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I'm just a kid who likes to draw, play games, and sprite.

Currently working on nothing right now because I can never keep a comic alive, but I will make a good comic someday. It will happen. Plus I have plans on how it will work out too, so that's a plus!

I'm obsessed with DDR and Pump it Up for some reason. I also like Clash Royale, PUBG and Bullet Hell Monday. Definitely recommend those for your phone.

See you around here! Or the forums, or MG, or wherever else we happen to meet.

Avatar: would u look at that it me

Discord: Only my IRL friends know (But it's TheJGamer so try and guess, there's only like 9999 combinations)
Steam: TheJGamer (Dead again)
3DS FC: 3196-8041-4934 (fite me in Sm4sh)
Smackjeeves: TheJGamer (here)
MG Forums: TheJGamer (
XBOX Gamertag: SuitedCreeperMC (Just don't ask)
PUBG Mobile: TheJGamer
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<s>time to binge read nancy drew and hardy boys</s>
"You're the only Joleton here, yes you"

My teachers do that all the time lol
Link used Bombchu! It's super effective!

It may not be too late after all
Act now for
<s>77</s> 7 payments of
just $77.77
oh no scary scatterbug

Also, welcome back! Glad this comic's still going on! =D
@Shard: oh fuck i meant két i switched her and lîz's accent
Some meal that was

Also, welcome back! I'm glad you're still working on this cute little comic!
Will Kêt get in? Or is she too late once again? Find out next time on Aware Ball Super!
"Screw you stick, you're getting in my way in my path to kill this weird grown-up guy!"
Wow this is some awesome shading! =)
@Seven Rain: Oh whoops

Who was Siruis referring to then? I'm more curious now
Good luck Ixis, don't die out there
Dang it Katsu
Remember this from my art dump?

Well I decided to post it here cuz I haven't posted anything here and because I'm curious about how you guys can color this~ =)

<s>EDIT: oh no theres a little patch of color lemme erase that</s>

EDIT: its gone yay
Ouch that musta hurt