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Hi there! I'm ReaderWriterNerd&Geek, and I finally made myself a profile. I'm very new to drawing and I stink at finishing projects, so I probably won't be starting any comics myself any time in the near future; this is just to keep all my favorite comics in one place, really.

You may notice I like Pokemon (particularly Mewtwo :3) and fantasy.

My profile picture is my Raichu plush (Christmas present from my little sister) on top of Irish Fairy and Folk Tales (Christmas present from my younger brother). I may change it, though.
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    Erm...just call me ReaderWriter if the full name's too long.
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Heh, your Hook looks handsome and pleasant; if I didn't know he was Hook, I might think he was the hero. Which I suppose is what Barrie was going for, so, good job :)
@PJSam: As a birthday present, your math isn't completely off and you may be able to postpone the end of the world. Maybe. With luck.

I love the third panel. XD And all the scenery on this page is really gorgeous, actually. I mean, this comic is usually quite attractive, but this is particularly so.
Oh, phew, that could've been a lot worse.

Assuming that there are no more unpleasant side effects...
I feel that, Mewtwo.
And wow, this page, I just...everything about it is just so sweet, and tender, and heartbreaking, and I love it <3
@TriaElf9: Oh, you're welcome! And I think that's best; after all, Barrie himself never gets really gory even through all the violence. And yes! High-five for cool, non-colonial-era Tiger Lily :D

You're welcome again!
@TriaElf9: Soo bad! :( I just wanna hug him and tell him it's going to be okay.
@TriaElf9: Ahh, that explains it XD You know (somewhat-long tangent ahead), it's just recently occurred to me that everyone on Neverland is a child. I don't just mean Peter and Wendy and the boys, of course, I mean *everyone*. Even the pirates don't really seem to think the way you'd expect full-grown adults to think. They come up with plans to kill people by baking cakes, Smee asks Wendy to be his mother, and Hook clearly regards Peter as his equal in most respects. It actually occurred to me that Hook probably would have gone a lot farther towards defeating Peter if he had just treated him the way "grown-ups" treat children. Just thoughts *shrug*

As for the, I assume it's always been there, whenever Wendy wanted a little peace and quiet. My question is, where's Wendy's wolf? XD
@TriaElf9: And you're doing a good job! I can't wait :) By the way, I like your profile picture.
AAAAH I can't stand the suspense! XD Well, I mean, I know what happens, but I love watching it unfold in this way, and knowing what's going to happen is actually making me super excited. Till next Sunday!
You could just throw 'em over your shoulders, y'know, guys. Be a lot easier than using the house for it. C'mon, you're pirates, you're probably used to carrying way heavier loads than a bunch of kids! Put those muscles to work, boys! XD
Aw, poor Slightly :( His face in the last panel just melts my heart.
(One pirate): "Doggone it, kid, rope is expensive! This is all we have to spare tying you up with, now just let us do it!" XD
Hi, I'm back! :D
I haven't been reading any of my webcomics for a long time, and haven't been commenting for even longer, but I'm back now and trying to catch up! :)

I'm pausing in my catching up now to make two observations: One, this page's last panel made me giggle, and two, I really loved how you handled the battle over the last few pages. It felt like a battle - people were clearly going down and everyone was desperate and there was mayhem and slurching sounds - but at the same time there wasn't really any gore, which really wouldn't have fit the tone of Peter Pan. You gave Tiger Lily and her tribe their chance to shine (BTW, I love how Action Girl Tiger Lily is in this comic!! <3), and didn't include any of the narration that always makes me soo uncomfortable when I read it. XD;;

So well done, and now I'm going back to catching up! :) I'm so glad I'm back before the really exciting part goes down.
Shadow Darkrai is *scary*.
Especially when he's speaking in this coldly frustrated way, like he's just barely keeping his temper. It's so much less terrifying when he's actually snapped and gone full-bore XD than when I'm sitting here wondering when he is going to snap and what'll happen when he does...

Yeah, Mewtwo, I'm with you. That is *not* the face or tone of someone you want to engage in conversation, especially not about things that are likely to make them upset at the best of times.
@Tehpikachu: Ah, I figured it was something like that. :) No worries! And yeah, with that giant bulky shell, Ocean is awesome for cover XD

By the way, it's great that you got so many cameo requests you had to leave some out!
I thought Miss Purrloin looked as if she was getting off-track from...whatever it is she's getting off-track from. Funny, when she first strolled into town, she seemed like the kind of person absolutely nothing and no one could ruffle or interest, short of an earthquake or something. Maybe there's a less cool'n'confident person underneath the outside appearance...
I take it Mewtwo is back to normal, then.
Darkrai? Everything okay there, buddy?

@PJSam: And heavy! Jem's stronger than I thought she was.
@Tehpikachu: Yeah, you were right on the money :) And yeah, no, fortunately she's very much a "you don't bother me, I don't bother you" kind of girl XD

Well, tufts of hair are usually used to indicate masculinity in anthropomorphic cartoon characters (I think...seems like it). Atty is clearly just a bit Wrong Genre Savvy. And maybe Ocean's wearing perfume today XD Would have been funny if he had mistaken her for a male Blastoise, though, but I understand there wasn't much room.

Question (and I promise this is not a nag or complaint, I'm just checking): Did I also ask for my Vileplume to make a cameo? Or did I dream that?
@Tehpikachu: Aw, thanks! I've missed you and your wonderful comic :) I'm back now, hopefully to stay!

Thanks! I named her when she was just a level 5 Squirtle and I was an innocent eleven-year-old starting her adventure in Pokemon Red...memories :3
All caught up, finally! :D Now I can keep following properly, like I was before.

This is interesting and all (and I love Alexandria's defense of the country/small towns :3), but...BUT ATTY IS INSIDE TOPAZ WE NEED TO *DO* SOMETHING WHAT WILL MYU SAY GOODNESS ONLY KNOWS WHAT CLARA WILL SAY