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Version 2!
Remakes are so much easier to make than the original pages. I already know what'll happen next and have a basic idea of the script.

And the only reason Kyle didn't actually say "crap" in the first panel is because some people think that it's a curse word. (I don't)

As always, if you ask me for the original script for this page... Do I even need to tell you anymore?
I promise that you will find out what Shadow Kirby's doing at some point. He's a lot stronger than he looks.

Also, Net Neutrality's gone in America, so I actually have no idea if this comic will ever update again.
Version 2!
As you may have noticed, Kolosov and Kyle have been recolored; they're still red and green, respectively, but they're different shades of the color.

And you know what I'm going to say by now; if you ask me for the original script, I'll give it to you. I still have the original versions of these pages saved.
And by the way, I'm not going to be able to do anything in the comic for a few days; I'm going on a trip to Arizona (for anyone who can't remember all of the states in the united states, that's one of them) for 2 days.
Version 2!
This was completely rescripted due to how the previous joke didn't even make sense. Basically, the joke was supposed to be that everyone is scared of Kolosov for no reason, but that joke never actually started to make sense to me; maybe I should make a whole chapter about him at some point...

You know by now that if you ask me for the original script of this page, I'll tell you what it was, right?
My question is how you come up with all of these segments. They really are interesting... and one of the ones I'm anticipating the most (aside from this) is up next.
Version 2!
This page has been completely rescripted and the background isn't just purple anymore. Also, I will be removing most of the jokes related to politics (such as communism and capitalism).

Ask for the original script and I'll tell you what it was.
Version 2!
I made some graphical upgrades and script changes here, as always. And "Nintendo Lever" is the best Switch joke ever. (Also, the screen on the Switch uses a picture of Kirby; Star Allies.)

You should know the drill by now; just ask for the original script and I'll tell you what it was.
Version 2!
This has been upgraded graphically and has had some changes to the script. I got rid of that "sprite" that was supposed to be a computer in the first panel and replaced it with a 3DS, and the Mail Kirby actually does something about the noise in the last panel.

You know the drill; you ask me for the original script, you get the original script.
Version 2!
The punchline here is SO much better than the old one. I mean, seriously, 11-year old me? "BOO"?

If you want the original script for this page, ask away.
Version 2!
I'm updating this a few minutes before the previous one. Why? so it makes slightly more sense to people reading it for the first time.

And the joke in the old version was pretty bad; basically, it was the author character playing Smash Bros. for 3DS and adding some really weird characters. Only one of them is still an interesting idea to me.

As always, if you want to see the original script, just ask.
Three comics in one day. Wow. I think tomorrow will be entirely remakes and no new pages, but that might change.

And I said when I first made this comic (not this page, the whole comic) that Keeby didn't speak Poyoese often, and that seemed to have turned into never, so he speaks it in the last panel.

Edit: Wait a second, I forgot to mention how they just activate Copy Abilities. It works kind of like how Kirby can do it in Kirby's Dream Adventure (he gets the ability a lot so he can use it whenever), but he doesn't need to get the ability as much, so a lot more Kirbies gain that ability over time.
And here's the debut of an iconic character from the Kirby series.

Also, I'm checking the site traffic from the last month, and... what happened on November 22nd? 200 page views and 83 unique visitors is surprisingly high.

Also, if anyone's confused by what's happening, I made two comics today.
I didn't really like the last panel, but I couldn't think of anything better to put there. I like the rest of this page, though.
Honestly, I love making silly comics like these. The story-based comics are fun, too, but I prefer these.
@Warpstar: Maybe I should just change it to that. It's kind of hard to write a character with a disorder like that, after all.
oh look it's comic 42 i now know the answer to life the universe and everything

Anyway, here's a little plot twist (of sorts). Now I need to decide who to give the shards of the Dimension Mirror to...
And here's a comic that's not 500 pixels by 500 pixels.

And by the way, have you guys seen the "Kirby Live Radio"? It's awesome.

(also i had the stupidest idea that was basically a loophole that could let me steal other people's characters and i only realized that part after asking someone if i could use a dead character of his and he said "no" in a very polite fashion)
I didn't really like this page, but it was the best that I could do.

And by the way, did anyone notice that I remade the first two pages of the comic?
Version 2!
The script from this page is pretty similar to in the original version; Kirby says something about it being good to be home in the second panel and the author character yells "BOO" in the last panel.

And by the way, two remakes and a new comic in a day. That's about equal to the two comics a day that I was making in the earlier pages.

If you want the exact original script, I can tell you what it was.