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i'm a kirby fan who reads kirby comics

that's it
@Sudux: Let's just say that Keeby's more experienced.

Definitely not that I just felt like the battles are boring if only one person gets hit.
@Sudux: They aren't rich snobs, just rich.

And to be fair, they didn't even know they were rich until Daroach told them; people in Dream Land are generally pretty wealthy.
Now that they've beat Daroach, it should only take a few more pages for this chapter to be done. Once I've made those, I'll have to start thinking about what comes after this. ...Trying to think about the next chapter is never any fun.
And something I forgot to mention in the comment on the previous page; I chose Fighter and Stone for type advantages, like in Pokemon. I figured Daroach would be an Ice/Fire type, which has a 4x weakness to Rock types and is also weak to Fighting types, so I figured I'd use those abilities.
This page is a lot longer than I expected it to be when I started making it. I like it.

And that's my idea of how the Squeak Squad was formed. It's weird.

And we're almost at the end of this chapter! I'll need to start thinking about what the next chapter will be, then. Maybe a crossover?
@Sudux: I think the part about eating a castle IS the "juicy information".
That isn't exactly how you're supposed to use Parasol, Keeby. I guess it did work, but that isn't how you're supposed to do it.
That's all it took to beat him. Suplex Kirby is strong.

And I almost forgot to add the ability icon on this page. I was checking it just a few minutes before I added it to make sure I didn't miss anything, and then I added it.
This page was pretty fun to make. Don't ask how Storo comes out of such a small door.
there isn't anything to say about this page but i wanted to comment so uhhh
Don't ask what Spinni thought they were doing. I don't know.

Oh, and we're getting pretty close to the end of the chapter. You'd better get used to that background, you'll be seeing it a lot.
...They probably shouldn't be so serious about the Squeaks, but whatever.
It took him a while to realize that, huh? And because of how he didn't really think of what he was saying, he told Kirby and Keeby who took their treasure. They were already pretty sure, but nothing had explicitly told them until this page.
This is supposed to be Ice Island, but I ripped some sprites of Peppermint Palace for it. Then I assembled the sprites wrong and I probably won't use them again.

also hi storo

And on the day you can read this, I should be in Oregon. I'm meeting one of my friends at a Smash tournament.
Continuing what I said in the author comment of the previous page, I especially like the ideas used in Squeak Squad's Ninja, even if playing as it feels weird.
I like Ninja Kirby. I've been playing it in RtDL a lot recently, and it might be the most fun ability in the entire game for me.
I just realized that the joke in this page is almost the same as the joke in the second page of The Beginning.

Ignore the fact that this was uploaded 12 hours after it should be.
I just realized I forgot to upload the next page. It's really late and I need to go to bed, but I'll upload it when I wake up.
I've been playing it for the past 3 hours. It's good, isn't it?