Well, hello there! I'm an average guy who's been making comics since October 17th, 2016. I love video games and reading comics!

Some stuff about me: I'm in a Rhythm Heaven phase, an avid Nintendo fan and watches too much YouTube. I also love reading Kirby and Pokemon comics here, as well as some Megaman ones. I also like CYOAs.

I use Paint.NET and MS Paint for my comics, but I'm also becoming adept at GIMP.

RIP old site layout. The notifications are cool, but the removal of the fan list is not.

-Pokemon Red: My First Nuzlocke: I've been working on this since I made my profile. Basically a crappily drawn Nuzlocke. Updates: Sa
-Kirby: The Original Adventures: Super Star Ultra comics are too mainstream. Make way for Kirby's Adventure. Updates: F / Sa
-Kirby: Legend of the Knights: A hand-drawn comic about... well, the pink puffball! Updates: M / Th
-8-bit Adventures and Shenanigans: A CYOA featuring YOUR characters! Updates: Sa

meta knight is the best kirby character ever

"And he looked over the boredom that was this world, and said, 'Let there be gaming.'"
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iron tail ftw
Double Scratches of Doom!
@Bt Man-Shadowy Hero From 200X: Oh.


Then I say Castlevania. (Or Tetris, if you don't know the former.)
beta man keeps shipping people with samus to see how much he can annoy her while you continue making bad placements for him
Smash 4's Kirby snores are the most annoying.
Congrats, you just screwed yourself over.
Zero? Zerooooooooo!
Who knew that reversing memory loss/modification was possible in a twisted world like this?
You break a GB by removing its batteries. Simple.
> Proceed to get the Air Shooter.
Wow. Strangely that's never happened to me before.
Marx, that's Dee-ist.
wtf is going onnnnn

As for 16-bit, are you going to make MM7 Beta Man?
> Go with the Skull Shield.
June 20th, 2017
Yep, Nate's gained XP just like his Pokemon.