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Is it just me, or is the comments Doo's eye a different color?
Yes, I know that's not how Mirror works. It is the author character doing that, he's different.

Aside from that, I don't have anything to say about this page.
@Warpstar: Hypothetical what? Chapters?

If you mean the chapter ideas I talked about, almost all of those are going to happen at some point. The only one I don't know about is the crossover, and that's just because I haven't asked the author of that about it.

...Wait, you're the author of the one I want to have a crossover with.
Hey, we're three fourths of the way to the 100th page. And we're close to the end of this chapter.

Actually, there are a few things I'm not sure about for the near future of this comic. Remember when I decided that the "final boss" of each chapter will have a splash screen? I'm not sure what Dark Meta Knight's title (like "Guardian of the Forest" for Whispy Woods and "His Royal Nemesis" for Dedede) should be.

I'm also not sure what chapter should come next. I have a few ideas for the next chapters, but I don't know which one should happen next. I'd like you to help with deciding that, and hopefully naming those chapters. I don't even know what to name them.

So, here are the ideas for those chapters.

There would be one chapter where Kirby and Keeby go into space and discover a mythical place known as "The Star Garden", one chapter where someone tries to kill Dedede and Kirby and Keeby have to go find them and stop them, one that might not happen and is literally just a crossover with Kirby's Dream Experience (I still need to ask the author about that), and one based on what happens after Kirby Star Allies, although I'd need custom sprites that I don't have for that one.

...Yeah, there isn't much to say about this page.
I like the idea of this comic, but, honestly, it isn't that good. I'd suggest finding better backgrounds and SSU-styled Adeleine sprites.

(also hi Kirbasaki i'm Shat'l)
Hey, the author character who has no name is back. I don't know if that's a good thing or a bad thing, but it's certainly a thing.

And I ripped 8 areas of Yogurt Yard but am probably only going to use two. I'm probably never going to use the other ones that I ripped.

...Unless that Kirby fangame I'm a spriter for has a Yogurt Yard stage. Even then, I'd probably never play on it.

And before you ask how I'd never play on it, the game is basically Smash Bros but everything is from Kirby.
I ripped way too many areas of Yogurt Yard and Rainbow Resort for the next pages. I'm probably not even going to use most of them.

But I do know what will happen in the story. I think you'll like it.

...I should probably talk about this page, not the ones after it. There isn't much to say about this.
I wasn't actually going to use the effect that I did in the last panel when i started making this page. I just couldn't find any good water effects and used bubbles instead. I'd say it looks pretty good.

Oh, and that blue Kirby walked away. We probably aren't going to see him for the rest of this chapter, but he's definitely going to appear again at some point in the future. I'll probably have a name for him when he appears again, too.
@Warpstar: By "We think we know" in the second panel, Master Green basically meant that they already knew, but he doubted it and was making sure that it was right. Not that they didn't actually know.

He actually just wanted an excuse to keep it because it was shiny, though.
I nearly forgot to make this page. It was easy to think of what would happen in it, but actually spriting it was just not as fun...

...As talking to people on Discord. I spend way too much time on that.

And I'm trying to decide what chapter should come after The Beginning, since we're so close to the end, but it's actually really hard for some reason. I think I just have too many ideas for chapters, and it's difficult to just pick one.
Version 2!
This page got a rescript, but still has pretty much the same things happen. "God" and Shadow Kirby go to Candy Constellation, scare Master Hand away, and go somewhere else.

And if you want to know the exact script of the original version of this page, just ask me and I can tell you what it was.
...I don't have much to say about this page.

Except that we're almost three fourths of the way to page 100.
Version 2!
Finally, a rescript. This page was horrible.

And the script of this page was so bad, I refuse to tell you what it was. The plot was basically the Sword Knight trying to get Shadow Kirby... off of his lawn. I thought it was an inside joke, because one of my friends said it when we played Smash Bros together; it wasn't.
I actually have nothing to say about this page.

Nothing at all.

Except that I like the areas I picked for the next mirror shards to be in.

and it's page 69 but i'd prefer to ignore that
so now kirby is the boring normal guy

and why is keeby's face so freaky in the 8th panel
I don't think the spriting on this page was done very well. I just didn't have any poses for Dedede without one hand up except that and a few sprites that would just look wrong there.

And now they have 5 Dimension Mirror shards. They have 3 left. I should have them get them as quickly as possible. This chapter is getting boring.

...Wait, I don't know what chapter to do next.
Version 2!
This page, like all of the other remakes that had that character, was completely rescripted, as that character doesn't exist anymore.

And if you want the original script for this page... Do I have to say this for every remake? Just ask for it.
Hey, it's that Waddle Dee from page 14. We haven't seen him/her (no i don't know which gender this one is) in a while.

...Oh, now I need to decide where to put the next Dimension Mirror shard. Shadow Kirby said "somewhere around Castle Dedede", not "in Castle Dedede", so I might just put it in a different area.