!
thanks for the advise
Back hopefully not to be going
my computer crashed months ago and with it all my comics ,sprites ,and pretty much everything to cont making this comic was gone...but do not worry I am back and will not be leaving any time soon
EDIT:I forgot to add it may take a while because I still need to get all the sprites back
back in business baby and to celebrate 2 comics in one day!

Note:I may not be able to get to them on weekdays because school
it tock me long to update I am sorta working on other things and keep forgetting I will try to get back into updating it but can't promise anything...
Mecha Knuckles is back...but he's not alone...
end of chapter may take awhile for other comics to come out because I am working on another but I will try to make it a comic a day

edit: also sorry for the text mix in panel 7 and yes Wart is losing energy when he makes bubbles for those woundering how he is losing health without getting hit
I do not think Wart will be eating anybody any time soon
well the Darks win and back to the saga!
lol I wouldn't wait five panels for someone to attack me by then they would probably already dead that or just ignored
also if you play Twilight princess you can see that Ganoen can also change his look
well I am back to my regular comicing expect a comic a day unless there is a holiday
if Meta Knight's font is hard to read I am still testing colors
it tock so long but as you can see i am using this program now
now that thats done lets get ch.2 moving!
ok just so you know i will not credit the same credits twice

meaning I will not have two credits for the same character

also i see that i have forgot some characters that i will credit shortly
so thats what happened back in Ice Cap or sorta I guess

Ice Cap slowly fell after Shard left and now there is not really anyone in Ice Cap anymore
Ice Cap!
boy does this bring back memories
protoman did find out Yoshi's name somewhere along the line...

edit:end of chapter and all the chapter ones have ended credit time