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i'm a person

there's nothing interesting to say about me

poyo i guess
There isn't much to say about this page. I guess you got to see what ESP can do in this comic, and the results of Kirby's Gourmet Race, but anything else? I guess not.
I edited Yo-yo's sprites into ESP myself. I'll post them on the sprite comic server at some point.
And here's the first of the major Squeaks that the main characters meet in this chapter. I really like writing Doc, he's an interesting character.

We don't talk about those Squeakers falling in a hole and not being able to get back up.

Oh, and isn't E3 on the day you can read this? I'll edit this comment with my thoughts after it. Hopefully we get some Pikmin news.
And now for some actual interesting story! No, we're not going to follow Kirby's Gourmet Race. You can decide what that was like yourself.
No, Kirby! You have more important things to focus on!

...He's not going to listen, is he?
I had to rip the sprites for this area to make this page. I've put them on the sprite comic server, so you can use them too if you're there.

And by the way, working with Spinni's sprites when she's just standing is hard. I want to have her at least move a bit while she's standing, but most of her sprites have her doing things that wouldn't work so i have to just use the same one.
No, we won't see Kirby fighting Whispy. He doesn't want a fight, all he needs is information.

And I'm sure you've noticed this, but Kirby's been speaking a lot more English lately. I felt like he used too much Poyoese in the previous chapters, to the point where that was basically his entire character. I'm trying to strike a balance between the two languages to fit the character well.
Now for Chapter 4: Treasure Adventure! Someone on the sprite comic server said each chapter in AGKC is similar to a different game in the series, so i figured I'd use that concept to make it easier to make chapters. This one's a mix of Squeak Squad and The Great Cave Offensive.
Korly's feet changed color in the last panel.
Version 2!
That's right, another remake! Just a few seconds after the previous one!

I had to make a lot of changes to this page, too, because of how I changed the one before it. Again, Karrie is less violent, and as always, the spriting has been improved.

If you want the original script for this page, just ask me.
Version 2!
This page was changed a LOT. Karrie isn't supposed to be a very violent character, so I had to completely redo the last panel. Aside from that, I also had to make changes because I didn't name Karrie/Klorby's disorder this time. Then I added the reference to Xenoblade.

It's been a while since I remade a page, hasn't it? That's because of how many changes were needed for this.

Oh, and ask me if you want the original script.
And that's the end of this chapter!
I should probably have Kilby appear again at some point, but for now he'll stay locked up in prison.

And, since it's the end of the chapter, you know what that means! It's time for the ridiculously long author comment!

So, let's talk about how I thought of this chapter. Unlike either of the ones before it, I had the basic idea for this chapter as soon as I started thinking of making comics, but it obviously wouldn't work as the first or second chapter so I pushed it back a bit and made more ideas for it, eventually making it into this. I'd say it's the best chapter of the comic so far.

As for the character introduced here, Kilby uses the same colors as a character who was in the first chapter before I started remaking the pages. I never named that one, so I had the opportunity to do whatever I want. Someone on the sprite comic Discord server said something about naming a murderer "Killby" as a joke, and I took that and named him Kilby.

One major part of this chapter was developing Kirby more. I don't think I did that very well, but with how the next chapter's story is going to work, Kirby will appear enough that I'll be able to develop his character more.

Now I'm going to go try to ask someone about having a crossover for the fifth chapter. I'll probably end up being too nervous to ask, but I'll try.
And here we are! The final boss! We're almost done with this chapter, just let this fight finish and then wait one more page. After that we have the next chapter, then I'm thinking I might ask someone for a crossover.
Can we just all pretend this comic wasn't released half an hour later than it should be? Just say it released at the normal time, and I definitely didn't forget about it for a few minutes or anything.
@Sudux: This isn't Dedede's castle. Remember when Meta Knight got a castle in The Beginning?
@Kirby91206: how did you know of the greatest plot twist in the comic

(on a more serious note, doo will probably appear more in later chapters)
I like Waddle Doos, and I don't know why. Of course I'll have one be a major character in this chapter. I might have him be a more important character in the rest of the comic, too.
I nearly didn't make this page. I started making it an hour before I needed to upload it. I should probably make them earlier next time.