Hi there, TheJGamer here! I've been making comics since I was little, but really took off at 2016.

I love video games. I seriously love Kirby, Pokémon and Rhythm Heaven so expect some of my comics to be about those great franchises!

well i didnt make a real pokemon kirby or rhythm heaven comic yet but i will soon

Here in SJ, I'm the author of a Nuzlocke that past JGamer made for fun, 2 CYOAs, a Kirby comic that's coming soon and an art gallery. I'm going to make a huge Kirby comic sometime in the future, so expect that to happen in... the future!

I also like reading comics here. My favorite author here is a four-way tie between Ultizeta, Nashew, BSX and Warpstar. Their comics are great Kirby comics that everyone should read because they're awesome.

More facts about me: I'm pretty young, I spend time talking with friends in Skype, I am fairly good at Mario Kart, I do both traditional and digital art, I'm learning how to make good sprite comics, I love listening to video game music, I like grape Jolly Ranchers, I'm good at Clash Royale, I like Haikyuu! and I own a Meta Knight amiibo.

NOTE: Most of my comics are in hiatus because of WST 2017. Wish me luck!
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"That oughta do it..."
such gore much wow

speaking of wow

Ged's back in this comic!
@WildfireK: but first

i must challenge myself by drawing stuff with my left hand
@WildfireK: lol i need to really start drawing scenery too
*Furiously thinks of a way to explain the alt*
Oh shizz, Alex just got doorplanted!
@WildfireK: but do not worry

once i recover

@WildfireK: my family went to the north cascades to meet up with my family

we took a hike trail which was like 6km (i dunno how long in miles) round-trip and me and my dad completed the whole thing

so yeah. sore feet and a hurt left hand. good thing im right handed lol

at last something to draw

but i still gotta rest because im still hecka tired from yesterday
>Get a cup of water. You never know when it might come in handy_
Nah, that's not a mask, it's... something that's not a mask!
no page is sloppy in this comic m8