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Hi there! I'm ReaderWriterNerd&Geek, and I finally made myself a profile. I'm very new to drawing and I stink at finishing projects, so I probably won't be starting any comics myself any time in the near future; this is just to keep all my favorite comics in one place, really.

You may notice I like Pokemon (particularly Mewtwo :3) and fantasy.

My profile picture is my Raichu plush (Christmas present from my little sister) on top of Irish Fairy and Folk Tales (Christmas present from my younger brother). I may change it, though.
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    Erm...just call me ReaderWriter if the full name's too long.
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Nope, sorry, Atty. There's no running away from something this big; you're going to have to give Myu her answers.

And us, us too. I'm so bewildered after all that action but I can't wait to see what happens next :D

Also, hi. I have been reading, I just haven't been commenting nearly as much as I used to. I am here :S

Also my babies eep there they are look at them Ocean and Strokeluck just hanging out look there they ARE really small in the background eep I love them so much :3
@TriaElf9: You're welcome! Also, I was just now really checking out the script for the fairy speech, and I was curious to know if it's like a code or whether you're just making little symbols however you like XD
I like Peter's face in the first panel. XD

Also, the switch of hilarious outrage to sudden, serious concern on this page is really well done.

And Tink's not lookin' so good at all...
Well, at least Marie is willing to admit when she's wrong.

Also, my, that was a lot of...language on this page. In fairness, this is a situation that might call for it.

And it seems that Atty still has control of himself...for now...
I just now realized Tink is wearing a necklace.

Also, Tink nooo :,(
@TriaElf9: I agree, it definitely works well :)

I suspected that would happen.
You're back! The story is continuing! I'm so happy :D
Wow, I don't think I've ever seen Lopunny freak out!

In fairness, that is something to freak out about.

"Wendy bound, and on the pirate ship; she who loved everything to be just so!"
I love how that's Peter's first thought. XD

I was kinda hoping to actually see the long ungrammatical sentence Tink used, but I can understand why you didn't try to write one XD

This page is awesome, by the way! With Wendy caught in the hook, and the silhouettes of the pirates and their ship off to the just really conveys the danger and suspense. :)
@Siks and @Bwsrfn11: Yeah, astrological does mean relating to astrology, but astrology is the study of the effect the movement of the planets and asteroids has on people and their daily lives. Astronomy is the study of the physical planets and stars. What was happening there, the sky exploding, is more astronomical than astrological.

You're going to hate me for this, @sulfurbunny, but...

I'm pretty sure you meant "astronomical" okay I'm sorry I'll go away now

Also, yay, funny Mewtwo is back! This is my favorite part of the comic :D

Although I hope Jen's doing better this morning than she was last night, poor thing :(
Ha, Peter's face in the first panel! ^.^
Hook must just be very quiet.

Also I remember the book saying something about Peter not being afraid at all, just happy at another adventure, and I think I see that in his face on the last panel, so well done :)

@TriaElf9: Small but powerful ;)
Unfortunately for Hook, trees have ears...

YES! Tink's shining moment is coming up. Right now, she is all good :)
At least it went *pretty* weird instead of the other weird...
Those eyes in the second panel are the eyes of someone who's grown at least two years this day.

But, um, Jen...are you gonna mention Hoopa to Gengar? I feel like he ought to know...before the little trickster shows up again. To be honest, that's what I'm expecting, way more than Victini making a sudden reappearance.

@Guest who was talking about Shuckle: *sporfle*