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Hey there I draw and make characters, hopefully they're decent enough to be liked.
We all have a personal wife who gets moody at us.
... Wait, that's not an everyday thing?
Dead? It's more unlikely than you think!
<br>Hello everyone! It's been a very, very long time!
Things have been very hectic in this 2018, wow... a lot has happened and we both were so busy with life and other projects that we had to take an even longer break from this comic.

But now we're back on track!
Updates will resume their original weekly posting every Thursday, but the hour has changed to accommodate people from other timezones! Please let us know if it's suitable for you!
We really want to thank all the people who are still following this comic despite us being dead for months ahahaaha...
All the news do not end here however, and I want to invite you to read more in our article here!
This extra here was supposed to come out last week since we weren't sure if we could deliver the page...
Contrary to the main pages, the extras, usually in a 4koma/vertical comic strip format, will be drawn by me, Rukomura!

Unfortunately these weeks are a bit busy, but hopefully we should return back to schedule by next week!
A surprise update!
I seriously didn't think we could still deliver this on time.
Ahh. Reality is always harsh, isn't it?
How lucky!
What is this? Page 3? I want them to kiss already damn.
The feeling when you're walking by yourself and suddenly you notice a very attractive person (or just someone who stunningly looks like your oc).
Awkwardness set into motion!
I think you're overreacting just a tiiny bit.
so much derp in this page
... In which Than seems very surprised.
Welp. I feel people would ship them.
This comic here will feature my OC Thanatos, who's a God of Death. You can read more about him here if you'd like:

The story is set in the Middle Ages, possibly 1000-1100 during the Black Plague. Around that time Thanatos' activity was even more high due to the many victims of that period.

I actually don't know how much long will this comic be, hopefully short and bearable to an extent.