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I'm just a person who makes comics. I am a fan of Kirby, Pikmin, and Super Smash Bros.

You can contact me on YouTube. Over there, I'm known as "Shat'l" (It's better than "SuperTuffPinkPuff"...).
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@Warpstar: Well, I'm considering having the other one have scheduled updates (something like once a week), and updating this one randomly, as always. I'm just not sure if anyone who reads this comic would read the other one.
Yes, there's something I plan on doing with this character. No, I don't know what it is. I always have a few ideas, and only one ends up making it into the page.

And by the way, I'm considering making a more story-based comic similar to TheJGamer's scrapped comic "Kirby's Clone Adventures" (at least i think that's what it was called). Do you guys think I should do it?
@Warpstar: Not really. I mean, being 13 doesn't really feel that different, aside from that I can make accounts on sites that I couldn't before. I like being able to actually do something on reddit. And when I was 12, our corkboard wasn't the Kirby Super Star menu.
...Okay, so my computer wasn't showing the thumbnails for these images. I don't know if it's even going to upload the page or not.

Anyway, as of a few days ago (February 4th, to be exact), I am 13 years old. I have a Reddit account now, actually; if you go on reddit, you can find me on r/kirby, using a name stolen from Kirby Adventure but with a dash instead of a whatever-a-'-is-called (i know what it's called but i can't spell it).

And as for this page... Why does Kracko appear so rarely in the newer games? He's a pretty well-known character.

...Wait a second, I forgot to put the new character (the blue kirby) in the third and fourth panels. I'll find a way to do something about it.
He's on the bottom-left of the fourth panel.
Did it ever mention who those characters in panel 4 were? I know one of them is an alternate-timeline version of one of Kirby's clones, but I don't think the other one was mentioned anywhere. EDIT: wait i just noticed what luz said in the previous panel ignore this (but i am pretty sure that one of the alternate XXIs has the same name as one of them)

also why not mention that happened while you made the page gigi
There's a small typo in the 11th panel. "Them all" should become "they all".
hey it's my 13th birthday

i would make a comic but there are people coming over
This page isn't as bloody as you made it sound like.

I wonder who threw that boot, though.
Her actual name is... Boris?

My brother is going to love this.
this suddenly got very confusing
why do you do this unnamed capsule j2 let the waddle dees have some fun

And why did you have to do so much stuff? It's ridiculous (although i guess that is the american school system).
Did it mention the Simirrors patrolling the area on any page other than this one? I don't think it did.

(oh and i'm considering joining the 20 times kirby discord but my discord name is stolen from kirby adventure what do i do)
This is my favorite page so far.

But I don't think I'll look at the next one.
In case you can't tell what Shadow Kirby is doing in the last panel, he's swallowing air to avoid spitting it out and pushing Kirby and Keeby off of the mountain. Aside from that, there isn't much to say about this page.
...Oops. I forgot to put the image for this page in.

Wait, I fixed it seconds after uploading it.

Anyway, I really like this page. It seems like it isn't going to be anything special, and then I throw a joke in. I think it's a pretty good joke, too.
Version 2!
This page is almost nothing like the original version of it. The only similarities are that it has the same background and two of the three characters from the original version are in this.

...And let's not dwell on the term "open me up" for very long.

Anyway, if you want the original script of this page, I can tell you what it was.
Why is there no Author Comment?
Version 2!
Why did past me want to take the term "Holy Sandbag" from those forums and put it in a comic? Seriously? Couldn't he have used one of that guys sillier phrases?

and if you want to know the original script of this page (which is almost exactly the same as the new one) just ask
Okay, then. I don't use Discord myself, anyway, I just thought about the idea and wondered if any of you would like it (or at least be able to use it).

...I really should do something with that Discord account that my brother had me make (assuming that i can change my account name). Maybe I'll join the 20 Times Kirby Discord.

But if anyone wants to have a Discord server for this comic, just tell me. I want more people who can and will use it than people who won't, though, so I need at least 3 people to say that they want it. And just in case there's anyone here who doesn't think they can say anything, you don't need an account to comment on pages.