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Hello, TheJGamer (or JG) here! I'm a guy who works hard in school and having fun! I've been making comics since 2016 and spriting since 2017.

I've got a crappy Nuzlocke (soon to be rebooted), 2 CYOAs, an art gallery, and a sprite comic here on SJ. I also co-author some comics!

I'm also a friendly guy to talk to on the comments or through PM!

Some stuff about me: I'm a diehard Kirby fan, I love Nintendo, I'm going to be as old as Sonic the Hedgehog in less than 60 days, I watch Haikyuu and other sports anime, I'm pretty good at Clash Royale (3K trophies), I use GIMP, Medibang Paint, Paint.NET and MS Paint for my comics, and I'm aspiring to be a video game creator.

See you around!


Skype: only talk with irl friends sorry
Discord: again only irl friends sry
Steam: TheJGamr (i dont really use it that much anymore)
3DS FC: 3196-8041-4934 (fight me in sm4sh)
Smackjeeves: TheJGamer (duh)
MG Forums: TheJGamer (what do u think)
NNID: TheJGamr (guys stop taking my damn name)
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So is Ged agnostic, since he doesn't know if he believes in a God?
Ooh, crayons look great for effects!
Not Yandere at all
He's yelling because he just went through a near death experience
Splat goes the puffball
You were still hiding?!
Ice puns and Rhythm Heaven references are good
Considering this is the second-to-last zone, it should be chaotic.
Oh. Okay then.
@WildfireK: I hope I make one soon after I learn the basics lmao
@WildfireK: It works on PC! Guess my Internet was acting up then.

Nice animation! I like version 2 a lot!
@WildfireK: Maybe it takes longer to load if I'm on mobile? I'm gonna try watching it on my computer
Hmm, I can't seem to play it from OneDrive =(
lol those acronyms

The leaves look great! I'm excited for the beginning of the story!
Just clarifying
@Salimus: I'm not so bummed about it as I was two months ago. The reason why I kicked myself so much over it was because past JG thought, "Goddammit, that was my one chance to show the spriting community what I'm capable of and I blew it!"

It really was tough getting absolutely wrecked in the first round by SeVeN damn points. But now I'm more optimistic about doing better in WST 2018 (despite making that joke there) than the past.

As for killing Ted, I couldn't think of a way to replace him. It would be weird to just have your character fight one single round then disappear, not to be seen again in the face of MG because I'm working on a new character. Then again, I could have had him disappear for a few years, and then have him come back as an edit of my current sprite, so I might have some character resurrect him or some weird crap like that, heh.

Hope that cleared up some stuff there, Salimus. Just letting you know that I'm still not keeping myself down about it.
Nate where you going
Pretty sure he's not that bad, yeah.