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Hi there! I'm ReaderWriterNerd&Geek, and I finally made myself a profile. I'm very new to drawing and I stink at finishing projects, so I probably won't be starting any comics myself any time in the near future; this is just to keep all my favorite comics in one place, really.

You may notice I like Pokemon (particularly Mewtwo :3) and fantasy.

My profile picture is my Raichu plush (Christmas present from my little sister) on top of Irish Fairy and Folk Tales (Christmas present from my younger brother). I may change it, though.
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    Erm...just call me ReaderWriter if the full name's too long.
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Better put some clothes on first, boys.
Ah, me. Wendy misunderstanding the boys, Peter misunderstanding Wendy, the boys misunderstanding the grown-up world...
Oh Peter, oh Tink XD I think this part was actually even funnier here than in the book, purely because of Tinker Bell's facial expressions XD
I love Tinker Bell. She's rude and jealous and silly, but I love her, she's so funny XD And she has her moments of glory and nobility...

I also really love your version of her, she's so cute :)
Peter is a good guy, at heart. His trouble is just that he's...well...a little boy who never grew up, and small children are often unthinking, careless, forgetful, selfish, and arrogant. It's excusable in them, of course, 'cause they don't know any better.

On a side note, I like fierce Peter in the third panel! :)
I love Tootles <3 He might be silly, but he's good-hearted :)

Also, hi! I haven't been commenting on stuff for a while, so I'm catching up. :)
Ee-hee, they're cute! :3

I think I've mentioned this before, but it bears repeating: I love the info you come up with for these fusions. It really brings them to live and gives them character, and I love these guys, 'cause they remind me of hoverflies, which I like.
Oh my gosh, it's so pretty! :O But more than that, it reminds me of this dream I had once when I was like, eleven, about these GIGANTIC (I mean, whale-sized) horses that lived in the ocean, and were all green and blue, kind of like this...

That was a really cool dream, and I should turn it into a story, like I've been meaning to.
I mean, in all fairness to people, *I'm* ignoring Saigon and just focusing on Zweigon's strange appearance. I mean, Zweigon, you - your head/heads is/are - *attached*, how do you do that...

Like how do you eat...

And breathe...

And think...

Uh, but the others are cool too! *waves cautiously at Saigon while it's not looking and bolts XD*

So, a question I just thought of while looking at Zweigon and reading the description: How do you come up with the info for the fusions? Like, do you see the fusion, decide on what the Pokemon would be like, info and all, and draw it? Or do you draw the Pokemon and in the drawing of it come up with info for it?
Oh, my gosh, I love Abuffet :D Of course, Gurchok is cool too, but Abuffet's just so mysteriously creepy-awesome :)





*deep breath* But yeah, MEWTWO FUSION! :D ...I'm kinda glad this ended up being Mewtwo/Deoxys rather than Mewtwo/Munna. XD

Like PJSam said, I can see some scientist somewhere being dumb enough to do this...poor Mewxys :(
Oh, hey, cool, dinosaur crabs. *sees that the Pawnish will obey the Bishaunt without question*

Annnnd I've *never* played Legend of Spyro, but I like this one too :) And I agree with WiispNightmare, the backgrounds are super-pretty!
Ooh, cool! I'll confess, what I know about Halo comes from watching my brothers play it for hours when I was...probably too small to be watching Halo (if we're thinking of the same Halo, which we might not be) XD Nevertheless, I think it's very cool :)
Oh, dey so cute! *reads description* AND THEY'RE SANTA CLAUS'S REINDEER, I WANTETH! :D

*sporfles at almost-name*
How very fascinating :) I never did think about this, but it does make sense. It makes me a little sad to think how many cool last names might just have been lost, though. *suddenly worries about her own, not-very-common last name* XD
@Pokemontrainergigi: I bet he does! *goes away to plot* And haha, that cat sounds cute :)

Do cats just like to be in as small of a space as they can, or are they showing off how small they can make themselves?

I know, it's truly incredible! Actually, my dog knew what a copperhead was before she'd ever seen one (to our knowledge), which I always thought was pretty impressive.
@Pokemontrainergigi: Ah, phew! XD That is good. *imagines trying to pair Unown with anything* NOOOOOOOO!

You're welcome!

Oh, I wondered. Sometimes it's hard to remember which ones have been done XD And gah, that must be frustrating. I can't imagine they move very fast either...although, nearly all of them are Psychic and all are Fairy, so they probably can get around without the aid of legs...
Oh, Wiki, Wiki, Wiki.
Don't be like this. You are better than this. XD

Ahem, but I really like all these! I've never seen it done before (though probably somebody has...), but it's a cool interpretation nonetheless! I think my favorites are probably the Skiddo satyr (is it a bad sign that I, as a woman, say I like the satyr? Ah well) and the Tapu Fini mermaid/siren. I almost felt sorry for her, reading your description, until I remembered...that's a siren. XD Actually, according to the original Greek mythology, the Sirens were once nymphs who were the attendants of Persephone. When she was kidnapped by Hades, Demeter gave them permission to go in search of her, but something happened to them on the way and they turned evil and took to luring men into drowning instead. *realizes that that would make a fantastic story, done well* Anyhow, I guess my original point is that they didn't have fish tails at first, but they got conflated with mermaids, because mermaids do kind of the same thing (although sometimes seeing one foretells doom, and sometimes they can actually be helpful), so now everyone thinks they do. Not that I don't like your interpretation! And if you knew all that about sirens, please ignore this PSA. XD

I also did not know about the Peryton, but it's a very cool beast :D

*no human/animal hybrids* *preferably no Greco-Roman myths either* Darn, I wanted a centaur. XD

*thinks of unicorn* *remembers that Pokemon did that back in Gen. 1, with a flaming mane and tail* *bethinks her of the Chinese ki-lin* OOH, do that one! Or, if all the animal parts are too much, you could do a traditional unicorn, with the goat hooves and the lion tail :) Also, a basilisk would be cool.

Annnd, since I've been learning about Germanic creatures in preparation for the novel I'm writing, how about a moss-wife or a woodwose? (I love those guys to BITS) Or an elf - a classical elf, tall, inhumanly beautiful, dancing by the light of the moon, without pointed ears. ;)

*wishes she knew more Celtic mythology* Weeelll...I know these are like the most well-known ones, but how about a leprechaun or a kelpie? And I just realized that I'd like to see your interpretation of all these creatures, Pokemon or no XD

Well, um, that was long. Hi. I'll be commenting on your backlog now XD
You're back! :D *glomps* I've been missing Sister, Sister!

Swift reminds me a little of my younger sister. Not in the-damaging-all-the-toys thing or the generally-being-silly-and-hyperactive thing, but in the constantly-in-my-personal-space-squashing-me-and-won't-leave thing. I guess I'd rather she liked to cuddle than she was always pushing me away, but sometimes she reeeeally needs to take no for an answer.
@darkgloomie: Pretty much, except I've got neither Atty's indifference or George's bravery/stupidity/madness, so really I'm just a less interesting version of both XD

@Guest: That's true. However, hiding while he hopes might be a better strategy.