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i'm a person

there's nothing interesting to say about me

poyo i guess
it's him

hi meta knight

is there anything else for me to say about this page


food is good

also d e e p e s t l o r e

and kirby says poyo

(by the way the sprites for one of the little kirbies carrying another are taken from the hammer ability, why does it have sprites that look like he's just walking)
@Sudux: it's "OwO what's THIS???"

if you're going to meme at least get it right

and i'd rather not eat myself but thanks for the suggestion
0 pages until number 100! ...Wait, that means this IS page 100.
Wow. I actually did it. I've made 100 pages, not counting remakes.

And I'm not going to do anything special for it in the comic itself. I also don't know what I would do outside of the comic for this, so I guess I'm not doing anything here either.

...Wait, why is there a flag in this page? Was that there before?

also i remade this page before i even uploaded it

@Sudux: Considering how often he crashes Warp Stars in the games, I don't see why it wouldn't be.
Just 1 more page until number 100!
...I may or may not do anything for that.

And before you ask, all those smaller Kirbies (or whatever they're called) aren't going to be major characters, or even secondary characters. They'll appear in this chapter, and then probably never appear again. I might have one or two appear in the future if I want to, but since they're pretty much babies in this chapter, they won't remember any of this. They won't know who Kirby and Keeby are, either (until someone else tells them about them).

As for how this other person knows who Kirby is, we should see an explanation about that in a few pages.
@PsychoSSF2: Stop. She's been planning this for years (I think? probably), and she's already said she won't add cameos. If you want your OC to beat up Miracle Matter so much, make your own comic and have them do it there.
2 pages until 100!
Should I do something for the 100th page? I would, but I don't know what to do.

Oh, and I don't know how Keeby noticed a small difference like the stars moving a bit. Maybe they've been there for a long time, maybe they just have really good eyesight. I don't know.
@Sudux: Considering how Dark Meta Knight came back in Triple Deluxe after exploding in Amazing Mirror, and came back again in Star Allies after being sealed in the mirror in Triple Deluxe, maybe I'll bring him back at some point. I just didn't think about that when I made this page.
3 pages until 100!
By the way, I'm not going to do anything special in the comic for the 100th page. Maybe something outside of the comic itself, but even then, I don't know what.

Oh, and that's not just the cover of the comic without the text. I never saved that background, so I used a bunch of random effects to make a new one that looked kind of similar. I don't think it's as good as the other one.
@Warpstar: i just got some sprites from planet halfmoon and that's it

don't expect many custom sprites here, i'm not very good at those
good job keeby

maybe you should have thought about that more before you did that
@PsychoSSF2: It's her comic, and we don't know how long she's been planning this. Probably a few years. She isn't going to change everything for just one person who I'm pretty sure never even commented until now.

Oh, and the explanation does make sense. Maybe you should actually read it.
4 pages until 100!
I had this page ready for a few weeks, then nearly forgot to upload it. Good job, me.

And as for "what we'll find there this time"? The chapter's named "The Star Garden", maybe they'll find something like that...
5 pages until 100!
kirby is a sleepy boi

oh and dream friends wave 2 release the day before this page maybe i'll edit this comment and talk about them when i finish guest star and soul melter with all of them

ok i haven't finished soul melter with all of them but i have finished guest star



adeleine and ribbon are pretty fun too, their guest star levels are good but the moveset feels weird

daroach is bleh, bad guest star and weird moveset
@RedsterTheGamer: I asked if he could send them to me. I didn't say that I have them.

I don't have them.
6 pages until 100!
Wow. I actually started the second chapter.

I'll try to make this one take less than a year.

...Like I said, I'll TRY.

And yes, this doesn't have the "Star Garden" mentioned in the name of the chapter yet. That'll be around page 6 or 7.
Not only did you post yesterday's comic, it says it's part 13 instead of part 12.
That's Keeby.

If it wasn't, I don't think you'd be asking us. There'd be no way to know, with all the names people have made for their characters.

As for what he has to do with Whispy? Maybe he protects the forest or something.

And the book is just random and is never mentioned in the comic again.
@Sudux: That's actually not mentioned in the next comic, for whatever reason. I'll just tell you here.

He just went through the Dimension Mirror the same way Kirby and Keeby did.