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Hey! I'm a Kirby fan who makes and reads Kirby comics... and doesn't do much else. I do go to some Smash Bros. tournaments, but I'm so bad at the game that it doesn't really matter.

...Oh, and I might be leaving Smack Jeeves because of this redesign.

If you need to contact me for whatever reason, my Discord is Shat'l#6332 and my Twitter is Shatl_SSB. Feel free to DM me whenever you want.
Version 2!
...I needed something to pass the time while waiting for the new Pokemon games to release, so I remade an old comic. It isn't THAT different from before...

but if you want to know what the original version was like, just ask me. (Why am I not just uploading the originals somewhere else...?)
@Guest: I don't feel bad about it, I chose to look for spoilers. And I think everyone knows about Sans at this point, anyway.
Honestly, I had a pretty hard time thinking of what should happen in this page. I made it the day before I uploaded it because of that...

...And only after finishing this page did I realize where I got the idea for the "even if I have to dodge until you get tired" line. I got Undertale recently, and while I'm going for a True Pacifist run, I have been spoiled on the others enough to know about the final boss of one of the other routes...
Version 2!
It's been a long time since I remade any pages, huh? A lot's changed in the comic since then...

Anyway, for this remake I completely rewrote the page. The plot is somewhat similar; it begins with Karrie explaining her story and ends with Klorby appearing; but the story she tells is completely different.

And as always, if you want to know what the original page was about you can just ask me and I'll tell you. After all, the comments do talk about the old version instead of this one...
I'm trying to have different characters fight in different ways.

For example, Klibby just kinda stands there throwing out attacks. It doesn't work that well with an ability like Hammer...
I had this page ready for a while... and then forgot to upload it.

Oh, and Klibby jumps to conclusions really quickly.
Like I've said in previous author comments, this chapter will be all about older characters I haven't used enough. Kirna will be the only new one here, and she probably won't appear again until a later chapter.

So that means Shadow Kirby is coming back, too! This group sure is getting big, huh? It's almost like a parade... a parade through Pop Star...
i like the mirror world.

...You want to know who Meta Knight's training? They won't be in this chapter.
@Nova Ozuka: Yeah, it was. I didn't even notice I made that typo until now.
Yes, the author character will join them on their tour. No, he will not be the guide like he wants to.

And Meta Knight has appeared! He's not as mad about what the author character said as he seems.
@Weaselcheez: he literally said his name in that panel ...Is Meta Knight too obvious of a choice? I guess I'll have to think a little more about who I choose to surprise you, I was planning on having him.

Oh, and that deleted puffball is never coming back (but I did use his colors for Kilby! ...who also won't reappear for a very long time)
ok boomer
Did you think I wouldn't bring the author character back? Well, too bad. Here he is.

I'll try to make him actually act like me this time.
don't ask where keeby got the map

you're better off not knowing

(i don't actually know either)
Kirby's seen much more interesting battles than the one he just watched, Klibby finds it the only exciting thing on the planet, and Kilsy... well, you can see what she thinks.
...In the little dialogue he's had so far, I haven't really shown Kol's new personality.

I'll try to have him appear more so you can see what he's like.
One thing I haven't really thought about is different characters fighting in different ways. While there won't be much fighting in this chapter, I'll try to think about it in the next one.
This looks like a really interesting comic!

...If any of the authors you ask for Kirbies don't want to have theirs in it, would you be open to using the one from A Generic Kirby Comic? I'm really interesting in seeing what he would be like written by someone else.
Yep, Kolosov (now just named Kol, I'm trying to avoid all the weird political jokes i used to have) is back! His personality will be a bit different from what it was in the earlier pages; let's just say he had a lot of time to change since we last saw him.

Kyle will probably return at some point in this chapter too, but I'm not sure when. This chapter's generally going to have a lot of returning characters; even the Elite Four has some characters that haven't been seen in a while in it! You won't be seeing them for a while, though.