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Hey there! I'm just a childish teen who likes video games, memes, comics and technology. I'm an author, artist and reader here at SJ since '16!

My current project is Street Fighter II: The World Challengers, a sprite comic I am working on.

I'm also a friendly guy to talk to on the comments, through PM, or on the forums!

Some stuff about me: I'm in a Street Fighter phase, I love Nintendo, I like making custom sprites, I'm pretty good at Clash Royale (3K trophies), I use GIMP for my comics, and I'm aspiring to be a video game creator.

See you around!

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Discord: Only my IRL friends know sorry (But it includes TheJGamer so try and guess, there's only like 9999 combinations)
Steam: TheJGamer (Been off for 200-ish days but planning to get back to it someday)
3DS FC: 3196-8041-4934 (fite me in Sm4sh)
Smackjeeves: TheJGamer (here)
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NNID: TheJGamr (Miiverse is dead)
XBOX Gamertag: SuitedCreeperMC (Just don't ask)
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Woah, that's awesome!
Well if Riley got thrown then he would be more dead than Milo cuz types
Either this Elysium or the home of Virizon
All this chaos for the cacti
Aww, Volt. You're so fast, the wind says your name when you run.
December 15th, 2017
ooh damn that musta hurt
Moltres got interrupted twice how dare that's rude
This is as awesome poem! Congrats on 7 years and 950 pages!

And yeah, never stop fighting for the Net! Washington's already sued the FCC!
Thanks Naya for pointing out that you exist
Welp, Vagus doesn't look too fine.
Cricket noises
Oh look, the power of magic
@Shard: Oh

Then let us press F to pay respects
Wait the popcorn tub just bounced off and popcorn tubs are inanimate so how do you know if it's truly dead
December 11th, 2017
now i feel sorry for all the first bosses in video games
Well, this wasn't expected.