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Hello, TheJGamer (or JG) here! I'm a guy who works hard in school and having fun! I've been making comics since 2016 and spriting since 2017. I've been here for a year, so I know how things work around here. It's been a while since I've made comics, but I'll be back soon!

I've got a crappy Nuzlocke (soon to be rebooted), 2 CYOAs, an art gallery, and a sprite comic here on SJ. I also co-author some comics!

I'm also a friendly guy to talk to on the comments or through PM!

Some stuff about me: I'm a diehard retro arcade gamer, I love Nintendo, I'm going to be as old as Sonic the Hedgehog in less than 20 days, I watch Haikyuu and other sports anime, I'm pretty good at Clash Royale (3K trophies), I use GIMP, Medibang Paint, Paint.NET and MS Paint for my comics, and I'm aspiring to be a video game creator.

See you around!


Skype: only talk with irl friends sorry
Discord: again only irl friends sry
Steam: TheJGamr (been off for ~150 days but planning to get back to it someday)
3DS FC: 3196-8041-4934 (fight me in sm4sh)
Smackjeeves: TheJGamer (duh)
MG Forums: TheJGamer (what do u think)
NNID: TheJGamr (guys stop taking my name kthx)
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"just heal my mons plz"
I don't blame her, that happens to me too
I think he likes it
@Ian Evans: Just a college prep school. We're reading The Iliad and we talked about morals, honor and the nature of humanity today, so thought I'd point that out.
This is the kind of stuff I'm learning about at school right now, so I know what she's talking about.
Mews must have infinite berry knowledge
I can only imagine the shenanigans that will happen when time flows again
One does not simply question this logic
He's gonna get humiliated by Nate
Who wouldn't want that knife
Oh wow, cool effects you got there!
Hey, you're back! I'm glad to see this comic start up again!

Also, happy 1 year anniversary on AGKC!
Too much positivity ain't good for ya
Yes. That was me whenever I got crayons with a kid's meal menu!
Oh wow, that's a pretty cool concept from class! Nice to see you re-create the organism yourself instead of using a template~